rommelsbacher oven


  • Rommelsbacher baking and grilling oven BG 1550  

    ROMMELSBACHER BG 1550 - BACK & Grill Oven - 1550 Watt - black - with rotisserie (Misc.)
    The Rommelsbacher oven is a solid device. The knobs are extremely stable, the double glazing ensures fast heat and by the light in the oven, you can judge the cooking of food well. There are all the controls that you might need: top, bottom heat, fan
  • Mini oven Rommelsbacher 1550 30 liter  

    ROMMELSBACHER BG 1550 - BACK & Grill Oven - 1550 Watt - black - with rotisserie (Misc.)
    Have also tried the first and only since short time yesterday with a bake oven. The result was as expected was pre-cooked evenly durchgegart.Da of cauliflower I have not let the casserole at 200 degrees top heat with fan ca cook 45-50 minutes. The ov
  • Small oven Rommelsbacher BG 1055 / E  

    Rommelsbacher BG 1055 / e - Small Oven - 1050 Watt - Stainless steel (Misc.)
    A long time we were looking for a small oven and us then, after studying the already reviews submitted, for Rommelsbacher BG 1055 / E decided. Although I must say in advance, some reviews have a not only a shake of the head, but also a smile wrung be
  • Electric stove, oven + grill Rommelsbacher  

    ROMMELSBACHER TK 2505 Basic Line - SMALL KITCHEN - 2500 W - White (Misc.)
    I had to try the stove after receipt immediately. First, however, the entire stove must be sealed by heating as described. After this I tested the oven and the plates in practice. A Schlemmerfilet was within no time at all. Also, the two burners have
  • Rommelsbacher BG 1805 / E - Back & Grill Oven - 1800 Watts - Stainless Steel - with rotisserie XXL  

    Rommelsbacher BG 1805 / E - Back & Grill Oven - 1800 Watts - Stainless Steel - with rotisserie XXL (Misc.)
    I would now like to give an assessment for the grill-oven above. The idea was to buy a grill for a 2-person household. Hot air should like to be there, so you sometimes can bake something on rotisserie chicken was also a great desire and the wattage
  • Alternative to conventional oven or on the Singel budget  

    ROMMELSBACHER BG 1600 PizzAvanti - MAXI OVEN - 1600 Watts - anthracite (Misc.)
    *** Kaufgrund *** I have gained this mini-oven, because I moved to my training in my first apartment (1 room apartment). Nothing turned out differently in question, since my small kitchenette of 2.60 m allowed no stove, but financially it would have
  • Hygienic, heat resistant and non-slip Oven Glove  

    Kuuk silicone quality professional Silicone oven gloves with non-slip grip (1 pair) (gray)
    I have 2 pairs of conventional oven gloves for kitchen and barbecue. Common to all is that they quickly become dirty after washing and gradually the heat resistance is getting worse. After a few seconds I burned me with the cloth gloves fingers. That
  • Empfehlenswerter convection oven  

    Philips HD9240 / 90 XL Airfryer hot air fryer (Rapid Air, 2100 Watt) black (household goods)
    You can fry in the Airfryer, baking, roasting, grilling, cooking, etc. There are countless possibilities for use. We tried still not everything, but we are hard at work. In general, you can dub the Airfryer as small convection oven. The main advantag
  • an oven, good for fries, but no deep fryer  

    Tefal Actifry AH9500 Express XL hot air fryer (1.5 kg capacity, 1,550 watts, incl. Recipe book) (household goods)
    Who wants to cook low-fat fries or potato wedges and a lot of time brings (> 30 minutes), is well served. Even if you like oven-baked fruit or vegetable, the Actifry can advocate. But the term "fryer" does not deserve the part. Even with
  • Pretty good oven  

    Severin TO 2034 Toast Oven / 1500 Watt / 20 liter capacity / black-silver (Misc.)
    The furnace is good pretty good. I think the only thing you can expose him, is that the heat is distributed unevenly something in the oven, ie the back of the oven, it is a bit warmer. For example, when a frozen pizza is the one half of which is in t
  • Super oven, well worth the money in my eyes  

    Severin TO 2034 Toast Oven / 1500 Watt / 20 liter capacity / black-silver (Misc.)
    Because I quickly needed a functioning furnace and the furnace of my grandma's broken, I decided for this because he was offered reduced grade about 20 euros and looked good. At first it struck me upon reading the description that the unit has 1500 w
  • Fits right in the oven  

    Grill, grill for grilling, oven-grill, Grill for oven Ignis Philips Whirlpool Baukencht Ikea 481245819334 NEWS
    I got in my oven only a closed baking pan, no grating to. I have measured the baking sheet and found to 0.5mm exactly this grill. Was delivered very precisely in the specified dimension and fits neatly into the oven. I have been there several times a
  • A small fan assisted oven for single and two-person household  

    Philips HD9230 / 50 Airfryer with grill (LCD display, 1425 watts) white / anthracite (household goods)
    The Philips HD9230 / 50 Airfryer pays homage to the trend towards more and more small households. He is clearly a product that in a large family has its place. He is not a deep fryer, but actually a mini-fan assisted oven. He is through his little ov
  • Oven gloves in a different way ...  

    Ioven gloves, 2, silicone (green)
    I needed new oven gloves and have discovered here this my new silicone gloves. I really wanted to have this color. + The oven gloves are studded (On closer inspection, the nubs are heart-shaped), making them slip from the outside + Suspension holes a
  • Not suitable for baking ovens  

    Biel Meier - K├╝chenmeister Bread Mix Bauernbrot 15er Pack, 15er Pack (15 x 500 g) (Food & Beverage)
    Get up on weekends in the morning and freshly baked bread is already in the house, that's what I wanted. Unfortunately, this bread is totally soft from the maker, it does not form crispy crust. It changes nothing, so to adjust the programming that th
  • small compact oven  

    Steba KB19 Grill oven / 18 L / 1300 Watt / program selector (household goods)
    We have selected the oven, because we did not want to always use the normal oven for baking bread at breakfast. This oven comes our wishes very accommodating, because you can use for a small casserole or cupcakes him quickly.
  • A very good solution for those with no oven in the kitchen  

    Steba KB19 Grill oven / 18 L / 1300 Watt / program selector (household goods)
    I bought the Steba Mini oven, since I have no oven in my kitchen. Since I was a student can vary not very big and cook anyway, I needed a stove, because so far I could only cook pasta or scrambled eggs. The furnace is brilliant! So far I have pizza,
  • Super mini-oven, which deserves 5 stars  

    Steba KB19 Grill oven / 18 L / 1300 Watt / program selector (household goods)
    I waited with the review until I've tried several different dishes. This little oven is ideal for a small 2-person household. I use it several times a day, and the large oven does not have to be small dishes in use, thereby saving a lot of electricit
  • Super-oven cleaner at a super price  

    Sodium hydroxide 1 Kg techn. (Personal Care)
    In water a little detergent dissolve admit the oven Brush with a rubber brush, heat and wipe after cooling with a damp cloth - done. The sodium hydroxide replaced considerably more expensive, commercial oven cleaner. Basically, you should use rubber
  • Beko oven 1  

    Beko OIM 22301 X built-in oven / A / 65 liters / retractable knobs / hot air / convection Grill / multifunction display / stainless steel (Misc.)
    Have bought the oven, because I like to bake and make casseroles. Bin extent also very pleased with it, so the value for money is definitely. Has not got a stopwatch and the light is on even if you have turned on a program, but that's why he is proba