seiko sscoo9p1


  • Very nice clock 11  

    Seiko Men's Watch Chronograph Stainless Steel Solar XL SSC009P1 (clock)
    The Seiko SSCOO9P1 is a very nice clock, not only in the pictures. It shows not only the time but also otherwise some - and here I see a few problems: The details on the bezel are nowhere explained, the manual is not sufficient. In addition, the date
  • Seiko Men's Watch  

    Seiko Men's Watch XL Diver's Solar Chronograph Quartz Stainless Steel SSC015P1 (clock)
    The Seiko Men's Watch Chronograph Quartz Stainless Steel Solar XL Diver`s fits my ideas. It is well made, the accuracy is OK, and the luminosity of the dial is beeindruckend.Alles in all, this clock definitely recommend.
  • Seiko Men's Watch XL Diver Chronograph Quartz Stainless Steel Solar s SSC015P1  

    Seiko Men's Watch XL Diver's Solar Chronograph Quartz Stainless Steel SSC015P1 (clock)
    Because of my bad experience with Casio EdificeFunkSolar! I have above Solaruhr the brand SEIKO selected! Since experts have advised me to Seiko! I can evaluate the solar watch only positive. After the baking, the clock showed a few minutes later at
  • Seiko Gents SNDA27P1, Price - tip  

    Seiko Gents SNDA27P1 (clock)
    I was looking for a good quality and cheap Seiko chronograph. During my research on the internet I came across the Seiko Gents SNDA27P1 at Amazon, the same movement that has as much more expensive Seiko chronograph. When the military look Can (green
  • Seiko men's watch, beautiful clock  

    Seiko Chrono Solar SSC017P1 (clock)
    Very nice clock, super price performance ratio was more favorable than Seiko Mens Watch analog quartz XL with rubber band. The only drawback: the date display is difficult to read, because they like the dial is black. The delivery took place on the U
  • Seiko Automatic SNXS77K  

    Seiko Men's Watch Seiko 5 automatic SNXS77 (clock)
    Scope of supply: The Seiko 5 is delivered in a gift box, with manual and warranty card. Function: The Seiko 5 SNXS77K has built the Caliber 7S26, with 21 jewels (Jewels). In addition to the date it is the day of the week (three clock) and has a centr
  • Seiko 5 - The Classic.  

    Seiko Men's Watch Seiko 5 automatic SNXS77 (clock)
    They still exist, more than 30 years this Japanese watches offered the Seiko 5 on the global market. Adjustment of the date and time goes beyond the crown which you can pull out in two positions. The concept behind the Seiko 5: -Reliable Mechanical a
  • Classic Men's Seiko "5"  

    Seiko Men's Watch Seiko 5 automatic SNXS77 (clock)
    I was looking specifically for a simple, understated Automatic Watch for daily use, and came across this classic, functional Mens Seiko series "Five" without any frills, for a really low price. This automatic brand watch, I like very much, is co
  • Seiko Kinetic technology on affordable price  

    LIV MORRIS HYBRID Mens stainless steel case Chantico kinetic drive calfskin strap glazed floor 5bar (clock)
    I have, since December 2011, a forerunner model in operation, alternating with a Seiko Kinetic clock. She's gang accurate and may well be charged 4 weeks and does not stop. So far penetrated no water, even if I fiddle longer in Auarium. The watch gla
  • Seiko 5 of the mechanical and automatic SNK80xK2 series at very low price (Seller TforTime).  

    Seiko - SNK805K2 - 5 - Men Watch - Automatic Analogue - Green Dial - Bracelet Fabric Green (Watch)
    Seiko Model 5 you will never find in stores (Jewellers, etc ...) in Europe as Seiko reserve the marketing of this inexpensive model to the Asia / Pacific area but you can find on the internet especially through Amazon. This watch type "military"
  • 1st seiko  

    Seiko - Seiko SNXF07K1 Jubilee Movement Automatic - Waterproof - Calendar - Glass scratch-resistant Hardlex - High Strength Steel Bracelet (Watch)
    it is an entry of Seiko range (serie "5"). automatic winding with transparent background (which allows to check that this is really a movement seiko). minimum functions (time and date) with dimensions and weight very far. only the tightness (onl
  • Metronome Seiko: simple and effective  

    Seiko Metronome SQ50V Multi-Function Black (Electronics)
    This metronome works with a 9 volt battery that is provided. You have 3 ways to monitor action: high tone, low tone + red LED flash (in practice mode to its minimum). The sound setting is simple: a wheel on the side. A jack for connecting a headset:
  • Seiko reliability for the most popular mechanical watch  

    Seiko - SNK809K2 - 5 - Men Watch - Automatic Analogue - Black Dial - Black Strap Fabric (Watch)
    After two weeks, she was always in the right moment - it is stunning for a mechanical watch. Seiko confidence in the reliability of its watches is such that we can not even manually wind the movement: the watch recharges by movement, who run a disk,
  • Mixed Analog Quartz alarm clock - Seiko -QHE038T  

    Seiko Quartz Analog Mixed -QHE038T -Réveil (Watch)
    A good analog clock (personal choice) / very very silent if not inaudible / SEIKO Precision is to go (Radio-controlled clock undesirable because poor reception)
  • Seiko SNZG15K1  

    Seiko - SNZG15K1 - 5 Sports - Men's Watch - Automatic Analogue - Black Dial - Black Strap Fabric (Watch)
    For starters, this watch is much more beautiful than the wrist shot. It has a certain presence without ever appearing too thick, its brushed finish gives it the discretion and character that one can expect from an adventurer without forfeiting at "di
  • Seiko Daytona Submarine  

    Seiko - SNA225P1 - Men Watch - Quartz Chronograph - Black Dial - Bracelet Grey (Watch)
    Seiko produced, so as always of good quality set apart the metal bracelet or brand level should hire real artists.
  • Seiko 2  

    Seiko - SMY139P1 - Men Watch - Automatic Analogue - Luminescent - Stainless Steel Bracelet Grey (Watch)
    Seiko quality is at the rendezvous. The watch was delivered in a neat package that is usual at Seiko. The adjustment of the strap length is very easy using a small pin hunting easier to manufacture. Please note that this product sent by amazon was de
  • Seiko - SKA565P1 - Kinetic  

    Seiko - SKA565P1 - Kinetic - Men Watch - Automatic Analogue - Black Dial - Bracelet Grey (Watch)
    Purchase January 29, 2014 shows sober, functional, precise. SEIKO what !!! Fast delivery, packaging OK, Strap adjustment with manual + google is your friend => OK stops after 1 month without significance. (Varies according to the load, which can see
  • Super Seiko watch  

    Seiko - SNK809K2 - 5 - Men Watch - Automatic Analogue - Black Dial - Black Strap Fabric (Watch)
    Superb Seiko automatic watch. She's pretty, is started from the first movements of my wrist, shows the time precisely taking neither delay nor advance for a month that I bought. The needles are lit at night which allows to tell the time even in the d
  • Beautiful Movement SEIKO Watch discreet Gilding  

    LORUS watch sports black man RH942EX9 (Watch)
    Very Nice Watch, very well finished, is also the same color metal, bought 1/3 of the price in addition, offers Whenever I can I advise Lorus, because they are little known in France watches yet they ask to be because it is a qualitée / pr