rockbox audible


  • Sansa Clip Rockbox and Audible  

    SanDisk SDMX18-008G-E46K Sansa Clip + 8GB MP3 Player Black (Electronics)
    My review is indeed on its predecessor Sansa Clip V2, but is transferable. I thank all the customers in front of me, who helped me with their advice in the selection and now möchste my experience with Rockbox and audible complement to perhaps even be
  • Hard drive clearly audible, battery non-removable, display not very far hinged, otherwise everything super  

    Asus UX32LA-R3073H 33.8 cm (13.3 inches) Ultrabook (Intel Core i5 4200U, 1.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Intel HD, Win 8) silver / gray (Personal Computers)
    To put it first to anticipate: In principle, I am satisfied with this Ultrabook and outweigh the positive things. But there are also a few things to criticize, with whom I also begin the same: 1) noise: The hard disk is at activity clearly audible an
  • Valent cable with an audible difference in quality  

    deleyCON PREMIUM 3m HQ stereo audio jack cable 90 degrees angled - 3,5mm jack plug to 3,5mm jack plug (90 °) - METAL - plated (Electronics)
    I'm not really audiophile person, so do not stop until the last frequency differences between different music formats and recordings out. But here there is really an audible improvement! Previously, I used to carry the notebook a very simple jack-jac
  • Audible hazardous  

    Relaxation - Harmony & Wellness (Audio CD)
    Too bad, but what rushes there and chirps have many others in many places other than hammer out a lot better. There is simply not enough, etc. to throw Meeresrauschen, flute and Syntesizer set pieces in the Sound Mixer and remixed for pressing on pie
  • No playlists, audiobooks only combatible with Audible  

    Philips SA4VBE08KN / 12 GoGear Vibe MP4 player 8GB (4.6 cm (1.8 inch) color screen, Philips Songbird, Like Music) (Electronics)
    Purchase of this equipment is a real letdown! Mainly I wanted to buy this device for the audio book function. Unfortunately, I realized then that it is in play only play audiobooks from Audible. So I can put my whole Audio Books CD's not playing and
  • Why simple when it can be so complicated? Instructions for Audible activation  

    SanDisk SDMX24-004G-G46K Clip 4GB Sport MP3 Player Black (Electronics)
    For years, I use the different generations of the Sansa Clip primarily for playing audio books. The new clip Sport makes at first sight a good impression, slightly larger than the previous clip and clip +, but with a color display. Not necessary Nice
  • A strong machine with excellent performance, speed and audible volume  

    Oki C610dn LED color printer (Personal Computers)
    Initially had to be figured out how to open the printer-present clearly to remove the extensive transport protection inside can. By contrast, the installation of the driver with the wealth of additional tools was a trifle. Then it finally started: th
  • Operating clearly audible humming noise  

    Klein & More Plumen Energiesparleuchte 14509 (household goods)
    The really beautiful lamp has a clearly audible buzzing sound when operating on - will probably have overrun the bulbs guerrillas. Too bad.
  • Grosse mechanical wheel - Audible sound that not break the head  

    Seiko Metronome SQ50V Multi-Function Black (Electronics)
    Great. I would not change it for the world. Grosse mechanical wheel to select the tempo ... and 1/1 (the best) The sound is audible, adjustable and especially PLEASANT ... I have no headache at some strident used as models. On 9 volt battery ... a li
  • barely audible  

    Electraline 59200 Wireless Doorbell distance 100 m (Tools & Accessories)
    Send this device is not adjustable in volume, if you are not in the same room or if there is some noise is not audible.
  • Use with ROCKBOX !!!!!  

    Sandisk Sansa SDMX22-004G-E46G Clip Zip MP3 Player Screen 1.1 "4GB Grey (Electronics)
    Well, now, after 2 ½ years of loyal service, I separate my Clip Zip to move on (X1 Fiio) but I want to say how much I enjoyed our time with this player . With a 32 GB card, 320 files in flac or headset to your liking other than that provided and espe
  • Real audible  

    Your Song 2015 (Audio CD)
    The kids and I listen to the CD up and down - up to Lotte and the Lawnmower Song Real everything clearly audible. A mystery remains why Jamie is not running on the radio. The instrumental song is I think too much bass as the xylophone is slightly bel
  • 25TAB ..and hell is audible.  

    25 Tab (Audio CD)
    It must have been so in 1994 as I have worried me the 25TAB ... and it has then also worried me !! I think that it will not be possible to present this piece of music people whose lives are governed by clear rules or moral ideas to psychedelic Drugs
  • Doing better, but is still audible!  

    3 Is Ne Party (LTD Premium Fan Edition incl. 2CD, Cap, postcard set, Coasters & Sticker) (Audio CD)
    I am total Fettes Brot fan! All the more excited I was when the album came out. While listening to the first time I thought, blast! The CD went up and down. However, I was soon tired of the songs, what I have in the album also had power and desire. S
  • Good players !! I recommend everyone Rockbox as firmware (even for beginners easy to realize)!  

    SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip MP3 Player 4GB (2.8 cm (1.1 inch) display, radio) White (Electronics)
    I have the players yesterday acquired relatively cheap - not from the Internet or Amazon - but at expert Bening. The packaging is a little getting used to, in fact, no scissors, I would have probably can not open. The player is really very (!) Small.
  • works well, noticeable - but also audible  

    Double-circulator for optimal indoor climate (Personal Computers)
    I bought the Doppelzirkulator to distribute the warm air furnace of the high ceiling in the room. At first I was a little skeptical and a little put off by the size. With a height of about 75 cm, it is not exactly small. But it actually works. The wa
  • Unfortunately unsuitable for Audible audiobooks or (when connected via Bluetooth)  

    deleyCON BT06 Sound Marketers Bluetooth stereo headset for mobile phone / PC / Apple iPhone White (Electronics)
    About the exceptionally comfortable fit and quality workmanship I do not want to write a lot. The have done a lot here and I can absolutely sign. The headset looks pointed out, feels very good, wears well on large ears extraordinarily pleasant and th
  • suitable for X5 in connection with ROCKBOX  

    64GB SSD KingSpec (1.8 inches 4,52cm), CF CompactFlash 50 pin connector, HDD, MLC, CM3-KS-067-117 (Electronics)
    despite the opposite opinion and various manuals on the net I could not use the original firmware this plate, the plate was simply not recognized. (FAT32 formatting, reduction to 32GB, manipulation of MBR) nothing worked But with Rockbox they work pr
  • Clockwork slightly audible!  

    SEIKO Clocks Alarm QXE021K (household goods)
    The movement of the alarm clock is easy to hear - there is a quick tickerndes, whirring sound. It is clearly audible, if one considers the alarm to your ear. From about 30-50cm distance movement with very good ears imperceptible - so the ideal Nachti