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  • Circular saw blades for many manufacturers  

    HM saw blades, circular saw blades for many manufacturers in various sizes and for different materials to choose from (Misc.)
    Of course there are better, much much better saw blades but also much more expensive and for the hobby or home improvement area, ranging from completely. The sectional image I like that and that is also quite good sharpness. Have sawblades where über
  • Substitute for a twin blade sharpener  

    Two-stage knife sharpener "Grip"
    After our kitchen knives with the aforementioned twin blade sharpener (looks like a doorknob) just were not jagged, I was due to the small dimensions and the good reviews decided to purchase (price was 9.85 + shipping). After repeated by pulling the
  • Circular Saw Blade 250 x 72 teeth 30/16  

    Ferm MSA1027 Circular Saw Blade 250 x 72 30/16 teeth (Tools & Accessories)
    burr-free cutting and plating the melamine and even plastic very good saw blade. Very Satisfied. I recommend.
  • Saw blade in wolftraft 62667000 160x16  

    Wolfcraft 6267000 circular saw blade CV 100Dts diameter 160 x 16 mm (Tools & Accessories)
    Good evening, precise saw blade and effective, however do not go the distance on a little hardwood after 35 minutes, the blade heats
  • saw blades  

    RUKO 33189065 8906-5 Lot 5 saber saw blades 24 Tcf 150 x 18 x 0.9 mm (Tools & Accessories)
    good stuff. saw blade cutting bien.pas disappointed with my recommend them to my bricoleurs.satisfait achat.rien more added to
  • Super Saw Blades  

    Bosch Keo Blade Set 5 pcs 5er (tool)
    I have so far only used a wood saw blade and this very extensively. There were many bars here with more than 80 mm in diameter. The blade went through like butter. The stability of the sheet is amazing although I once even caught a nail. It happened
  • Quality saw blades  

    Bosch Keo Blade Set 5 pcs 5er (tool)
    Have the various saw blades now tried and am thrilled. Wood and metal were cut quickly and cleanly. There was then no "loss of sharpness" found. Would I go back definitely buy.
  • Clamping behavior of the saw blade in hacksaws  

    Pebaro 401S - Woodwork 37 x 30x 7 cm (household goods)
    The clamped saw blade does not have enough support in the hacksaws. The hacksaws must be so strongly attracted to the saw blade and the Anspannverlängerungsteil that feeling arises, the screw thread is about to burst. One child was 8 years old is thi
  • For every purpose the right saw blade.  

    Bosch Accessories 10tlg. Jigsaw blade set Wood (tool)
    Bought for my handicraft work, the saw blades. Now I have the right blade for every timber and every occasion. Would I buy it again.
  • Einhell saw blade 250x30x3,2mm 60Z  

    Einhell saw blade 250x30x3,2mm 60Z Stat. Saws accessories (tool)
    ISC Einhell saw blade 250x30x3,2mm 60Z The product is completely ok. Meets my needs completely to my satisfaction. More I can not write it.
  • Einhell Grey saw blade 250x30x3,2 mm; 60 Z  

    Einhell saw blade 250x30x3,2mm 60Z Stat. Saws accessories (tool)
    I consider myself in the description of the article short and sweet, with my saw the first 2 teeth of the saw blade are already a few sections (together villeicht 0.5m cut length) in softwood broken .........
  • Good saw blade small for the price  

    Einhell saw blade 250x30x3,2mm 60Z Stat. Saws accessories (tool)
    For the cutting of Douglas fir decking (hardwood) had a new blade for miter saw her (Lutz 250S), since the old began to become dull. So I made my way into various hardware stores, to determine that there is a hard metal (HM) Blade 250x30mm in "almost
  • HM saw blade 210 x 30 with 60 teeth, circular saw blade  

    HM saw blade 210 x 30 with 60 teeth, circular saw blade (tool)
    Blade meets my expectations. Quality and delivery time are ok. I would buy this saw blade at any time and also recommend.
  • Circular saw blade 110 teeth  

    Connex COM362101 circular saw blade fine, 110 teeth chrome vanadium, 210 x 30 mm (tool)
    Cost-effective fine saw blade for something finer woodwork, a bit tedious to change saw blades, but after three or four attempts, the work was done. The sawing is okay. For very fine woodwork but a bit too rough.
  • Good budget saw blade for fine woodwork  

    HM saw blade 250 x 30 with 60 teeth, circular saw blade (tool)
    So far the inexpensive circular saw blade has 250 mm in diameter with 60 teeth does ETS1825 good in my new collapsible Ryobi table saw. The fine-cut up to 88 mm height in the timber is perfect. The saw blade is therefore recommended for the fine wood
  • Super price for a good saw blade  

    Metabo circular saw blade with CT 216 x 30 mm, 40 WZ 5 degrees, 628 060 000 (tool)
    It's the same blade that was originally shipped with my chop saw from Metabo. The first saw blade for hard for about 100-120qm laminate held.
  • Saw blade for best editing.  

    Festool 491952 HW circular saw blade 160 x 2.2 x 20 W48 (tool)
    The Festool saw blade is used in my Festo Tauchsäge as expected a very good cut at the doors saw off, etc. construction of wooden shelves in the basement. So even during the renovations throughout the building and also a nail verschmerzt the one caug
  • Festool saw blade  

    Festool 491952 HW circular saw blade 160 x 2.2 x 20 W48 (tool)
    a saw blade as it should be! perfect order, each circular saw to spitzengerät.suoer quality that also the price rechtfertigt.klare buy recommendation
  • Super device, bad circular saw blade  

    Skil circular saw 5765 AA (1.350W, 65mm, with carbide tipped saw blade and rip fence) (tool)
    After I have already bought a grinder SKIL and approved, I now had to strike even with the circular saw. The SKIL equipment I now have often seen and experienced that they are developed by Bosch in the store. When I had the equipment at the hardware
  • Value Set prime saber saw blades!  

    25 pcs. MPS Säbelsägeblatt- assortment in box for wood and metal
    Looking for inexpensive saber saw blades, I came across this set of company MPS. With the delivered quality and the service life of the Sägeblättet I am very satisfied.