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  • Review for Philips AZ330T CD radio recorder with Bluethoot  

    Philips AZ330T CD radio recorder with Bluetooth (CD MP3) (Electronics)
    Text report for Philips AZ330T Very lightweight device (1500 gr), attractive design in white body and front and CD cover in piano black finish. The AZ330T player has many ways to connect external audio devices. Whether CD, CD-R / RW or self-burned MP
  • Review for Philips HD7446 / 00  

    Philips HD7446 / 00 coffee maker (900 watts, removable IR cut filter) white (household goods)
    The coffee machine is built mechanically very primitive, despite simplicity. I bought for a little less money a lot better coffee makers (eg Siemens). I would not buy this coffee.
  • Request to the Philips provided firmware versions.  

    Philips 40PFL8008S / 12 102 cm (40 inches) Ambilight 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 1400Hz PMR, DVB-T / C / S2, CI +, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, HbbTV) anthracite (Electronics)
    Hello, my review for Philips 40PFL8008S I've never been here. My current question is aimed to all the previously moved into their firmware updates via download from the Philips website and corresponding via USB stick installed. While we had no proble
  • Finally a super electric shaver Philips RQ 1250  

    Philips RQ1250 / 16 SensoTouch 3D shaver (Standard) (Health and Beauty)
    In order to take one thing first. I am a die-Braun shaver trailers. It was me! Since I have very sensitive skin I can only shave once wet week. I'm looking for the electric shaver for years. The Brown was never convincing. I always had the trouble he
  • Absolutely ungeignet for Philips Sonicare  

    Koziol Tommy Toothbrush holder Set of 3 turquoise / blue / green (household goods)
    I can not understand the good reviews. Philips Sonicare brush are not kept. Oral-B holds, but not very stable. Due to the packaging a return is probably difficult.
  • Philips PT739 / 18 PowerTouch shaver (incl. Trimmers) black metal  

    Philips PT739 / 18 PowerTouch shaver (precision trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    I see in this review the Philips PT739 / 18 PowerTouch shaver (incl. Trimmers) black-metal with the previous shaver Philips PT860 / 16 PowerTouch Plus Shaver. The price difference between the two devices is roughly 20th When Aupacken the shaver first
  • Mellow TV without analog audio output  

    Samsung UE32ES6300SXZG 81 cm (32 inches) 3D LED backlight TVs, energy class B (Full HD, 200Hz CMR, DVB-T / C / S2, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    I opted for the 32-inch version, since it is perfectly adequate for our small living room. I'm here only to isolated, specific points without claiming to provide a complete review. In particular, I do not agree to the picture quality, since this was
  • Braun Activator 8595 (8000'er series ca.2002) vs. Series 9 9090cc 2015  

    Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Shaver (Health and Beauty)
    Update: I would like to add pictures later but I find in recession only edit link to the product insert ?? ________________________________________________________________________________ Braun Activator 8595 (8000'er series ca.2002) vs. Series 9 909
  • Light color, brightness, price / performance ratio  

    Philips LED lamp replaces 75Watt E27 2700 Kelvin - warm white, 13Watt, 1055 lumen (household goods)
    This Philips LED has slightly thicker than the proportions 9,5W / 60W LED version of this light source, so you have to watch out for very narrow light sockets. The classic "Ikea balloons" are of course not a problem and is predestined for t
  • Exceeds rotation - is subject to ultrasound  

    Philips Sonicare HX6711 / 22 HealthyWhite toothbrush, mint green / white (Personal Care)
    After a long Braun Oral-B 500 used about half a year and umschwenkte due to problems with my gums & -schmelz last month on the micro teeth cleaning by ultrasound, I had now also the opportunity to try out the sound-active Philips HX. Thus, I now must
  • Functional design - screws act but cheap  

    Just Mobile Head Holder Deluxe Headphone bracket (accessory)
    Through positive mention in reviews for Philips Fidelio X1 headphones I became aware of the made in Taiwan Headphone Stand. I can confirm the positive opinions regarding design and functionality. The stand is made of anodized aluminum and the build q
  • In the view of Julius  

    Philips - RQ1195 / 22 - SensoTouch 2D Shaver Beard Trimmer Accessory 5 Heights and Jet Clean System (Health and Beauty)
    The first razor model was tested by my dad (see review interview Philips - RQ1175 / 32 - Shaver Wet & Dry Senso Touch 2D Mower Accessory), it was necessary for me to test the second, more complete, with another man of my surroundings, and who better
  • Sain ... XXL grill.  

    Philips HD6360 / 20 Grill Plancha 1/3 Advance Fire Wood Diffuser 2000 W (Kitchen)
    One of the most difficult products that have been given me to comment. I'll give you my impressions ... I like: design his window, which prevents smoke, splashing ... which in addition is super simple to install, remove, and clean !! his grill big en
  • Strong buy recommendation with no restrictions!  

    Philips Series 3000 NT3160 / 10 Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer (ProtectTube technology) (Health and Beauty)
    I NT3160 / 10 advertised myself as a product tester for nose and ear hair trimmer 3000 by Philips, was allowed to test him, may keep it and now needs to rate this. One condition was linked to this "gift" NOT. I can only reaffirm that this is not
  • You want to transfer music via Bluetooth from your PC to your speakers APTX?  

    Philips AEA2500 / 12 Bluetooth stereo adapter with NFC and apt-X black (Electronics)
    I have the adapter now has witnessed many changes in me now since 2 weeks and in that short time he has. It started when I reach a battery life of 7 hours (surfing, music, film) to 14h (On Screen) thanks to a Haswell Convertible / Ultrabook. What I o
  • Unique humidifier  

    Philips humidifier with hygienic Nano cloud technology, HU4803 / 01 (tools)
    We have reviewed the Philips HU4803 / 01 humidifiers now run for a few days and I could hardly imagine a better device for humidification. He looks stylish, is working effectively and at the same time hygienic. The only thing you should just know tha
  • Disappointing !! ... 1733  

    PHILIPS - HP8698 / 00 - Brush multi-style with ceramic coating - 6 Accessories: Looper 16mm, slip-brush, straightening plates 2, 2 gauffrantes plates, 2 pliers, pocket (Health and Beauty)
    Like many other testers I was doing a pleasure to receive this product and test it, but I was quite disappointed. Indeed no explanatory leaflet as if everyone was supposed to know innately how to use each of the accessories of this brush. Also trying
  • Coffee Gaia Ole  

    Philips HD7546 / 20 Thermo Coffee (1000 watts, 1.2 L, drip-stop function) black / metal (household goods)
    After more than twenty years, Bosch coffee with hot plate, a new one had on the table with thermos. Purchase decisive were the overwhelmingly positive reviews for Philips Gaia. That's why I can be brief: everything positive I completely agree. Negati
  • Product page unfortunately misleading advertised feature is missing! Nevertheless, an ingenious Weckkonzept  

    Philips. HF3510 / 01 Wake-up Light with sunrise function in 3 color levels including digital FM radio (housewares)
    I use for a few months, the HF3550 - see my review there - Philips HF3550 / 01 Wake-up Light with sunrise function control only by iPhone / iPod app and iPhone / iPod docking station and was so excited that I even other people with this " Aufwacherle
  • The right for well-groomed men with sensitive skin  

    Philips TT2030 / 36 groomers (Personal Care)
    Hi Guys, wanted to give my review from Philips Bodygroom TT 2030. Actually, I am one who does not write any reviews. But this time, because I am so incredibly excited about this device I have to tell my little story .... I come from Italy and have th