sanitas toning belt review


  • Abdominal toning belt  

    Sanitas SEM 30 abdominal toning belt (Personal Care)
    The delivery arrived very promptly, within two days. The acceptations description is very simple to understand. I am w, narrow and sporty and eat healthy 90%, but in spite of a lot of sweat and regular training (4-5 x week for at least 60 min.) Is no
  • The fat has to go, the pain too - helps a belt, especially on the abdomen.  

    Powerfly Unisex Abdominal Toning Belt Ab trainers (Misc.)
    At the Mär` the washboard abs without reasonable training I think rather less. Although the Powerfly abdominal toning belt is mainly applied for the easy acquisition of the famous six-pack abs, it is in my case rather part of preventive health care i
  • This unit is to bring the abdominal muscles in shape  

    Powerfly Unisex Abdominal Toning Belt Ab trainers (Misc.)
    This abdominal toning belt comes with an English and a German manual. There are silicone pads, which must be glued only at the belt, but that is very quick and easy. After the abdominal belt has changed makes, you can turn it on. There are 6 differen
  • Have the unit given at the request get to improve neck pain / headache  

    Medisana combined 4-channel digital TENS TDP device (Personal Care)
    Actually, I had so desired Sanitas (wg the reviews) but I get this. I am 25years old and I hope that it makes me relaxed, ..überall trigger points. It beeps at every touch of a button and dial-turn and bring my girlfriend quickly up the wall, because
  • Elegant belt in not so elegant state ...  

    Genuine cow leather belt by Pierre Cardin in excess length (Textiles)
    The material and the leather look very valuable and justify the higher price. However, the delivered copy of Kranich shop had several flaws (in my pictures shown): - The leather looked on the perforated end abrasion on which lies look already worn th
  • Finally a chest belt for me and my Galaxy S3 Mini  

    POLAR Accessories Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Set H6 (equipment)
    Hach, in some reviews you wonder what to write, what not somehow stands in the product description. So I let the times and tell you what I've done special. Immediately after ordering, I realized that my smartphone dominates a Bluetooth LE. And I have
  • High-quality, practical belt bag  

    Eastpak Belt Bag Doggy (equipment)
    About 2 months ago I bought this belt bag by Eastpak and I must say that it was worth it! The belt bag is very high quality, on the zippers are inconspicuous reflectors of 3M, which are very useful at night could offer security. The bag is very usefu
  • Sanitas SWB 50 - so far it works well.  

    Sanitas SWB 50 Wärmeunterbett (Personal Care)
    After 2 defeats with the luxury Wärmeunterbett Beurer UB 100 (defective electronics) I have since the end of June this model in Betrieb.Bislang it works well and I am quite satisfied. Easy to use, illuminated switch, no Tüdelüt. With the 3 temperatur
  • EOS M Practice Review (updated)  

    Canon EOS M system camera (18 megapixels, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, Full HD, touch screen) Kit includes the EF-M 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS STM lens and Speedlite 90EX black (Electronics)
    * Updated & Revised on 09.14.2013 and 06.25.2014 * Hello Everybody, I once summarized here my personal and mostly positive experience after 1 year with the M-system. The initially scathing reviews with the comments about the "underground
  • Very good belt! 2  

    OP / Tech Strap System Super Classic Strap Pro Loop (Electronics)
    I bought this belt because of the positive reviews here. After unpacking, I thought at first: Well! Had a little Zeifel that the attachment loops hold. Strap to the camera made. Sitting all bombproof !! And the wearing comfort of the camera really im
  • Preliminary Review  

    OP / Tech Pro Strap (Electronics)
    Why I bought the Op Pro Tech Strap? The provided by the camera manufacturer camera flanges are a good advertising medium, in the long run but not comfortable enough. The slip resistance can also be desired. The Op Tech Pro Strap provides what I miss
  • Warm white for my review Armytek WIZARD  

    Armytek Wizard LED Headlamp 1050 lumens (Misc.)
    Context: As a triathlete and TrailRunner I use the WIZARD both up and running and on the mountain bike: BORN TO EXCEED is the slogan of the Canadian company for optoelectronics: Armytek. Whether and to what extent this slogan corresponds to reality,
  • Super grip, belt ok.  

    Joby JA3-01WW 3-Way Camera Strap (Electronics)
    Before reviewed this product, the usage scenario you have to keep in mind is quite accurate. I used the strap mainly as a handle - that is, the cord is rolled. To this end, the 3-Way is well suited the material almost to good and stable at the same t
  • simple and handsome belt  

    Original 2stoned belt 4cm wide with a matt buckle in several colors (Textiles)
    I have ordered this belt in 2 colors, black and white. The order was carried out very quickly and thus the belts have been delivered after 2 business days after sending the order. Visually both look satisfactory. The reduction of the belt I can also,
  • Reviews and information about the width  

    Mustang Jeans - Belt - Men (Clothing)
    The product is, as pointed out all the other reviews, quality. For information, the width of the belt is 38 mm (3.8 cm).
  • READ - No option to connect a cardio belt! (Solved)  

    Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO (App)
    Is this a bug or not but it is frankly curious that the "Connect accessory" is not accessible. It is not even visible in the settings menu. No way to connect a cardio belt! app for a "sport" that is unacceptable. Given the reviews, I w
  • not top top, but will do for small belts  

    Leather case with belt clip Case Cover Protector Pouch for Samsung Galaxy SIII S3 / S2 Galaxy SII / Samsung GT-E1050 / GT S5260 / S8600 Samsung Wave 3 GT / Samsung S5230 / Player One / HTC One V / Samsung S5230 / Sony Xperia U / Samsung S3350 T / Sony Xpera Ray / Blackberry Curve / Motorola Atrix / Motorola DEFY / HTC ONE S (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    This is a beautiful leather case with a beautiful color, the finishes are pretty good except perhaps for the seams of passersby, which for my taste seems a bit fragile, has seen in the duration, size fits perfectly my a mobile is the same size as a G
  • Clip-Ho belt  

    Clip.Ho Clip Ho-belt, portable size of 128-146, Theme: horse Colour: Red (Textiles)
    I can only agree with the previous reviews. The belt is a really good invention! My daughter is indeed already almost 7, but preferably it would like to take this belt, because it of course must go all quickly if you go to the toilet. For this Gefumm
  • Prima belt, but be careful when sizing charts  

    camel active LEATHER BELT 4026609B66 Men Accessories / Belt (Textile)
    The belt is well finished, with thorn buckle make a stable impression - looks exactly as I wanted him. With the experience gained so far with products from the "Camel Active" series I go times assume that the belt the first visual impression per