severin smoothie mix & go 3737 rotation


  • Green smoothes Mixer  

    Professional Smoothie Maker Power Mixer Blender Icecrusher 2.0 l with stainless steel knife (6 integrated steel √úberkingen) - with the powerful 3PS motor - ideal for green smoothies (household goods)
    I have the mixer for a week now. Very satisfied. I've been through some cheap mixers. Who wants to make truly green Smoothees needs a strong high-speed rotating mixer. Also important is the large cup. My mother has the Vitamix (> 600). We have compar
  • Well done Smoothie Mixer  

    Breville VBL097X Blend Active Mixer for individual portions (household goods)
    We have now tested this blender a good week intensive (ie several times a day). After a few initial "trouble" I am now quite satisfied with this product. But first to the "difficulties" After I have been pleasantly surprised at first -
  • Prima Smoothie Mixer  

    Blender Smoothie Maker 1.5 liters Ice Crusher Universal Mixer
    Since I wanted to smoothies for me to try only once and it can not buy an expensive tool, I decided for this cheap mixer. Now I'm so so completely satisfied that I stick to it. The handling is easy, quickly disassembled and rinsed everything. The hou
  • Super good (smoothie) Mixer  

    Philips HR2095 / 90 Avance Collection Blenders (6 ProBlend technology, 700 W) Black (Kitchen)
    I wanted a blender for smoothies and what can I say: It gunktioniert! Even small raspberry seeds are crushed. The cleaning is also made fix thanks to the Easy Clean function. I would recommend the blender without hesitation.
  • Good Blender for daily smoothie  

    Breville VBL097X Blend Active Mixer for individual portions (household goods)
    This mixer is intended for the daily smoothie for one person. The system is very simple: to mix the same in the container and only exchangeable for cover against blender blades. The bottle is due to their concave shape well in the hand, and the small
  • Just Smoothie tastic  

    WMF 0416270011 cult X Mix and Go (household goods)
    I did not initially decide between the "WMF 0416270011 cult X Mix and Go" and the "Severin SM 3735 blender Smoothie Mix and Go". Property me then but chose the product from SEVERIN due to the higher price of WMF. When I then saw by cha
  • Space-saving, functional, stable, inexpensive.  

    Severin SM 3737 multimixer with Smoothie Mix and Go, brushed stainless steel, black (household goods)
    I am an absolute fan of Smoothie, especially in the summer I like to enjoy a cold, thick, healthy fruit drinks. This was also the reason for me to apply for a product review for Severin SM 3737. The scope of supply: -Mixerstation With fixed verbautem
  • Easy to use, tankard glass is rare  

    Klarstein "Herakles" stainless steel blender jar kitchen mixer with LED lighting (1000W, 1.5 liter glass container, special programs: Smoothie & crushed ice, pulse function, manual speed setting) silver-black
    The Herakles blender of Klarstein belongs to the middle-class devices. Because it creates 21,000 revolutions per minute, it is especially good for healthy smoothies. So if you mainly want to mix smoothies with the blender, is absolutely right here. I
  • Good in parts  

    Philips HR7769 / 00 Food processor (2.1 liter bowl, 30 functions) black / silver (household goods)
    For smoothie mixes and orange squeeze super suitable for grating carrots, old bread, etc. less. There remain highly of the hanging plate and then rotate with, instead of being small make. Also, the cutting blade is rather stupid, because it's not eve
  • Suitable actually quite good, but not for crushed ice  

    AEG Blenders PerfectMix SB 175 (450 watts, up to 20,500 rev / min, Ice Crush, 1.5L glass jug, 4 stainless steel knives) Black (Kitchen)
    Unlike advertised, the Mixer has repeatedly rotated apart during the preparation of crushed ice drinks. Since I chose specifically for this model because it was cheap but was still advertised with crushed ice capability, I can not not be more than tw
  • is used daily .. simply quick and tasty  

    AEG PerfectMix SB 2400 Mini Mixer with 0.4 hp power motor & Tritanflasche (up to 23,000 rev / min for perfect smoothies, 4 stainless steel knives, Unbreakable 0.6L Tritan water bottle BPA-free blender with brushed stainless steel housing) (houseware )
    I can only recommend this mixer .. we find ourselves precisely in Lent .. and I was so mad and have a week disgusting powdered milk shakes drunk .. this milk flavor was sometime so disgusting that I was on the fast an adequate additional needed .. so
  • Brilliant all-rounder  

    Brown MQ 745 Aperitive Multiquick 7 hand blender (household goods)
    I am excited about this device. High-quality workmanship and easy handling characterize it. Whether nuts chop, puree soups, beat cream, smoothie mix, etc, etc. The brown aperitif MQ 745 copes with everything. In addition, you can store it space-savin
  • Heating capacity for appropriate size  

    Fan Heater Mini 500 Watt pocket-sized heater (Misc.)
    The heat output corresponds felt the specified 500 W. In order to heat the air in a medium sized room, this fan is therefore not suitable. Nevertheless, there are of course for such a product matching applications. On my machine it came to a total of
  • Cross slide  

    4-way Macro Focus cross slide rail for Nikon Canon Pentax cameras LF92 (Electronics)
    For lighter cameras certainly better than for cameras from 1 kg. The guide is smooth but can be rotated in both directions, which is not preferable in my view. My conclusion for SLR cameras with telephoto lenses (weight) is not necessarily recommende
  • Not great-great ...  

    Wired-up circular suction cup mount for TomTom XL Live IQ Routes (UK Import) (Accessory)
    Fixing stands alone in ventousée part, I must systematically re-mechanism followed suit, bad when it happens once it is attached to the windscreen and the GPS tumbles in the car ... That said, the GPS orientation mechanism is very smooth (no stiffnes
  • It makes me want to cook!  

    Set Klarstein Carina Azzura 800W 1.5L blender Food processor
    Very nice camera, easy to use and very convenient to control. With three whips, and the accessory 1.5L blender carafe, it performs well all cooking tasks like kneading pasta pie or bread, cake mix, whisk egg whites, make mayonnaise and, of course, mi
  • A beautiful device  

    Philips HR2094 / 00 Blender (Kitchen)
    Beautiful blendeur not taking up too much space. In operation, the controls are illuminated by a beautiful blue. The main button functions as progressive speed control. Three buttons with programmed function: smoothie, crushed ice, pulse Smoothie: mi
  • It makes me want to cook! 1  

    Klarstein Carina Azzura - Food processor 800W dough mixer 4 L - Blue
    Very nice camera, easy to use and very convenient to control. With three whips, and the accessory 1.5L blender carafe, it performs well all cooking tasks like kneading pasta pie or bread, cake mix, whisk egg whites, make mayonnaise and, of course, mi
  • Unique view of the domestication of nature by man  

    Guns, Germs, and Steel: Essay on Man and Environment in history (Paperback)
    Impressive research that dates back to the bottom of human history and revisits the factors that guided men in their development. The domestication of plants, animals, microbes, climate, and geography have had a decisive influence on the settlement o
  • Live After Death.  

    From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah (Audio CD)
    What times ... It was 1996. I was 7 years old and the only thing at that time out of my speakers was (from a cassette recorder), children's radio plays were in no way rock music. I was playing a lot and had no major concerns. My musical knowledge tha