Samsung EHS64AVFWE copy vs original


  • Nanotech Display breakage protector - the armor film for your display - for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Original Hammerhead  

    Nanotech Display breakage protector - the armor film for your display - for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Original Hammerhead (Electronics)
    This review is from "Nanotech Display breakage protector - the armor film for your display - for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Original Hammerhead" Bin divided. Why: 1. Whether the film is as others can now better and I do not want to test. I hope and
  • Adore June Classic Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Original Cordura -...  

    Adore June Classic Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Original Cordura® - Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Adore June Classic Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Original Cordura -... Top quality, just the right size for HTC M8 with Silicone Case
  • Copy / Counter original way WACOM Bamboo Stylus  

    Wacom Bamboo Stylus CS-100 iPad Stylus Black (Electronics)
    I would not have bought if I had known it was a copy and it should have been stated in the title! Different from the original, it has no manual: I do not know if the tips are replaceable as the original.
  • "Light" Quality: is this really the OEM Samsung? (Copy)  

    Samsung EBK800B Kit Extra Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Accessory)
    I do not recommend this set box / Battery: These are copies! :( There has Samsung logos, but all written in Chinese, no other language! Battery; Made in China (instead of: Made in Japan / Korea on the My Note 3.) It holds less charge than the origina
  • Copy or original  

    CSL - TM137U Optical Mouse / vertical version | ergonomic design - prevent mouse arm / tennis elbow (RSI Syndrome) - particularly easy on the arm | 5 keys (electronic)
    I've brought the mouse as an alternative to anchors that I have brought as an alternative to Evoluent 4. But I want to know whether times it does not matter what name is on it. Quote for ANCHOR: "Unfortunately, she is not as well equipped, at the sam
  • Samsung Li-Ion Battery original EB484659VU  

    EB484659VU original Samsung Li-Ion battery (1500mA) for Samsung i8150 Galaxy W i8350 Omnia W, Galaxy Xcover S5690, S8600 Wave 3 YP-GS1 Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    For lack of information on products and too great a disparity models, the battery which I commanded you not appropriate. He delivered a battery when a battery 5.55Wh 4.44Wh was necessary. Is a trade possible? Thank you in advance for answer
  • Battery Cover Samsung S3 i9300 blue origin  

    Battery Cover Samsung S3 i9300 blue origin (Electronics)
    Product complying with my request - packing can be a bit light but arrived in good condition I recommend this product
  • Copy or Original? 1  

    GPS Tracker for car with GPRS and Protection System (in case of vehicle theft) VG3 (Electronics)
    I never managed to make it work even after hours to find out about the forums. I never managed to make it work even after hours to find out about the forums.
  • Copy or original? still very good.  

    TK102B Mini GPS GSM GPRS realtime tracking device Car Vehicle positioning tracker / tracking device / GSM / GPRS tracking direction finding, personal protection, people places (children, old people), theft protection (cars, boats), vehicles locate vehicle tracking, fleet management /// SOS mode Geo fence and various alarm rules MA040E (Electronics)
    Use this tracker for my Quadrokopter am completely satisfied with it. How long the battery can withstand I do not know, but for my purpose it is sufficient (in case of flyaways). China quality but completely IO
  • Stylish, high-quality smartphone - At last, Samsung!  

    Samsung Galaxy Alpha Smartphone (11.90 cm (4.7 inch) Super AMOLED display, octa-core processor, 12-megapixel camera, Android 4.4) Black (Wireless Phone)
    Hello! As it is now, the first smartphone from Samsung with aluminum frame. At the presentation I was first disappointed that the back is not made of aluminum, however, have me send the ultra-thin design and the total package but then convinced, so I
  • Caution original is not always original  

    Canon Camera Battery Pack LP-E6 (LI-ION) (Accessories)
    I got a "original battery" of any of the MarketPlace provider. He was just 5 time EUR cheaper as Amazon itself. was delivered a battery in original Canon blister and apparently with original case (Canon imprint in the battery, the nameplate

    Original Samsung S5300 Galaxy Pocket charging cable ETA0U10EBE Power Adapter Charger MicroUSB (Electronics)
    So my samsung charger is an original (bought at "SlashTech GmbH") and invites wonderful my Motorola Moto-e mobile on ;-)). because I have such a ladegr├Ąt already and I find it very good, I bought a second one for the job. the Motorola Moto-
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 black  

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone (14.5 cm (5.7 inch) AMOLED touchscreen, 2.3GHz, quad-core, 3GB RAM, 13 megapixel camera, Android 4.3) Black (Wireless Phone)
    Dear Sirs, after several months of looking (my old phone did so slowly no longer) I decided a few weeks ago for the abovementioned smartphone and have been a very good opinion about it. Background: I had been in succession - HTC HD2 (Windows 6.5) - H
  • Do not be fooled by the original!  

    Original F1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Black stylus pen for touch screen (electronics)
    The original item description is misleading! This is not an original Samsung pen but an original replica of China. Cheap plastic and processed unclean.
  • Very good product and mostly original  

    Samsung EB-L1G6LLU Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 S III and NFC (Blister) - 2100 mAh (Accessory)
    I ordered an identical battery on AMAZON, just before and NFC which is in the battery was not working, I realized that it was a false battery, impossible to see with the naked eye, it blister samsung works as the origin and the NFC running smoothly
  • Samsung 100%  

    Samsung BT-S view EFCI950BREGW Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Red (Office Supplies)
    Very satisfied with the color and quality of this product 100% Samsung. No faults and Samsung delivered in its original packaging. I am very satisfied with this product. But I think that we should avoid putting it in the pocket of Jean everyday other
  • No original as advertised  

    Samsung 0000437559 EHS64 Original Stereo In-Ear Headphones (3.5mm jack) for Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4 White (Accessories)
    The headphones are supposed to be original Samsung headphones are not original because I have the originals at home, so I was able to determine relatively quickly. Simply listen to awful and are not comparable with the originals that were with my S4
  • A good alternative to Original toner  

    Black Toner made in Germany replaces Samsung CLP320, CLP325 CLT-K4072S, CLT-C4072S, CLT-M4072S, CLT-Y4072S (Office supplies & stationery)
    I have a Samsung printer purchased with original cartridges and now the "angry frog" - all colors - bought later, they were delivered quickly and function properly. They were immediately recognized and accepted by the printer and you can see no
  • A product-related expectations  

    Samsung MB-MSBGA / EU Micro SD Memory Card 32GB class 10 Standard Series (Accessory)
    Despite the lack of detail on the map in the description ("standard") on Amazon, you should know that the 32GB version is a Class 10 micro SD card manufacturing Samsung (the packaging is original, and the blue logo on the card) comes with an ada
  • Good and cheaper evaporator  

    Eleaf MELO 3.5ml Sub Ohm evaporator (Personal Care)
    Since the evaporator in several places appears I copy my original review here also. ;) I have tried several evaporator (ego Biansi, Evod, etc.), but Eleaf is not really noticed until now. Let's see what sub-Ohm brings ... Processing: Here there is on