siemens vs miele


  • Test winner - Siemens vs. Miele  

    Siemens VSQ5X1230 Bodenstaubsauger Q5.0 extreme Silence Power EEK B (850 watts, 4 L Dust bag volume, high hygiene filter) black (household goods)
    I could compare the two test winner of Stiftung Warentest 2/2014, this Siemens VSQ5X1230 and the Miele S 8340 EcoLine. There are both solid vacuum cleaner, a league above the lower suckers like EIO / Quigg play of the workmanship and the rather low v
  • Award winner in the comparison - Miele vs. Miele vs. EIO vs. Siemens  

    Miele S 8340 EcoLine Lotus White Canister / 1,200 watts Efficiency Engine / AirClean filter / 3-piece integrated accessories / Comfort-cable rewind / plus / minus foot control / Universal switchable floor nozzle SBD 650-3 AirTeQ (household goods)
    I had been an old Miele S500er, then one EIO Vivo 1600 then a Miele S5 EcoTurbo, then a Siemens VSQ5X1230 Q5.0 and finally this Miele S 8340 EcoLine that I want to compare with each other. Caveat: None of these suckers is ever broke down, they still
  • OK for the price, longevity looks different  

    Bauknecht WA Sense 44 Di Washer / A-10% AB / 1400 rpm / 6 kg / 1:02 kWh / white / Start time delay / hygiene + program (Misc.)
    After a technician was there today to repair the machine, I have taken this as an opportunity to even write a review, which goes beyond delivery, set up and wash. I bought the machine on 27/09/2011. Anticipation even a short note to the washing perfo
  • Finger wech of Bauknecht  

    Bauknecht KRI 2881 / A ++ / MOD built-in refrigerator / A ++ / 155 L / White / Self-closing door hinges / automatic defrost in the refrigerator (Misc.)
    Total failure; after exactly 2 years and 2 months a statement be visited Support moth has lt. solved the inner rear wall of the evaporator. Therefore, no energy transfer was possible = heat dissipation. Irreparably the whole, but to this, no one has
  • Provide a big budget Accessories  

    ELECTROLUX Vacuum sleigh UltraOne Z8822GP - gray high gloss (Kitchen)
    Suction is good, but the bag full indicator is activated too late, when the suction is descndue 50% The reel is weakening fast. And accessories! Accessories: telescopic tube, handle and brush are of a legendary fragility, I have 2 times of changing t
  • Very good and quiet dryer  

    Siemens IQ500 WT46E305 condenser tumble dryer / B / 7 kg / 3.9 kWh / White / softDry-drum system / Duotronic (Misc.)
    Having had our Bauknecht gave up the ghost in almost daily linen quickly forth a new device. From specialist was recommended only a Siemens or Miele to buy equipment because the quality of all other companies in his opinion, is significantly worse. O
  • Clean dishes  

    Somat 7 Sparpack, 110 Tabs (Personal Care)
    So somehow dishwashing's not so easy. The diverse all-in, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 20 ?, no-name etc, variants of dishwasher tablets now go I do not really on my nerves. The consistent use of cheaply-Tabs I then saw but what I have previously considered pure
  • Wanted honeycomb drum ....  

    Miele WDA 110 WCS washing machine FL / A ++ / 179 kWh / year / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / 9800 liters / year / honeycomb drum / Remaining time indication / white lotus (Misc.)
    Our old AEG came in the years (11 years service life). Suddenly holes in the laundry, fabric tears and chafing. The latter especially in shirts (collars, cuffs) to the same old places. The collar points could z. B. have hooked into the holes in the d
  • Dinosaurs, but of power clean.  

