Seting regge G1X on


  • Sony RX100 vs Canon G1X  

    Sony DSC-RX100 Cyber-shot digital camera (20 megapixels, optical zoom 3.6x, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, fast aperture. 28 - 100 mm zoom lens F1.8 - 4.9, Full HD image stabilized) (Electronics)
    Become the many smuggling idle, I had my D-SLR a few months ago replaced with complete lens Park by a compact model, by the Canon G1X. Compromising image quality, I did not want to go and I did not have to, because the G1X is superior in this respect
  • Switching from the G1X on the G1X Mark II  

    Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Digital Camera (12.8 megapixels, 5x optical zoom, 1: 2-3.9, 24-mm wide angle, Full HD CMOS sensor) (Electronics)
    I have since about two years its predecessor the G1X in operation and am broadly satisfied. Due to some negative points to the G1X (slower Focus, light sensitivity, focal length), I have long quarreled with me, if I should change or not. Finally, I h
  • Recommended accessories for G1x Mark II (low-profile attachment)  

    Canon WS 20 strap for MV 3i MC / 3MC / 3i / 3 / 3i / 4iMC / M5 / 5i / iMC / 6iMC / MV10 / 200 / 200i / 300 / 300i / 400/500 series / X1i / X2i (Accessories)
    In principle already cloaks strap is in G1x Mark II case. For me rather impractical in a "compact". Professionally, it is important to me not to attract attention in international crisis regions to their own security risk is not in addition
  • Bundle Star quality battery "Patona" Canon PowerShot G1X etc.  

    Bundle Star * BAXXTAR PRO ENERGY quality battery for Canon NB-10L fully decoded for - Canon PowerShot SX60 SX50 HS SX40 HS G15 G16 G1 X - Intelligent battery system - 100% compatible "latest generation" (! With transport cap) (Electronics)
    I ordered the battery as second battery for my Canon PowerShot G1X. Fit and performance as the original battery. As he keeps on duration, I can not say at this time. For the price of the original battery, I get in Bundle Star 5 batteries that barely
  • Canon G1X, the perfect compact ????  

    Canon PowerShot G1 X digital camera (14.3 megapixels, 4x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, image stabilized) (Electronics)
    I bought the G1X because I wanted to have a camera with the highest possible picture quality for underwater filming. The reason the talks for a compact here is obvious, an underwater housing for a DSLR will cost about 1500 during a really good underw
  • Fits the Canon Mark II G1x  

    MegaGear Ultralight Camera Case for Canon G1X neoprene Marterial MK2 (Black) (Electronics)
    Looking for a matching bag for Canon G1x Mark 2, I came across the Neoprentasche of MegaGear. The Canon fits perfectly in the pocket clean - and even with the sun visor. Without Logo Canon relatively unobtrusive and also more compact than the origina
  • Lens Hood for Canon G1x Mark 2 no more, no less  

    Canon 9553B001 LH-DC 80 lens hood (electronics)
    The hood fits perfectly on the Canon G1x Mark 2. To what extent I will really use this is still open, but at least (but which the adjusting rings of Canon G1x Mark 2 not be used) can be the lens hood even when not in use can be to the camera. Picture
  • Recommended accessories for G1x Mark II  

    Canon 9553B001 LH-DC 80 lens hood (electronics)
    Unfortunately you have to buy this lens hood separately - because they are not part of the delivery of G1x is Mark II. Rewarding of anything expensive purchase is all - since this person is almost mandatory for me. When the camera is even longer time
  • Perfect for a canon G1X MK2  

    Lowepro Camera Bag for 20 Dashpoint - Slate Grey (Electronics)
    Finding no physical store product suited to MK2 Canon G1X format and size that is "unobtrusive", I tried my luck with the LOWEPRO DASHPOINT 20 and this is perfect, there is a slot for one SD card (because with the box of fine protection, the set
  • Nice regge  

    Aufwiederhören (Audio CD)
    Good sound. Who is tired of everyday Regge, will find something different. Good lyrics and music. Thank You Guys. keep it up
  • .. :: Reggea encounters Dirty South and Classic :: ..  

    Therapy Before Album (Audio CD)
    "Therapy before my album" is the long-awaited first album of Raf Camora Street. Previously, he was known among other things as a beatboxer and Family Bizz Members and last to be heard as a feature on the Chakuza album "Knots" on which
  • Great bag but nich for Canon G1X  

    Crazy Case Leprechaun M camera bag for camcorders and compact camera (optional)
    Very robust and stable bag - ideal for compact cameras with ideal protection! This bag is too small for the Canon PowerShot G1X, which unfortunately is given ... Otherwise, clear buy recommendation!
  • Housing for camcorders? But probably for Canon G1X!  

    Canon WP-DC44 Waterproof Case for PowerShot G1 X (Camera)
    I bought the Waterproof Case WP-DC 44 Canon G1X for and can really only every Canon G1X user who wants to close a pool, beach, sea, or even in the mud highly recommended. The case really incredible Globig and large. But it is estimated that during a
  • No precisely fitting shape for PowerShot G1X  

    Canon 0036X207 Camera Case DCC-1800 Case in black for Canon PowerShot G1X (Accessories)
    The precision fit this camera Preparedness pocket for Canon PowerShot G1X is very deficient. The bag is made of 2-form parts. The inside cover of the camera bag (Part 1) is fastened with a screw to the tripod mount (screw) the camera on the bottom. T
  • Lens Hood for Canon PowerShot G1X  

    JJC Lens Hood LH-JDC70 for Canon PowerShot G1X (Electronics)
    The hood fits perfectly with bayonet connection (at the same location as the filter adapter) to the G1X. But why is said in the description that also filters remain with usable, is hitherto not risen me. Then would have to be present on the outer rin
  • good product for G1x  

    JJC Lens Hood LH-JDC70 for Canon PowerShot G1X (Electronics)
    Was exactly as beschieben had to be slightly adjusted by using Remove sandpaper at the inner edge slightly. Buy recommendation for Canon G1X
  • Works perfectly on the Canon G1X  

    JJC Lens Hood LH-JDC70 for Canon PowerShot G1X (Electronics)
    Bought with this Streulichblende because the original Canon is much more expensive and, unfortunately, at the G1X is none here. JDC 70 matches meinerf G1X perfect.
  • Must have for any G1X  

    JJC ALC G1X automatic lens cover (cover, protective cap) for Canon Powershot G1 X (Accessories)
    This adapter should have any G1X owners. Although the plastic cover does not look as classy as the original metal ring, this one has not permanently afraid to stay somewhere hanging with the lens. In addition, looking at the camera sometimes in your
  • Nostalgia camera bag PU leather for Canon PowerShot G1X Black  

    Nostalgia camera bag PU leather for Canon PowerShot G1X G1 X Black Snap Case Case (Accessories)
    Surprisingly, the supply with personal greeting card. If you want to pack in his leather Canon PowerShot G1X, is very well served with this hand processed bag. She looks extremely good and fits. But exactly what can those who still like to make a Fil
  • Good addition to the Canon G1X  

    Car Special Lens Cap for Canon PowerShot G1-X (Electronics)
    Video at View in my little video for the Automatic Lens Cap for Canon G1X Poweshot you can get an idea of ​​the product offered here. I think that the automatic lens cover is a useful addition to Canon G1X. If you still have questions unan