sd card 32 gb 4.2mb


  • Best graphics card which I had so far!  

    MSI GeForce GTX 750 TI 2048MB GDDR5 OC version 128 (accessories)
    This graphics card has replaced my Nvidia GTX 260 OC, and is significantly faster in all areas. In Luxmark 2.0 benchmark even 4 times faster. In this benchmark, it depends even loose a GTX 770 ab.Der reason of huge 2MB cache will be, which to date ha
  • Small card, big impact  

    ADATA AUSDH32GCL4-RA1 Class 4 32GB Flash memory card (microSDHC) with SD Adapter (Personal Computers)
    Have the memory card received today, (Fast Delivery by okluge) the packaging looks at first glance like a blister, but is made of cardboard with an insert made of transparent plastic, so relatively injury Neutral. For the Function / speed test in the
  • Very fast and relatively affordable professional CF card  

    Transcend Extreme Speed ​​400x 16GB CompactFlash Memory Card (Personal Computers)
    Transcend Extreme Speed ​​16GB CompactFlash (CF) Memory Card 400x Hello everybody, this review refers to the 16GB 400x UDMA CF card from Transcend. I have this memory card for my Canon EOS 50D risen to so my 2GB SanDisk Extreme III to replace (model
  • Memory card for more than 5,000 pictures  

    32GB Memory Card for Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50V (Electronics)
    This card meets expected its purpose as a memory card in my new Sony camera. Not much more I can at the moment to not report, there still may be no long-term experience with it. Generally, I have but with memory cards never had any problems and if ne
  • Super-fast SD card  

    Transcend TS32GSDU1 Class 10 UHS-I SDHC 32GB Premium Memory Card (300x) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] (Personal Computers)
    So, wherever you do not want to wait long for the read / store operation, or can be served is absolutely right with this card. I got the camcorder and digital camera in action and am always amazed at how quickly the card stores the images. Thats Mult
  • Unfortunately missed the purpose of memory card  

    Transcend Ultimate Speed ​​SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 16GB Memory Card (up to 90MB / s Read) (Personal Computers)
    The speed of this card is beyond all doubt. Star I give her yet only one, because a memory card (images) to save. Exactly this occurred to me but to problems. From about 2GB memory size individual images were on the PC (several tested) no longer legi
  • Super fast memory card  

    Transcend Ultimate Speed ​​SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 16GB Memory Card (up to 90MB / s read) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] (Personal Computers)
    Use this card with a Canon EOS 550D. All the best. Very fast transfer speeds; Scan almost exclusively in RAW mode. Highly recommended.
  • The card is fast, in fact ...  

    Transcend Ultimate Speed ​​SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 16GB Memory Card (up to 90MB / s read) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] (Personal Computers)
    @ PGC To your comment that the card is no good and is slow, I wish to speak sometimes. You can not demand from a fast card that brings you top values ​​if your camera slow it slows. A digital camera for 250 euros is nunmal not so fast. Try it once a
  • flawless, fast SD cards  

    Transcend Ultimate Speed ​​SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 32GB memory card (up to 90MB / s read) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] (Personal Computers)
    Had bought a few weeks ago 3 pieces of 32GB cards of this type and particularly in a 3-week vacation (tropical weather conditions with high humidity) in use. The card I have used in a Canon EOS 60D, where they have proven to be very zuverläsig well.
  • 32GB Memory Card for Canon IXUS 125 HS  

    32GB Memory Card for Canon IXUS 125 HS (Electronics)
    Card just got delivered only. Here at least I can be sure that I get a lot of pictures and clips on the card. Otherwise, very fast delivery. I am very happy anyway.
  • Wrong card supplied  

    64GB SDXC C10 SaveTec U1 UHS-1 memory card Extreme Speed ​​Class10 Class 10 64GB Full HD video up to 60MB / s for Canon EOS 1200D Digital SLR Camera (Electronics)
    It did not come with an adapter 32 GB Micro SD, oth in the item description "for Canon EOS 1200D Digital SLR Camera". The card slot of the EOS 1200D is only designed for SD cards. The return took place without problems, only on the promised
  • Fast SDHC card  

    Samsung Memory 16GB EVO MicroSDHC UHS-I Grade 1 Class 10 Memory Card Memory Card (up to 48MB / s data transfer rate) with SD adapter (accessory)
    These Micro-SDHC card is specified for Class 10, which means that the read rate must be at least 10 MB / s. The addition UHS-I, however, promises much higher data transfer rates, which is also the case here. Under laboratory conditions to a write rat
  • 8 days in use and now is defective (DSP memory card 8GB for Canon IXUS 145)  

    8GB Memory Card for Canon IXUS 145 (Electronics)
    have the memory card for a new Canon IXUS bought 145 camera, after 8 days, the camera displays "Memory card error" and nothing works ... very very annoying, good that I at home still had a memory card, however, which has much less storage c
  • Card works well  

    Toshiba 64GB MICRO SD MEMORY CARD CLASS XC 10 UHS-I 64GB Memory Card High Speed ​​(Personal Computers)
    The card does what it is intended, through a long-term experience, I can not judge at present Price / performance ratio was Buy - Yes!
  • Does not work with ASUS Xonar HDAV Slim Sound Card  

    CSL - Interface Card PCI Express (PCIe) to PCI | Low Profile Format | Adapter / Adapter Card | Network / ISDN card / graphics card / I / O Contollerkarte / video input adapter (Electronics)
    Have here a ASUS Z97 Deluxe Board, which unfortunately has only PCIe slots. Property me this adapter risen to still be able to operate an ASUS Xonar HDAV Slim sound card - but that did not work. The card was recognized and the driver could be install
  • Gifts Card Box with a gift card (gift card)
    The gifts card can give away forever and for any occasion such as birthdays, Easter or Christmas. I can recommend it only further.
  • Strategic card game with too much randomness one months experience  

    Eredan Arena (App)
    First to the posetieven points: This game offers a wide deck where determined by dice abilities trigger. The strategic depth comes through the vote of its decks. At the end of each match can be obtained from a random chest upgrade points, booster or
  • great card works great in the Galaxy S5 my wife and my S4  

    Samsung Memory 32GB EVO MicroSDHC UHS-I Grade 1 Class 10 Memory Card Memory Card (up to 48MB / s data transfer rate) without SD Adapter (accessory)
    I'm testing just as part of a product test, the Samsung Evo Micro SD 32GB card. The card runs really well, I'm really excited! That which has the 5-way protection is clear (waterproof, heat & cold-resistant, magnetic safe, shock and impact resist
  • Do not buy! SIM card can not unlock !!!!  

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (GT-I8200) smartphone 10.16 cm (4 inch) touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, 8GB memory, microSDHC card slot, Android 4.2) - White (Electronics)
    Also I have discovered too late that it obviously already more than a year are problems with the release of the map. Was it the previous model, the French variant, the new model comes in Portuguese and therefore to change in the German language, the
  • Good Card - suitable for mobile phones!  

    SanDisk SDSDQUN-016G-FFP-A Ultra 16GB microSDHC UHS-I Android Class 10 Memory Card + SD Card Adapter up to 48MB / sec. Read [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] (optional)
    Good Quality; The card works just fine in my phone, the files on it are quick to open and do not break (has my previous card of another brand that is managed). Have they conveniently even to print photos used!