Sennheiser weakness


  • Koss Porta Pro vs. Sennheiser PX 100-II vs. Koss KSC 75  

    Sennheiser PX 100-II Foldable open stereo mini headphones (114 dB) (Electronics)
    Koss Porta Pro Stereo Headphones vs. Sennheiser PX 100-II Foldable open stereo mini headphones (114 dB) vs. black Koss KSC 75 Headphone A new, more compact, open headphones were needed. After some back and forth I have two really good found: Sennheis
  • Really not a bay leaf for Sennheiser  

    Sennheiser PC 3 Chat Headset (Electronics)
    Sennheiser PC 3 Chat Headset In idle status, a soft sound (~ 750Hz) is höbar I (have broken its earpads) with my old cheap headset could not perceive (and apparently also injects into the microphone, s. Customers image)). By contrast, also the bass c
  • Sennheiser IE 8 = The In-Ear with Ohrgasmusgarantie!  

    Sennheiser IE 8 sound tuning HiFi Ohrkanalhörer (Electronics)
    At the Sennheiser IE 8 almost everything was written. I, like many of my Vorrezensenten also long sought and pretty much everything Portable high-end would have corresponded to approximately (can), tried until I decided to added very late buying this
  • Compare Sennheiser RS ​​170 vs. RS 180 vs. Sony MDR-DS6500  

    Sennheiser RS ​​180 Digital Wireless Headphone System (110 dB) with automatic modulation and balance control (Electronics)
    This is a subjective comparison of three wireless headphones, which is designed to help all those who like me are faced with the choice. All three headphones (Sennheiser RS ​​170 and RS 180, and Sony MDR-DS6500) I could directly next to each other fr
  • Sennheiser better!  

    Philips SHP1800 TV and HiFi lightweight headphone (LR 6m cable, 6.3mm adapter) (Electronics)
    My old Sennheiser HD30TV broke down after years of use. Well I bought the Philips because of the positive reviews. From the sound is absolutely no difference noted. But he is primarily intended for the TV. The Sennheiser (successor HD35TV) is more th
  • The dragon has learned to fly - also on weak hardware  

    Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13.0 Premium (DVD-ROM)
    Update / complement 29/03/15 see below This voice recognition software is simply a pleasure. To illustrate their performance a bit, the following text, without further corrections, directly dictated by DNS 13. Manually corrections appears I have plac
  • Test Adidas Originals Sennheiser HD220  

    Sennheiser HD 220 Originals Headphones (Electronics)
    Sure, the Adidas headphones to buy because of its design but what he does? I personally love the Adidas blue so I could not resist. Style: When Adidas Originals is a variant of the rather successful HD218, so a very slight closed headphones. Adidas O
  • Well written, weak plot, open end  

    Faithful Place (Paperback)
    I was disappointed in view of the very good reviews from the book. In the first 2/3 of the book, the plot (extremely) developed tough, it happens little, at this stage, the book is not a thriller but primarily a study of social life in a working clas
  • AKG K 272 HD vs. Sennheiser HD 595  

    AKG Home Studio K 272 HD headphones wired anthracite (Electronics)
    These two headphones I have especially for use on electric piano (Kawai CN 22) ordered and tested for this purpose. An existing wireless headphones Sennheiser HDR 140 should be supplemented, as these headphones on electric piano for the yet clearly p
  • Very good inexpensive combo for gamers. Display / Battery too weak.  

    Lenovo Flex 2-14 35.6 cm (14 inch FHD IPS) Convertible Notebook (Intel Core i5-4210U, 2.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce 840M 2 GB, Touch Screen, Win 8) Black (Personal Computers)
    The combination of i5, 840, SSD, Full HD and 8GB RAM you get at present (! So) compiled anywhere as useful and favorable. The whole is packaged quality and relatively easy by Lenovo. In particular, with an illuminated keyboard looks all nice. Unfortu
  • The charger cable does the job but with a weak ...  

    Magnetic USB Charging Cable for Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact magnetically 100 cm in black from OKCS (Electronics)
    The charger cable does the job but is equipped with a weak magnet. That is why it is charging the unit only in a horizontal position possible. Furthermore, it must be ensured that the contacts lie well.
  • too weak, too expensive, just bad  

    Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, elec. Callus (Personal Care)
    as already mentioned by others: too weak, soft pressing at the foot motor stops, too expensive, pointless. Each pumice, each cornea is better file
  • Weak stock selection!  

    Club Sounds, Vol. 69 [Explicit] (MP3 Download)
    Skin me now not from the stool. CD 1 and 2 are quite ok, but on CD 3 to several songs romp from the past five years. "No man", "Take It to the Limit", "Do It All Night 2k12" & Co. have to look at a recent club sounds
  • Great unit with a big weakness: Clouding!  

    HTC Nexus 9 (8.9 inch) Tablet PC (WiFi, 16GB of internal memory, Android 5.0) white (Personal Computers)
    Many reviewers have praised the hardware and software performance of the Nexus 9 (Rev. 1); the praise I can only agree. The build quality is generally consistent, although there is little adhesive residue on the frame, which can be wiped away. When I
  • Slightly weak light output but okay  

    10x MR11 24 3528 SMD LED Lamp Spot Light Lamp Bulbs Warm White 12V
    We have 12 LEDs in the bathroom on the ceiling and the light is significantly weaker than before (10 and 20 watt halogen mixed with reflector, reflector away now), but it goes even. In addition, we have a bathroom mirror with powerful lamps. Too bad
  • Battery from Sennheiser  

    Sennheiser BA 151 Battery (Electronics)
    Previously had a no-name battery, which was difficult to plug in the device and also not kept particularly long. It gripped a little deeper into their pockets and bought this original battery from Sennheiser. Hereby I am satisfied, but unfortunately
  • usual quality of Sennheiser  

    Sennheiser BA 151 Battery (Electronics)
    I take care of the equipment of 20 Sennheiser Kinnbügelhörer RR 820, which are gnutzt week. Their first battery held more than 5 years, then they had to be replaced. At first I tried "identical" batteries from other manufacturers. Although
  • Best Sennheiser quality  

    Sennheiser BA 151 Battery (Electronics)
    Unlike cheaper versions of this battery is unmatched when charging and in the use of time. While other batteries do not reach more than 4 hours, succeeds at Sennheiser BA 151 battery beyond. Very recommendable products for use on Sennheiser Set 820 S
  • Sennheiser 333D, poor comfort (wear glasses) or sound while gaming  

    Sennheiser PC 333D 3D G4ME Headset (Electronics)
    Preliminary note: I have not purchased the headset on Amazon, but I would like to describe my experience here. Currently I have a Sennheiser HD495 headphones and wanted to switch to a headset, I increasingly use TeamSpeak for online games. Since I ha
  • The sharp Great with the weak battery  

    LG P936 Optimus True HD LTE black o2 unlocked, without contract (Electronics)
    HD and LTE are the powerful arguments with which LG Electronics commercialized the P936. And so the benefits of high definition and 4.5 inch displays and measuring the high-speed data connection can be savored, tinkers a 1.5GHz dual-core processor in