rommelsbacher oven review


  • Rommelsbacher baking and grilling oven BG 1550  

    ROMMELSBACHER BG 1550 - BACK & Grill Oven - 1550 Watt - black - with rotisserie (Misc.)
    The Rommelsbacher oven is a solid device. The knobs are extremely stable, the double glazing ensures fast heat and by the light in the oven, you can judge the cooking of food well. There are all the controls that you might need: top, bottom heat, fan
  • Small oven Rommelsbacher BG 1055 / E  

    Rommelsbacher BG 1055 / e - Small Oven - 1050 Watt - Stainless steel (Misc.)
    A long time we were looking for a small oven and us then, after studying the already reviews submitted, for Rommelsbacher BG 1055 / E decided. Although I must say in advance, some reviews have a not only a shake of the head, but also a smile wrung be
  • Rommelsbacher BG 1805 / E - Back & Grill Oven - 1800 Watts - Stainless Steel - with rotisserie XXL  

    Rommelsbacher BG 1805 / E - Back & Grill Oven - 1800 Watts - Stainless Steel - with rotisserie XXL (Misc.)
    I would now like to give an assessment for the grill-oven above. The idea was to buy a grill for a 2-person household. Hot air should like to be there, so you sometimes can bake something on rotisserie chicken was also a great desire and the wattage
  • Mini oven Rommelsbacher 1550 30 liter  

    ROMMELSBACHER BG 1550 - BACK & Grill Oven - 1550 Watt - black - with rotisserie (Misc.)
    Have also tried the first and only since short time yesterday with a bake oven. The result was as expected was pre-cooked evenly durchgegart.Da of cauliflower I have not let the casserole at 200 degrees top heat with fan ca cook 45-50 minutes. The ov
  • A first compact and complete kitchen, the oven and the fridge are reviewed.  

    Smoby - 24216 - Imitation Game - Cooking - Bon Appétit (Toy)
    My daughter has this kitchen for a year now, and always plays with interest to prepare food. Positives It is complete with hob, oven, fridge, sink, and location to make coffee. It is solid, my daughter has for a year and it is still in good condition
  • Electric stove, oven + grill Rommelsbacher  

    ROMMELSBACHER TK 2505 Basic Line - SMALL KITCHEN - 2500 W - White (Misc.)
    I had to try the stove after receipt immediately. First, however, the entire stove must be sealed by heating as described. After this I tested the oven and the plates in practice. A Schlemmerfilet was within no time at all. Also, the two burners have
  • Not suitable for baking ovens  

    Biel Meier - Küchenmeister Bread Mix Bauernbrot 15er Pack, 15er Pack (15 x 500 g) (Food & Beverage)
    Get up on weekends in the morning and freshly baked bread is already in the house, that's what I wanted. Unfortunately, this bread is totally soft from the maker, it does not form crispy crust. It changes nothing, so to adjust the programming that th
  • Super mini-oven, which deserves 5 stars  

    Steba KB19 Grill oven / 18 L / 1300 Watt / program selector (household goods)
    I waited with the review until I've tried several different dishes. This little oven is ideal for a small 2-person household. I use it several times a day, and the large oven does not have to be small dishes in use, thereby saving a lot of electricit
  • Actually super device, were it not for quality problems (long-term review)  

    Tefal AH9000 Actifry Family Deep Fryer Hot Air (household goods)
    Update 11_2013 The problem with the lid seems fixed now, the exchanged in January lid is still without tears! Update 15_01_2013: The unit I call now nearly two years my own. In Tefal it seems in some ways like French vehicles to be: Ideas well, execu
  • Ingenious pizza oven - no oven spare!  

    G3Ferrari 1XP20000 Pizza Express Delizia Pizza Maker (Kitchen)
    After 2 weeks of regular use, I would now like to share my experience with this pizza oven with you: Technology: Unlike representations of other reviews emblazoned on the package of my furnace, the GS logo for tested safety, there are no backups me f
  • Hot oven for right  

    Russell Hobbs 21280-70 kettle Legacy, innovative handle for easy - comfortable pouring and carrying, 1.7 L, 2,400 W (household goods)
    This review is from Russell Hobbs 21280-70 Legacy kettle, 1.7 liter, 2,400 watts This kettle should not be evaluated solely according to functional aspects. The design has been composed with much flair and is primarily intended for generous cooking a
  • Good oven and good price  

    Rowenta OC373830 28 L Oven Gourmet Rotisserie (Kitchen)
    If you do not look for a convection oven but an "old" conventional oven, capable of making good rotisserie go. Bought to replace the old one that was 12, we see that Rowenta has brainstormed a bit on it. So some points of detail review: Solid bu
  • Small hot air oven, not more and not less  

    TV Our original 01940 gourmetmaxx hot air fryer 8-in-1 (household goods)
    I bought these hot air fryer due to the mostly good reviews. I was tired of my oven (with convection) for 2 rolls, or other little things heat up. The hot air fryer met my expectations. There is a small convection oven, no more, no less, but it is no
  • Better than the reviews  

    BBQ Bull® - Luxury Grillwagen "Black Oak", Charcoal BBQ Grill, Smoker
    Delivery condition After the 1 stars reviews I was a little concerned that I get delivered a battered scrap heap. The was fortunately not the case. Came the almost 30kg package in "work box". The is not upholstered and has only 3-4 Pappeinleger
  • wonderful small oven, which deserves 5 stars  

    Steba KB23 Grill oven / 23 L / 1500 watts / program selector (household goods)
    First of all: I was looking for a small oven which is like a great work because I have no oven in my student apartment, but like to do something in the oven. I have 23 decided to use the Steba as with the other offered Kleinöfen too small (19 l) or t
  • A small oven which leaves no wish unfulfilled  

    Klarstein Omnichef 23H mini oven small mini oven with spit, 2 hotplates (incl. Grill grate and baking tray, 1500 Watts, 23 liters, timer, stainless steel) black
    The "Omnichef 23H" is sold as a mini-oven. In the dimensions of the oven may perhaps be small, but his talent is definitely very big! Its features are limited not only to the jaws because of Omnichef can also cooking and grilling. In a fairly af
  • Lace oven for little money.  

    Severin TO 9483 Table Oven / 20 L / 1500 W / silver / Recirculation / with rotisserie (Misc.)
    Fantastic! Have this equipment get a bargain price of 42 euros and was in anticipation that the case makes especially for the Hendl- Spiess. Since no first chicken was within reach, I've tried the classic TK Pizza. According Manual 10 min. At 200 deg

    Tefal TL6008 Toast 'n Grill New (household goods)
    NOTE: This toast grill oven does not replace but is ideal for fast browning for a maximum of 2 persons. This saves a lot of electricity. A normal oven has a very long heating time and attracts many times more current than this toaster. Since I did no
  • Super oven, convection fan a disaster!  

    Rommelsbacher BG 1055 / e - Small Oven - 1050 Watt - Stainless steel (Misc.)
    As most reviews are really positive and only a few have reported on the noisy fan, I was hoping that with me everything is working well. Unfortunately not. Although the circulating air fan ran very quietly at room temperature, but at about 180-200 de
  • Mint oven for beginners and advanced  

    Smoker / Smoking and Curing in stainless steel + electric Set 2.0 kw with lots of accessories
    Given the existing reviews I ordered the smokehouse with electric set and was not disappointed so far. Defects I could not find any sharp edges, unsightly welds or the like. Optical saw the part times of great. The closet could be put into operation