Saitek Mad Catz STRIKE7 review


  • Mad Catz STRIKEM  

    Mad Catz Wireless STRIKEM QWERTY keyboard for Amazon Fire TV, PS4, PS3, Android, PC / Mac (gloss black) (accessory)
    Since I have a tablet, most recently, but do not get quite as cope with the touch function, was the Wireless Keyboard Strike of Mad Catz, in my view a welcome alternative. A technology freak, I'm really not, so I examined the Quick Start Guide a litt
  • Mad Catz CTRLR - drivers not actual for PC!  

    Mad Catz Gamepad CTRLR Mobile for Android / PC / Mac Black (Video Game)
    The controller is very similar in direct comparison to the original X-Box-One controller in its quality. The surface is designed slightly better in MS, because matt and not shiny. Otherwise, the control buttons are good, the pressure points OK The vo
  • 4 stars for Mad Catz  

    Mad Catz Glide3 Mouse Pad for PC and Mac (Personal Computers)
    Convenient delivery and received without delay and problem despite it have taken a little more time for delivery (state). I bought this because I own a carpet mouse Mad Catz RAT 5 red. I'm super happy with my purchase. The carpet is very good and is
  • Gaming mouse mad catz rat PC 3 - Limited Edition Titanfall  

    Gaming mouse mad catz rat PC 3 - Limited Edition Titanfall (Personal Computers)
    Hello, against the lack weight but look as nice and easy config. it's a mad catz, no qualitative concern
  • Mad Catz Headphones  

    Mad Catz FREQTE Tournement Edition Stereo Gaming Headset for PC and MAC - Matte Black (Personal Computers)
    I have tested this product for about two weeks. The packaging is very qualitative. The product's robust enough air, although the final appearance is quite clumsy. The set is quite heavy compared to some other helmets. Too bad that the plugs for headp
  • If I made a bad review I please. Sorry, have squashed me probably in a hurry  

    Samsung HT-H4200R 2.1 3D Blu-ray home theater system (250W, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    Sorry Of course I wanted'm not a bad evaluation abgeben.Ich with investing very zufrieden.Auch as concerns the whole settlement was very good. Please apologize again, could not respond earlier because I was traveling. Sincerely Gerd Suffa
  • mad catz rules  

    Mad Catz Wired Gaming Mouse RAT5 for PC and MAC - Matt Black (Personal Computers)
    the top of the top stars ... one word perfect .. super comfortable .. especially because of the adjustable weight .. bliss :)
  • Mad Catz Strike3 Gaming Keyboard for PC (German, ...  

    Mad Catz Strike3 Gaming Keyboard for PC (German, backlight, USB) - White (Personal Computers)
    can connect me there. Great keyboard :-) The only drawback. Where are the millions of colors be? I have only 3 colors on the keyboard ?! And have only once a while needed to realize that you have to press the `` Mode``Knopf top left to change the col
  • Avoid this stick like the plague!  

    Saitek X52 Flight Control System Joystick for PC (personal computer)
    That may sound harsh, but I want to explain in a moment why I chose these words: Blue screens. The scourge of every PC. Anyone who has a well-functioning PC, which is lucky if one remains something spared. Usually - at least they say - blue screens o
  • Good quality with slight blemish  

    Mad Catz V.7 Gaming Keyboard (EN, USB 2.0) (Personal Computers)
    Today I received the Saitek / Mad Catz Cyborg V.7 Keyboard. And here the first impressions: Eco-friendly cardboard packaging (thin down to two plastic bags - as a dust cover essential). Cable length is more than adequate. The cable is securely connec
  • Well-made in-house production, which would have a sequel more than deserved  

    Beta - Season 1 (Amazon Instant Video)
    When Amazon started to fill the still rather meager series offer through own productions, I thought: I suppose that is just rubbish. Since I was wrong, because "betas" is a really well-crafted series that quickly pulls one into its spell. T
  • Again very satisfied, but rather made for small hands.  

    EasyAcc® Anaconda Gaming Mouse 2400 DPI Ergonomic Accurate Wired Optical USB Laser Gaming Mouse with 6-Button 3 Adjustable DPI levels for PC, MacBook, Samsung Chromebook, Alien Waree, Black (Accessories)
    We have in our budget already a mouse of EasyAcc. The EasyAcc® Xpider Laser Gaming Mouse with which we are very satisfied. So when my husband came in the old Logitech mouse in the happy hunting grounds so I have not long considered and selected by mo

    Automotive Technical Review, 624.2: Renault Clio 2 diesel, Phase 1, until 06/01 (Paperback)
  • What Bluetooth when it is not yet?  

    Mad Catz MOUS9 Wireless Mouse for PC, Mac and mobile devices - Matt Black (Personal Computers)
    Despite the many reviews report on the problems in pairing I ordered the Mouse. The BT interface should be compatible with all devices that BT 4.0 LE have integrated Universal. So my Macbook Pro Retina and an Alienware 14 both have an integrated BT C
  • At least for the PC the best Pad  

    Mad Catz Cyborg V.3 Rumble Pad for PC / PS3 / PS2 (video game)
    First of all: I use the pad on the PC exclusively and have no idea how it is compared to the original PlayStation2 pads. I have the pad now about 1.5 years and it is one of the best buying decisions of accessories that I have ever met. The build qual
  • Prima Box, much better than its reputation!  

    Mad Catz MOJO Micro Console for Android (Video Game)
    The "Mad Catz Mojo" is now my fourth Android box, but my first gaming Box! The previous speakers were pure Android TV boxes and there is already a significant difference (not least in the performance) if you buy a "Android TV Box"
  • AWAY - Keyboard with Stunning Look !! That's it ... unfortunately NOTHING FOR ETERNITY ...-  

    Mad Catz V.7 Gaming Keyboard (EN, USB 2.0) (Personal Computers)
    SUPPLEMENTARY first (below is old original text): UPDATE 22/02/2012: I know what I'm rede..FAZIT after 3.Keyboard in 4 years (corresponding to ca.210 Euro) .... HANDS OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY IS NOW FIXED: Stay away from Mad Catz and
  • For prolific writer could go close! Otherwise class equipment!  

    Mad Catz Wireless STRIKEM QWERTY keyboard for Amazon Fire TV, PS4, PS3, Android, PC / Mac (gloss black) (accessory)
    Dear Readers, by now catchier use of Mad Catz STRIKEM Wireless QWERTY Keyboard for Android / Win Smart Device / PC / Mac black I want to ask my review available. Perceived quality / packaging: The keyboard is supplied in a fairly compact package and
  • Very good! 480  

    Mad Catz Office RATM Wireless Mouse for PC and Mac - matt black (Personal Computers)
    Although I have not bought the mouse on Amazon but I still wanted to write a review here. Once I decided on a product I also like the customer reviews on Amazon by whether the are also good and what experiences have the buyer with a product. Well wha
  • Very good mouse 1  

    Mad Catz MOUS9 Wireless Mouse for PC, Mac and mobile devices - White (Personal Computers)
    As the other reviews of this mouse at times but got into the nergative I was skeptical at the beginning. But after about 1 week, I can say that the Mad Catz MOUSE 9 runs flawlessly. The connection with Bluetooth, I could not but try to connect to the