Romaintic doll pec


  • Great for dolls like to have!  

    Monster High Plush figure, rag doll Draculaura, ca 25 cm tall (Toys)
    My daughter loves these dolls because they finally can take to snuggle into bed! The price is still okay! But a must for all Monster High fans!
  • Super beautiful doll!  

    HABA 3663 - Soft Doll Elise, 30 cm (toys)
    Great Doll HABA. Super cute. With us, the doll does it all, so we now have two, so that they can even in the washing machine from time to time. And even after the doll remains in shape and color.
  • Beautiful Doll  

    Käthe Kruse Waldorf 38050 Lilly (Toys)
    This doll must-have love! She has a sweet face and friendly a soft supple body! The price is right, but justified!
  • A great doll  

    Bayer Design 94640 - Designer Girl Doll Alina with long brown hair, 46 cm (toys)
    My daughter got the doll for Christmas and loves her more than anything. The only thing that bothers a little is that the hair quickly become a bit miserly and that she's a bit too big for her doll's pram. But my daughter loves them anyway.
  • Great dolls at a great price  

    Biegepüppchen peasant family Item SO 305 (Toys)
    I find the doll very cute and surprisingly well made. With good care, you have certainly longer expect something like this, certainly one more could not at that price. A pity, I find that in the family, a baby is missing, to play with the doll's hous
  • Doll Anna  

    Mattel Disney Princess CBC62 - The Ice Queen skater Anna, Doll (Toy)
    This skater has my godson wanted for Christmas. I can not say much. She unwrapped the doll and played with it immediately, I made it the impression that she likes it. Well, for the money, the doll is not much but as we all know you pay more the name
  • Beautiful Doll 1  

    Mattel Monster High BJR46 - Frankie and charging station, including Doll (Toy)
    Sorry, no description is great. You have to try a little bit. Thus, the doll may go the hair also on end, you have to press and hold the front button, otherwise you have only the color changer. Our daughter was thrilled definitely.
  • very beautiful doll 1  

    Disney 40cm The Little Mermaid Ariel Animator Collection Doll (Toy)
    The doll as such is very nice and it can also play well with her. The quality of the doll there are also 5 star without question. But I have this doll ordered directly on the Disney side and that's what I would recommend to anyone. every princess in
  • Sweet doll  

    Unazukin oracle doll green THANK YOU (Toys)
    I ordered this oracle-doll about a year ago and all that I have been blessed with it, were very enthusiastic. The doll responds to yes-no questions by either the head nods (1x nodding = yes, 2x nod = definitely yes), or head shakes (1x = no shaking,
  • Beautifully made doll ...  

    Living Puppets hand puppet small Emma (Toys)
    The doll was delivered promptly, .. However, it is actually too small for adult hands. We have therefore sent back .. and decided to try the next larger version! Kids love these dolls easy!
  • A well designed and durable doll for kids  

    Mattel Monster High CCB40 - Fatale fusion hybrids Draculaura / Robecca, Doll (Toy)
    For me inexplicably find my two nieces these dolls here extremely great. I hope that at some point they also times with 13-16 as appearance are not yet ready for it, I have declared to give them. The packaging of the article is extremely robust and t
  • Ideal diapers for dolls  

    Particularly suitable new urine indicator 24 Pampers Diapers Micro New Baby, 1-2.5 Kg for premature babies (Baby Product)
    After much back and forth, this is the best solution for dolls diapers I've tried some dolls diapers, but this is the best here. Ever with the closure that you often on the go and can, unlike many dolls diapers
  • Sunny Toys Black Forest doll  

    Sunny Toys 20031 porcelain doll from the Black Forest with wooden stand, about 30 cm (household goods)
    The delivery was fast, but the doll's clothes were pretty wrinkled and someone the apron loop must have cut on the back of the doll. Also called the doll stand was incomplete, ie: namely the podium came with, but the bracket was missing. Thus, I will
  • Beautiful first doll!  

    HABA 5737 - Doll Mirli (Toys)
    Can only recommend this doll. Our little one has it got to be baptized and she's totally cute. Very handy size for a baby and hair invite you to play!
  • Hape dolls family  

    Hape E3500 - dolls family, fair skin (Toys)
    I must say that I was somewhat disappointed with the order because the family of dolls that I really wanted and that would also form part of our PlanToys house was sold and would have actually liked it better. When she was delivered, however, the ego
  • Beautiful doll carriage 1  

    Bayer CHIC 2000-3 in 1 Combi Doll's pram Emotion All In, design choices (toy)
    Super sweet and especially functional doll carriage. You can convert it to a baby carriage with a single click. Also, the car seat can be also attached to the frame. Unfortunately, the car seat just a 2-point belt, so that the doll falls out quickly.
  • Beautiful Learning doll  

    HABA 5734 - Paper Doll Lilli (Toys)
    Contrary to other reviews on this doll has our no defects. All parts are sewn properly, the hair does not fall out. Our 1.5 year old daughter loves them! Only it is very large, larger than the others Haba dolls that we had seen so far. And since we h
  • Dolls bicycle seat  

    Disney Baby Children bicycle seat princesses dolls (Baby Product)
    The seat fits to the bike and was without much difficulty to befestigen.Mein child was very happy that they can now drive around your doll by bike. Thank you
  • Dolls - family  

    Hape 821512 - Hape dolls family (toys)
    The dolls were immediately handed over to the 3-year granddaughter the most attention in the toys already large selection of toys! Of course, this includes the dollhouse, in which the family has found their home !! RK
  • Great Doll  

    HABA 3663 - Soft Doll Elise, 30 cm (toys)
    Haba has again designed a great doll. We especially loved the hair, with which one can even plait braids etc.. Beautiful is also that they can be in contrast to many other soft dolls, Removing and tighten. All of our 13 month old daughter has closed