rx 100 helmets


  • Our little one loves it ...  

    Pinolino 239449 - Jojo impeller (Toys)
    Very stable, it also keeps out times to be "fired in the corner". Good packaging, easy assembly! Recommendation: 100% - helmet remember when ordering!
  • Rivals helmets to more than 100 euros!  

    Wavemaster Dakota 71080 Audio Wired Headset Black (Electronics)
    So for the price, you can not do better !! In tests (01net for example), it passes in front of the helmets to 100 or 120 euros !! What more? NOTHING ententu well !! This is not worth the helmet of the famous André Romelle Young, rapper declares docto
  • the best helmet available under £ 100  

    Noontec Zoro White - Headphones (Accessory)
    This helmet is a real treat for the ears it offers incredible sound quality for the price it is clearly better than the solo. This is the best helmet under 100 euros on the market it offers the luxury of helmets outperformed the higher range. It come
  • 100 days test - good!  

    Profex adult bicycle helmet CityLine (equipment)
    After 100 days MOOD TOUR (ie each day 6 hours drive with the helmet), I can say: hats off. A real bargain. Thank God I never fell - in the crash tests, we rely on our friends at the Stiftung Warentest. But handling and durability is good!
  • Good helmet - audio connection a bit funny  

    Anon Men Snowboardhelm Raider Audio (equipment)
    Overall nice helmet. Well made very happy with it. Only complaint is the audio. The connection is in an odd place, and could have been better designed. So, a really missing feature is a button to play / pause music. The speakers Themselves and not 10
  • px-100  

    Replacing Ear Pads Ear Headphones from Sennheiser PX100 X200 PXC 300 (Electronics)
    is very suitable for PX-100. Fast delivery and commissioning fast and simple site. Perfect to replace the foam earpieces. By cons not expert enough to give its opinion on the sound quality but I can say that I find its sound a little "choked before.
  • At the top for a 100 PX!  

    Sennheiser Headphone Replacement pads PX200 / PXC150 / PXC250 / PMX200 (Accessory)
    Like many a person with Sennheiser PX 100 of the first hour, my pads began to unravel. so I chose to replace them with these spare pads of the Sennheiser brand. Here are my impressions into positive and negative: Positive: - Qualitative pad and soft
  • Not very expensive and 100% compatible but ...  

    Sony MDREX38IPB ear earphones with integrated remote control for iPod / iPhone Black (Electronics)
    In fact, the helmet is actually 100% compatible with the Ipod, Iphone Etc ... at the remote control and microphone ... finishes, comfort, strength, everything is also ... By contrast in sound and volume ... sometimes has to be even lower than the ori
  • Even to € 100, 150 to as much as for the quality with  

    Denon Exercise Freak AHW- 150 in-ear earphones for wireless sports (Electronics)
    Denon has commerciality 2 bluetooth headsets: - The AH-W150, 100, which transmits an extremely compressed audio signal - The AH-W200, 150, which transmits audio CD quality, ie normally without compression There are then two solutions: - Spend 100 for
  • Verily delighted with my helmet better than tritton ax pro  

    Turtle Beach Headset Earforce PX4 TBS327602 (Video Game)
    really thrilled and overwhelmed with this purchase I play with on ps4 on call of duty and it really is a product that I recommend we hear the enemies coming from left to right in front of and behind you situ even when the enemy is behind s it just le
  • Very good helmet 22  

    Noontec Hammo circumaural stereo headphones with microphone / function button White (Accessory)
    Following research on various forums, I wanted to test the Noontec Hammo. I am very satisfied, the sound quality is there, the insulation is average, the headset is also very comfortable, I feel no pressure at the branches of my glasses. For a helmet
  • A semi firm helmet, light and with good sound  

    Sennheiser PX 200 foldable headband closed IIi Stereo Headset EAC remote control (Apple) micro (Electronics)
    This is my 3rd helmet after a Beat that broke after a year (it's expensive year) and cheap sony but bad insulation level I enjoyed a good offer for this Sennheiser headphones - PX 200-II i (I also had the px 100 which was very good too but not closed
  • A helmet that does extremely well what is asked ....  

    Ear headphones stealth strength 500x turtle beach xbox one, smartphones and tablets (Video Game)
    For my first headset on Xbox one, I did not want to over everything, like my Tritton Xbox 360 Warhead. So I am naturally turned to the Turtle Beach Stealth 500X because it is, for now, the only one to offer an experience 100% free cable and official
  • super helmet 6  

    Sony MDR-ZX600R.AE headband headphones for mp3 / mp4 Red (Electronics)
    SUPER SOUND !!!! for the price. The bass is powerful, dynamic and fit for a helmet + 100 euros. Congratulations Sony. But He does not like very well to the ears if it is cleaning and moves his head. The headband lack a bit of strength, if not very co
  • A basic helmet with a great price / quality but strength blah  

    Philips SHP1900 Corded Stereo Headset for MP3 Player Black (Electronics)
    I was looking for a basic headset for listening to compressed audio on the iPhone on the subway not really need a DJ headphone 100, having had his little brother (the SPH2000) I knew what to expect. This helmet is exactly what I expected, not a heavy

    Philips Fidelio Headphones L2BO / 00 Black / Orange with call pickup function and microphone for mobile phone (Electronics)
    / * Everyone will appreciate headphones differently. The two main criteria involved are very personal: - Sound quality that gives it: it depends on personal taste. - The comfort of the helmet. It depends on the manufacturing but also the morphology o
  • very good helmet 76  

    164228 Koss Stereo Headphone headband Open Cable 1.2m 3.5mm Black (Electronics)
    I am very sensitive to acute and many helmets hurt my eardrums. I tested a hundred helmets less than 100 and it hit me fast by the great sound quality and bass that does not saturate. Best of all, it is among the cheapest. The microphone works well o
  • Beyond Chat Labels - An Intriguing Guide to 100 Fascinating Objects in the British Museum  

    A History of the World in 100 Objects (Hardcover)
    "Eli what ninety-eight years old, and his eyes were so dim he did Could not see." - 1 Samuel 4:15 (NKJV) Let me address right away the objections did some willhave to this outstanding resource: 1. The photographs are oft dim and unclear. Yup. Th
  • Due to lack of alternatives on the German market, the presumably "best" mask and helmet set for the small purse  

    Rubies Costume Unisex Set Darth Vader mask and helmet (Textiles)
    Rubies currently has 2 different Vader masks on our market: - The Rubies 34191 Darth Vader (Deluxe) mask (which is offered here) - The Rubies 34199 Darht-Vader (Supreme) mask (usually only available in a set with the Supreme costume was used in Chad
  • Top helmet lamp  

    Very good illumination in the short and long range (150m beam range). In Turbo mode (750 ch) suitable even for technically challenging trails. On the lowest setting (100 ch) still ok on the road. I have to say that I now use only as a helmet lamp. On