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  • Seidensticker pajamas  

    Seidensticker Men Two-piece pajamas pajamas long (Textiles)
    I love these pajamas. The Seidensticker brand but has never disappointed me anyway. Although a bit more expensive, but you get a quality product, on which you have many years of enjoyment. Pajamas I bought for myself and even given away.
  • Familiar quality Seidensticker  

    Seidensticker Men Shirt / Tuxedo 1034 (Textiles)
    With this shirt, you acquire a very well-made shirt with a good fit. The feel of the fabric is very valuable and stable. One in my eyes thoroughly enjoyable product. The course is a "cufflink" the enclosed is just a pure decorative object and no
  • Seidensticker Businesshemd  

    Seidensticker Men Business Shirt Slim Fit 224 748 (Textiles)
    For a wedding in forecast 36 ° C, I decided at short notice for this Kurzarmversion and against a Langarmvariante. The shirt made a good impression in the warm weather. The variant "Slim Fit" was for me (1.89 meters and 73 kilos) is very suitabl
  • bad material (color white), pulling strings and loses white color  

    PUMA Men's Polo Shirt Esito (Sports Apparel)
    The Puma polo shirt in white is very pretty and nicely cut (size L falls due out). However, I was already after 1-2 washes deeply disappointed: you can see threads, the color fades, despite pure white linen and there are several small seams in the ma
  • Very nice and very far ...  

    Seidensticker Men Regular Fit Casual Shirt Oktoberfest 387 208 (Textiles)
    This really is a nice shirt, looks good and feels good and high quality, the price seems to be quite justified. I ordered the shirt with a collar size of 46, and the fit of the collar was great, it was sitting on the shoulders also good, but the shir
  • In a nutshell dry without ironing  

    AEG Lavatherm 88840 Condenser tumble FL / B / steam technology / 3.92 kWh / 7 kg (Misc.)
    Update 26/02/2015 Had completely forgotten that I wrote a review for this device. The device is now (September 2014) has been decommissioned. AEG no longer comes into the house to me. After more than 4 years, the instrument we adopted the middle of t
  • David Niven would probably worn as a pair of pajamas  

    Seidensticker Men Two-piece pajamas pajamas long (Textiles)
    The title says it all: The Pajama wears excellent, reserves even after a 40 ° -Waschgang largely its shape (the seams pull minimally together), lends its support but rather the image of a reputable man as that of a young daredevil. I find the Seidens
  • Very thin material but with Vest / Shirt portable  

    Seidensticker Men Shirt long UN SUPER SLIM easy-care (easy iron) white Gr. 37-42 / 572440.01 (Textiles)
    The shirt fits perfectly and like all Seidensticker shirts fit me well here the size that I have ever. FYI: Super Slim is the "Slimmste" what Seidensticker offers. Before that comes the normal "slim fit". The collar fits well, just wha
  • Crumpled matter  

    Seidensticker Men's Slim Fit Business Shirt UN SUPER (Textiles)
    As such, a nice cut shirt, but the fabric is almost too thin but the absolute knockout criterion is the fact that the substance as has been mentioned several times here strongly wrinkles! Ironing the shirt is almost an impertinence. Seidensticker is