sigg 2 in 1knife


  • Glow Monster Edition with the most beautiful SIGG Design  

    Sigg Water Bottle Glo Monster (equipment)
    Actually, I'm not a fan SIGG bottle. I do not like inside lacquered aluminum, but rather pure stainless steel bottles. Only the really tasteless. Have but for our two girls of this bottle model bought in yellow and pink. If you are lucky with Amazon
  • Sigg bottles  

    Sigg Water Bottle Bottle Swiss Quality (equipment)
    For many years, we are very pleased with SIGG bottles. My son has this chosen here because they like him. Looks in reality much nicer than in the photo. Material is very good.
  • Simply Sigg  

    Sigg Bottle Cap Screw Top Swiss, Red, 8453.00 (equipment)
    What can you already write, Sohnemann verschlonzt the lid, another bottle would now be thrown away, not so at Sigg - new lid ordered that fits halt and seals.
  • Fits perfectly to the popular Sigg bottles  

    Sigg drinking cap KBT Complete Carded, Transparent, 8141.80 (equipment)
    Bin begeister that one also the old "unbreakable" Sigg bottles with a new seal, can easily use it again. Even if the lid is lost time, or has become unsightly. Proven Sigg Quality!
  • Good replacement for the SIGG bottle  

    Sigg drinking cap KBT Complete Carded, Transparent, 8141.80 (equipment)
    So at the bottle cap can not fault what we did not get to grips with, in my view. Our bottles are mistreated by the children and dropped. And as the bottle itself keep us also cover any crash out. To clean the lid you have to turn the white interior
  • the Sigg yes but not only  

    Sigg - Kit 3 in 1 knife / fork / spoon Silver (Sports)
    Quality product, very useful and relatively light. I was surprised to see that this is not done SIGG Switzerland as the manufacturer says on its site but in China. That said, even if it is not manufactured Switzerland that looks solid and shows no ap
  • Not suitable for 0.75 liter SIGG Bottles  

    Sigg bottle cage Bicycle Mounty Power Cage for bottles (Misc.)
    According to the product description, the bracket for 0.75 liters Sigg Bottles is suitable, but you get the bottle only at great expense in the bracket, which is not what I go me the wheel as meaningful imagine.
  • Super thing :) absolutely robust bottles and 1000x better than Sigg  

    Baby bottle glass by Emil Bio strips 250ml (Baby Product)
    Great Thing! Very durable and easy to clean (unlike Sigg bottles) Emil keeps drinks both cold and warm for a few hours. Super is that you can buy an essay for older children still (sip top) of a harder rubber or the like. We have this Emils since the
  • Sigg handy in a great color selection  

    Sigg Water Bottle WMB Sports Touch (equipment)
    Bottle green in very gaudy. Paint / coating with a tacky feel. The ergonomic shape really practical. Closure for filling completely removable. Unscrewed for pouring and drinking a position to go. Compared to the Sigg Bottles my children from an early
  • Sigg - good  

    Sigg drinking cap 3 Stage Sports Top, Black, 8283.80 (equipment)
    Drinking for my existing dial SIGG bottles as a replacement thought the task to perform well, clean up is not an issue
  • Is just a SigG bottle  

    Sigg Water Bottle Traveller (equipment)
    The bottle arrived super packed and without the smallest Macke with me. Duzrch longtime scout experience I know the quality of a SigG appreciate bottle.
  • Internal coating dissolves from SIGG bottle  

    Sigg Water Bottle Traveller (equipment)
    Hello There, my inner coating my SIGG bottle has come loose. On the homepage of the manufacturer SIGG is indeed claiming the coating is elastic and can not be solved. It seems that it can dissolve it. Then have sometimes entered the term on Google an
  • Convincing quality - Sigg halt  

    Sigg Water Bottle WMB Traveller (equipment)
    Who says outdoor, must also say Sigg. For decades, the name stands for quality Sigg, when it comes to transporting liquids. My acquired about 30 years ago fuel bottle still holds tightly. The time around the same time acquired Bottle is still tight a
  • SIGG up  

    Sigg Water Bottle WMB Traveller (equipment)
    Until recently I always used plastic bottles that I refilled with tap water. Now I have finally gained my SIGG bottle, did not until recently that it gives also with 1.5l. Ideal size, fits well even in the backpack is not too heavy, and with less vol
  • SIGG - The original flat  

    Sigg Water Bottle Swiss Emblem Touch (equipment)
    As a child I had various drinking / canteens for camp and walks of all kinds. Always ran out of some of the content, until I then got my first bottle SIG ... Now, after 25 years, I have my old SIGG bottle replaced by this new SIGG bottle and am now j
  • Bin better from SIGG usual  

    Sigg Water Bottle Bottle Swiss Quality (equipment)
    Unfortunately broke up after about 4 months already part of the internal coating of the bottle. Once I wanted to take with SIGG the warranty, they wanted to me despite photographic evidence not initially believe. I was offered instead to send in the
  • SIGG Neoprenhuelle  

    Sigg Bottle Cover NEOPRENE (equipment)
    The covers prevent good though cold, but unfortunately the seams go on very quickly. It is a commodity and is treated as such. Precisely for this reason should the seams joining the bottom and Seitenwaende be sewed stable. Sigg Bottle Cover NEOPRENE
  • Familiar Sigg Quality!  

    Sigg Bottle Cover NEOPRENE (equipment)
    Perfect fit, good workmanship. From Sigg is nothing else to be expected! One should only be careful when zipper that you can not scratch the bottle when installing / unpacking.
  • Fast delivery, great quality, fits all SIGG bottles!  

    Sigg SCREW TOP black (equipment)
    Since my friend is very easy just to turn all sorts of screw caps with his strength, I have now bought Sigg bottles and spare screw caps - yet we had not used the replacement fasteners. These fit perfectly on the SIGG bottles, sealed very well and ar
  • Elite bottle cage & Sigg  

    Elite bottle cage Custom Race white / black matt (equipment)
    In Combination with "SIGG Bottle Classic Collektion Traveller, 0.75 l" simple top, as the small notch from "Elite Bottle cage Elite Custom Race" just snaps and nothing can verutschen. The bottle holder weighs quasie nothing and looks v