scheibenklar window clear


  • Petex 45020000 ice scraper  

    Petex 45020000 scraper 4502 with soft handle, length 25 cm (Automotive)
    Quite nice with the handle, but I always get in trouble the window clear, stable but a bit pricey, as well as the rich cheap.
  • That part really works !!  

    ThoMar Airdry car dehumidifiers, the original, reusable (Automotive)
    My wife has repeatedly held this dehumidifier in the morning the window clear. Unfortunately, in its SLK is getting a little moisture (for whatever reason), and helps especially with the very low temperatures this "bag" the keep clear the windsh
  • Very satisfied, fits well and keeps the nuclear dust.  

    Multi protective suit against chemicals, dust, nuclear particles - antistatic protective overalls Kat III, Type 5 and 6 (Electronics)
    I wore the suit during the cleaning of our nuclear reactor in the basement. Overall, I am very satisfied with the part. One course can wear it even when sanding of doors and windows - clear. LOL
  • SSE 2015 references for clear display of window contents  

    Tax savings Declaration 2015 (for tax year 2014 / Frustration-Free Packaging) (CD-ROM)
    Update 28/12/2014: Some people seem to have problems with the new larger optics, since it may happen depending on your screen resolution, video and font size that the right part of the structure (topic tree) is not fully legible. Remedied by activati
  • SSE 2015 references for clear display of window contents 1  

    Tax savings Declaration 2015 (for tax year 2014) [Download] (Software Download)
    Update 28/12/2014: Some people seem to have problems with the new larger optics, since it may happen depending on your screen resolution, video and font size that the right part of the structure (topic tree) is not fully legible. Remedied by activati
  • Endless streaks instead of clear window!  

    Sidolin citrus spray, window cleaner, 2-pack (2 x 500 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    I bought because of the good reviews the product. I come not so clear. The agent forms streaks and it takes a lot of effort to get the disc back clear. Rather take another product, such as the Kärcher window cleaner!
  • Felts erasable windows and paintings, brightly colored and clear  

    Chalk Markers Stationery Island W60 - 8 assorted colors - Felt Chalk Ink in liquid - Pointe bevel 6mm - 60 DAYS WARRANTY: SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK 100% (Body Grey - erasing WITH DAMP) (Kitchen)
    I wanted a product to write on smooth surfaces such as glass, glass tables, white boards or jam jars. These markers to the beveled edge can create pretty "tags" temporary, logos and illustrations (for Christmas or for decorating windows) on smoo
  • clearer window  

    Laser safety eyewear and pulsed light (Miscellaneous)
    these glasses are too dark red during use must be accurate, so I do not see with the glasses. more clear glasses with the same protection. Thank you
  • A clear and exciting window on Buddhism  

    Buddhism For Dummies (Le) (Paperback)
    While Buddhists do not have the right to proselytize, but this book shows an open mind quite remarkable clearly showing the different 'schools' of Buddhism, their history, their components and practices in Theravada history Zen and Vajrayana. The aut
  • Hard drive clearly audible, battery non-removable, display not very far hinged, otherwise everything super  

    Asus UX32LA-R3073H 33.8 cm (13.3 inches) Ultrabook (Intel Core i5 4200U, 1.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Intel HD, Win 8) silver / gray (Personal Computers)
    To put it first to anticipate: In principle, I am satisfied with this Ultrabook and outweigh the positive things. But there are also a few things to criticize, with whom I also begin the same: 1) noise: The hard disk is at activity clearly audible an
  • Tip device in design and value with full Windows  

    Asus T100CHI-FG003B 25.6 cm (10.1 inches) Convertible Tablet PC (Intel Atom Z3775, 1.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 64GB HDD, Intel HD, Win 8, touch screen) black (Personal Computers)
    I have purchased the product at a local Eletronikfachmarkt and would now like to describe my impressions. I can compare the Asus T100 Chi with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, the Dell Venue Pro and the Acer 11 Switch 10 FHD. Thus, I may as well "Table
  • Windows Phone 8X by HTC Your personal friend and helper  

    HTC Windows Phone 8X Smartphone (10.9 cm (4.3 inches) touch screen, Snapdragon, dual-core, 1.5GHz, 8-megapixel camera) Limelight Yellow (Electronics)
    I have a smartphone in December and would like to now my impressions and experiences, which I was able to win with this smartphone, write down here. Anticipation I said, I have not chewed my Windows Phone 8X by HTC in Limelight Green here on Amazon,
  • Good keyboard, makes a Windows tablet to a laptop!  

    Logitech K480 wireless Bluetooth keyboard for computer, tablet and smartphone (QWERTY) Black (Personal Computers)
    I have long been a Dell Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8.1 on it. That's actually a small PC, but not a full replacement. Anyway, it was recently so: P When I saw the K480 in a video, I have it here immediately ordered on Amazon. The delivery took only 2 d
  • Problems in Windows XP  

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2015-2 PCs (Limited Edition) (DVD-ROM)
    Under WIN 7 everything went smoothly, at start-up of the laptop is felt slower. After a full scan, it displays no harmful files, which frankly surprised me somewhat because Malwarebytes has found a file a few days ago that I had not cleared .... Beca
  • clearly better than DVD Player with USB port  

    Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player (Personal Computers)
    1) survey + Absolute buy recommendation for anyone who wants to play video files via disk and without WLAN / Streaming can + Very good cost / Nutzenverhaeltnis + Plays all formats specified in the product description + Handles all USB drives and stic
  • Clear conditions  

    Spyder4Pro (Electronics)
    Hello Fotofreunde! Long I went pregnant to purchase me a monitor calibration device with the consideration. Background were mostly disappointments during professional of imaging my photos that were sometimes reddish, sometimes low in contrast or not
  • The new Windows  

    Windows 7 Home Premium 32/64 bit (DVD-ROM)
    Actually, Microsoft had already for Windows "Longhorn", better known as Vista, much announced. Therefore, the disappointment was great when the product actually stood on the shelves and was below expectations not really do it justice. Sure,
  • Cheap LTE smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1  

    Nokia Lumia 635 Smartphone Micro SIM (11.4 cm (4.5 inch) touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, Win 8.1) Green (Electronics)
    First of all: From Windows Mobile coming from Symbian thrilled striped iPhone and now stuck with Android, it was for me of careers now even have time to get to know Windows Phone 8.1. A tablet with Windows 8.1, I have for this very purpose also, as a
  • XtremeGamer under Windows 7? Never! - Alternative must be found!  

    Asus Xonar D1 PCI internal sound card 7.1, Digital Out, Dolby technology, EAX, 192kHz 24bit, Low Profile (Accessories)
    My first sound card was the Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer. Under Windows Vista x64 this was down to a few misfires quite Ok. I have now recently, however, installed Windows 7 x64, as I had no desire to Vista and after a long battle with the Creative -Be
  • Clear highlight in a disco full of highlights  

    Ritual (Audio CD)
    I can not understand, if, as happened in a large magazine, the new Black Dahlia Murder assumed to be primarily again just quickly. "Ritual", the fifth album by now the Detroit band is in fact much more than that. The board is bursting with