Seltenheitswert lyrics


  • ".. With music and lyrics is like love"  

    Hairdryer (Audio CD)
    With "hairdryer" opens Hubert his listeners turn new worlds of sound and immersing yourself in another Gefuehlszustand with each song. "Hairdryer" is not a CD that you get sounds that pleases at the first attempt and you then simp
  • Geile Beats, poor Lyrics.  

    Please Pull Through (Audio CD)
    Gecuttet Really cool and mixed the record, but the lyrics are really boring and belanglos.Kein Flow, mediocre Stimmnen ambesten ne Instumental version warten.JL
  • Funny lyrics, entertaining  

    Two Worlds (MP3 Download)
    Hear we are by the title "German Railways" on the radio. So let's quickly downloaded the whole album, and yes, you can listen to. Not necessarily my taste in music, but something different and good entertainment, with sometimes humorous and
  • A lyrical fireworks  

    Magnolia (Audio CD)
    "Again, the ground under my feet has to tremble, so threatening this honeyed life, I go the way of the great men have gone, that has changed, from now on, I'll go somewhere else. But no one has the powers, neither dwarfs nor giants to move half
  • Powerful Sound & funny lyrics impress Cora S.  

    Fortunately in the future (MP3 Download)
    Marteria revives in Endboss his childhood and youth again and raps on Fat Beats GameBoy. **** With Yasha at his side Materia conquered the charts and makes Germany's attention. About what he sings here there are wild speculation, speculate with, is c
  • Musically and lyrically-baked!  

    Where the sun re Laughs (Audio CD)
    Although Freiwild be celebrated downright in the other reviews and are praised to the skies, you have to but in "Where the sun again Laughs" critical comment that this early work still pretty weak and "simple" is (both lyrically a
  • Great music, great lyrics !!  

    Surrender (Audio CD)
    In the first two numbers to "surrender" you are able to fall in love at first: "My Ruin" and "surrender" are probably the catchiest songs on the album. What comes after that probably needs a little more time and patience
  • Great lyrics  

    Sorry. (MP3 Download)
    So that's what I call a great album! The lyrics are just great! One feels with properly and wonders why that has not been said earlier times !!
  • Lyrical and enchanting  

    The Woodcutter (Paperback)
    The plot is one thing: nice game with famous fairy tale and mythic motifs to knit their own little fantasy world of it and the myth surrounding the "hero" of the story: the Woodcutter. The chapters lined up close together, some are only one
  • Lyrical primary school  

    Male (Audio CD)
    There is music and taste is subjective, but to say "Male" is better than "Black and White" (as did a few) is ... absurd. Black and white is one of the best albums that Samy has ever released. Male contrast, is mostly on lyrical pr
  • Legendary Lyrics ...  

    Embryo (Audio CD)
    Today I had the album in my mailbox :) So when the first songs I thought wow me quite monotonous beats ... but then wurdes better :) Lyrically, the album anyway 1A, but at a heurausragenden album missing me one or the other song that goes forward to
  • Beats and flow 5 stars only lyrically not mine ....  

    Finally infinity (Audio CD)
    With reviews about music you can here so many dislikes einhandeln but I do not care I'm reviewing the new times still Megaloh album. After I clean once heard the album some time ago and somehow become not quite warm am with Megaloh I bought the album
  • Lyrics first!  

    Virtue (Audio CD)
    Who of English is not at least reasonably well powerful or otherwise has nothing with lyrics on his hat, which is quite wrong for Emmy the Great. Then there is probably really only "Lauer Folkpop" left - which I so badly did not again find the t
  • Lyrical breastmilk  

    Sound and the Fury (Audio CD)
    Tocotronic have managed to very good last album to top "surrender". This album convinces from start to finish, there are hardly any burglaries available that let a bored or even back disappointed. Although some songs like For Me "Question o
  • Beautiful melodies and great lyrics  

    Out of pure love (Limited Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    Klee is the German pop band with the "smartest" melodies and lyrics for me. Sensitively it always goes back to what we all haunts: life and love and suffering so often associated. However, I make the texts courage and saved me even more than the
  • there is a little book with the lyrics and I learn it more Easily! "Let it go"  

    Frozen (CD)
    I'm a really big fan of Frozen. With the cd, there is a little book with the lyrics and I learn it more Easily! "Let it go", so beautiful! Hugh fan say you so lol
  • 3 Lutoslawski chamber music with a lyrical twist, detailed, polyphonic meditation and a sense of elegance  

    Partita for Violin and Piano - Cello And Piano Grave (CD)
    For this recording made in Warsaw "under the auspices of the composer" in 1990, an album dedicated to the Polish Chamber Music Witold Lutoslawski (1913-1994) by the "Quartet Wilanow" male only and also with the assistance of a pianist.
  • lyrical  

    There is a river (Paperback)
    Poetry in its purest form. A long narrative poem with accents A beautiful lyrical text that takes us over a river
  • Lyrical poems  

    Lyric Poetry (Paperback)
    Wonderful complete collection: Here is the CONTENTS, you find more than 50 poems by various poets. Introduction: Lyric poetry of the Middle Ages to the seventeenth century: - Rutebeuf, Charles d'Orléans, François Villon, Joachim du Bellay, Louise Lab
  • A lyrical and warm interpretation of Mendelssohn's orchestral work  

    Mendelssohn: Symphonies openings (CD)
    This compiled symphonic recordings that mendelssohniens Claudio Abbado for Deutsche Grammophon realized in the mid-1980s. Compared with the reading previously etched with the same orchestra for Decca London (1968), the Italian is magnified in his pol