    TAT 2520 Athos (household goods)
    The EU tutelage will sell this device soon prohibit (max 1,600 W allows), until then can only clear the purchase is recommended. Not to rebel against the spoon-feeding by Brussels, but because the device is a successful overall concept. Enormous suct
  • Good washing machine - without any real highlights  

    Bauknecht WAT UNIQ 65 AAA washing machine top loader / A +++ A / 1200 rpm / 6.5 kg / White / very quiet / full water protection / FLD display / automatic load / full water protection (Misc.)
    Did the washing machine for a month in operation and am quite happy with this. The machine offers good wash programs and doing what it should: wash clothes clean. There is certainly much better machines from Siemens or Miele, but if you want to have
  • Siemens wt46w281 on Miele 435 with angular aperture  

    Siemens WZ11410 dryer accessories / Connector kit without pull-out for T24 and T20-2 (Misc.)
    Caveat: it works. Only perfectionists are not necessarily happy (but who needs optical perfection at a wash column?) To connect different equipment manufacturers to a column is of course an issue, especially if the unit below also has an oblique orif
  • Good equipment - not by Miele  

    Bosch TWK8611 kettle Styline / plastic with stainless steel applications / for 1.5 l / 2000-2400 watts max (household goods)
    For years we looked for a kettle, which has at least 1.5 liter capacity and can be set at the different heating temperatures. Almost everything that we - not for very little money - had acquired up to this model, turned out to be abundant but error-p

    Siemens IQ500 WM14Q441 washing machine front loader / A +++ / 174 kWh / year / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / 8140 liters / year / shirts / Business Program / Outdoor Program / white (Misc.)
    After the visit of the technician, this Siemens asks but customer support in all seriousness, whether there were points that we were unhappy. Is this their serious? Let me think YES !!! We have the machine just a little longer than half a year (end o
  • Finally a Miele  

    Miele W 5873 WPS Edition 111 front loader washer / A +++ / 1600 rpm / 8 kg / Lotus White / Eco-Site / Waterproof System (Misc.)
    A few days ago the new washing miracle is now in the basement, so time for the first conclusion: We considered and weighed up long and always came back to the W5873. I had flirted alternatively with a device of the new generation (eg Miele WKG130WPS)
  • Bosch spare parts in dishwasher Miele  

    Siemens SIEMENS BOSCH W9-20184 AQUASTOP (household goods)
    Have exchanged my Miele, as there is no available with Miele Siemens Bosch Aquastop. (Only with hose and 8x as expensive). Worked brilliantly. So I did not need to expand the undercounter dishwashers.
  • Accustomed primitive Bosch Siemens Product  

    Siemens VZ123HD floor brush for hard floors and parquet / Suction width 300 mm (household goods)
    First of all: This nozzle is offered by Siemens and Bosch respectively in identical manner, since both products yes come from Bosch-Siemens-Hausgeräte. I ordered the brush for a Moulinex vacuum cleaner with 35 mm system. Should also be mentioned that
  • Siemens IQ 300 WM14E425  

    Siemens washing machine front loader iQ300 WM14E425 / A +++ / 7 kg / white / VarioPerfect / EcoPlus (Misc.)
    The service from Amazon and delivery via Hermes are excellent, there is nothing to complain about. The extension of the guarantee was very cheap and without any problems. The partners that Amazon has for the settlement, are all very good. And now to
  • Siemens dishwasher  

    Siemens SN66M098EU Fully integrated dishwasher / Installation / A +++ A / 14 place settings / 60 cm / Zeolith® drying / varioSpeed ​​/ Aquastop / EcoPlus (Misc.)
    INTRODUCTION: After about 10 years, our Siemens dishwasher has given up the ghost. Therefore, the initial purchase was at. Take Which product? Household appliances AEG and Electrolux come since the closure of the site DE for me no longer in question.
  • Original Spare Parts - quality not level on Miele  

    Miele vacuum cleaner hose 7330630 - original (household goods)
    I am a true fan of Miele vacuum cleaners. Really the best in the market. Unfortunately, Miele has gone over to run the hose a little too thin and light. He bends quite fast and not live forever. The remainder of the vacuum cleaner is terrific - teles
  • Original Siemens fits perfectly.  

    Siemens MZ24627 friction coarse (household goods)
    What can I say, the friction is directly on the expensive side of Siemens, and here the same friction is distributed directly through Siemens here for less money ?! It fits perfectly, and does what it should.