Roccat Kone XTD vs Logitech G502


  • Logitech G502 vs Roccat Kone XTD  

    G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse (optional)
    After my beloved Logitech G5 after many years departed this life in use, I was looking for a similar good successor. An experiment with the Sharkoon Drakonia (the Green Party) was relatively fast I cut (bad processing, loud). So put a lot of money (I
  • my 1st expensive gaming mouse (Roccat Kone XTD Optical)  

    Roccat Kone XTD Gaming Mouse optical (6400 dpi, Omron switches, 4D Titan Wheel Weight System) Black (Personal Computers)
    I chose here out my opinion independent of any other add reviews. (Does that mean that I had a few (1-2) read reviews before I bought the mouse) From me, there are so far 5/5 stars because I've suspend neither the delivery nor in the optics or any fe
  • Roccat Kone XTD LASER  

    Roccat Kone XTD Max Customization Gaming Mouse Black (Personal Computers)
    Shortly beforehand, I do not have here, but for the same price from a dealer that is written exactly as the sixth planet of our solar system, purchased the product. I try the review be as short and informative as possible. I have tested various mice.
  • Ups and downs of a Kone XTD Roccat and comparisons with Logitech  

    Roccat Kone XTD Gaming Mouse optical (6400 dpi, Omron switches, 4D Titan Wheel Weight System) Black (Personal Computers)
    ===== ===== HISTORY Previously: I now 8-9 years used a Logitech G5 and the very first generation was broadly satisfactory, but more of that later. Before that I had among others the Mouseman Dual Optical. Thus I know the comparison between optical an
  • Actually a Super Mouse but unfortunately not for Kone Kone XTD and +  

    Roccat Alumic Double-Sided Gaming Mousepad (Personal Computers)
    I own the Alumic Pad now mitlerweile 6 months. So far it is the first brand Gamerpad what I have. I used this mouse pad with only a Kone + and never had any problems everything works perfectly. Then I put my time to release the Kone XTD to, and since
  • Roccat Kone mouse Needless to +  

    Roccat Taito Gaming Mouse Mat (Mid-Size 400 X 320 X 3 mm) Black (Personal Computers)
    I bought this pad to replace the previous Roccat Sense Glacier Blue I returned because it was generating saccades on the movements of the mouse, and the same ... Yet he is black without drawing ... I ' uses a mouse Roccat Kone + Gamer brand new. Unca
  • Roccat Kone + Gaming Mouse ROC-11-800  

    Roccat Kone + Max Customization Gaming Mouse (Personal Computers)
    by far the best mouse I've had so far. have had many ... but none were as good as the Roccat Kone + Gaming Mouse ROC-11-800.
  • Logitech G502 Core Proteus Tunable Gaming Mouse  

    G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse (optional)
    As always, the delivery and packaging was quickly Amzaon, good and reliable. I bought this mouse because my Kone + unfortunately given up the ghost after 2 years. Until I have, however, decided to use a mouse I have read and watched numerous reviews
  • Compared with the new Logitech G502 mouse  

    Sharkoon Shark Force Gaming Mouse White (Personal Computers)
    For years I have sworn to Logitech products. I have for over 2 years now a G710 + keyboard from Logitech mechanically and am still happy. The G502, however, was the biggest letdown, why? Compared with the Sharkoon Shark Force the G502 is a welding ma
  • Back faithful to Logitech G502 with this  

    Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Black Core Proteus (Personal Computers)
    I left after a Logitech G500s not very qualitative (the famous whine of the sensor coil and left-click with strawberries) and come back to them for this new G502. Firstly in terms of design, the rooster is the pase ane because evolution is frank in t
  • Logitech G502 Proteus Core  

    G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse (optional)
    I use the Proteus Core are now one week and am very satisfied. At first I had while at the ergonomics of the mouse (you need to create complete his hand) used to, but then it just felt perfectly. The build quality is high and it is sweat resistant. T
  • Logitech G502 mouse rattling  

    Logitech G502 Core Proteus Tunable Gaming Mouse (Personal Computers)
    I have currently been tested the G502 6, the mouse is really great in hand and is generally a good mouse. But why use the rattle in all mice, the right or in some even the left mouse button. When you lift your finger is obtained as an annoying rattli
  • A perfect match partner  

    Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Proteus Core Tunable (Accessories)
    That still does not define enough engaging wheel and the Claw-Grip for players not optimally positioned thumb buttons are the only criticisms that the G502 Core Proteus must be of Logitech in my opinion is like. The equipment is very good, the weight
  • Recommended, but not without concerns  

    Corsair Vengeance M95 gaming mouse black (Accessories)
    HARDWARE ====================================== Haptics, processing, externals - Super processing. In this regard, one of the best PC mice, which has come under my hands. - Keystroke excellent (also side buttons I found from the second stage ago not
  • The new leader (goodbye G700)  

    Roccat Kone XTD Max Customization Gaming Mouse Black (Personal Computers)
    Hello everybody, have now each the G700 and the Roccat Kone XTD can test for good 3 months extensively. As the title of the review may have been betrayed so many attentive readers, I am come to me quite clear result. But I want to shoot not just any
  • Excellent mouse, light quality problems  

    Roccat Kone XTD Max Customization Gaming Mouse Black (Personal Computers)
    It was basically already written enough about the mouse itself. To sum up briefly: - Excellent ergonomics and interface - Pleasant krispe pressure points of the keys - Very good sliding properties - Simple but attractive design - Intuitive and assort
  • Musical Mouse  

    Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse S Black (Personal Computers)
    First contact with this model rather positive (finishing, handling, driver, packaging ...) and first hours of use ... satisfactory until the evening. Well, look level, waf is not terrible ("What is this ugly printed stripes?!) But at night when the h
  • High quality for a low price  

    Sharkoon Drakonia laser gaming mouse Black (Accessory)
    The mice of this quality are worth much more that offers software to configure so personal and custom color and weight management in the "beast" I am of the competition BF3 there no harm to equalize the high level all armed with Razer Ouroboros,
  • HighEnd Mouse - justified price  

    Roccat ROC-13-411 Hiro 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mouse Black (Personal Computers)
    After my old Noname Mouse Pad by ~ 7 years has the lubricity of a brick, it was time for a new mouse pad. After a bit of research on the net (Reviews) I came up with this mouse pad. Processing: The processing of the mouse pad is extremely good. No pr
  • Search for long finally found the mouse  

    Roccat Kone XTD Max Customization Gaming Mouse Black (Personal Computers)
    My Logitech MX3200 went to tens of years unfortunately retire, although it still works, but visually it is no longer an eye. For me, the many keys were with the new mouse also compulsory, because you get used to over the years to the keys, and then d