silverline diamond cutting disc any good


  • Metabo diamond cutting discs are well  

    Metabo 624307000 Diamond blade Promotion 125x22,23 m (tool)
    I bought 30 Wall Chaser two of these discs for my Metabo MFE. The discs have worked without complaint. The grooves were milled clean. Of course, one has noticed differences of individual building materials, it was just slow in concrete. Wear I have n
  • diamond cutting disc  

    Dremel EZ SpeedClic S545 Diamond blade materials 38 mm (Tools & Accessories)
    Very Convenient for small cuts of faience, and for grinding them in the corners. To have in its range.
  • Bosch diamond cutting disc ...  

    2608602479 Bosch diamond cutting disc "Best Ceramic Turbo EC" 125 x 22.23 (Tools & Accessories)
    Decoupe ultra fast and effortless, even in the stoneware gre 1cm thick. Nevertheless, the etched parts is not as clear in comparison with a tile cutter. It's still a great product.
  • Any good ... 10  

    Pack of 2 rain protection covers JJC RI-5 camera with 450 mm maximum (Accessory)
    Any good and practical, 100% happy to recommend without hesitation Pack 2 rain protection covers JJC RI-5 camera with 450 mm.
  • Flex discs cutting discs 125 x 1.0 mm  

    30 pieces Inox Cutting discs SBS Flex discs 125 x 1.0 mm
    The discs have a shre good cutting performance and have a low Abnutzungsgrad.Man can run very clean and thin sections with them.
  • Any good, Dyson!  

    Dyson Vacuum Broom V6 Tier 2 Technology Radial 2 years warranty Grey / White (Kitchen)
    Having rethink the ergonomics and design of a household electrical appliance exciting as little as a vacuum cleaner to make it attractive, even seductive, is definitely a feat that has spent deserved reputation Dyson. I do not know if it's good, but
  • perfect for any good handyman  

    Velleman precision screwdriver set - 32 pcs (Tools & Accessories)
    I hesitated a bit before buying this screwdriver compared to comment on this removable rod. As I have a very occasional use, I must say it really a problem: 3 seconds to remove the stem without even looking at the screwdriver ... it is not dramatic.
  • Excellent cutting discs  

    Bosch 2607019478 Set of 2 Diamond discs for tiles and 115 mm Building materials (Tools & Accessories)
    These drives have proven perfect for use to cut cleanly tiled; for cutting metal profiles hollowed very fragile with the disc more accurate tiling a thicker metal disc; to gently cut brick plasterer 4 with the appropriate drive.
  • cutting disc on top  

    Silverline 993035 Diamond blade tile 180 x 22 mm (Tools & Accessories)
    I could finish my tiled yard with this disc. smooth, rapid cuts. why spend a fortune to the big brands when this drive is the same case.
  • Cute party gag, good to break away from the mold  

    Gin & Titonic Ice Cube Tray Titanic sinking with iceberg (household goods)
    By heading is actually already said all the ice cubes simply look nice (especially in smaller glasses) and are also quite good to be solved by the material out of the mold, which is not indeed the case for all more exotic ice forms. Although now and
  • Classic cut and surprisingly good quality  

    HERMKO 3240 Men's briefs with intervention underpants 100% EU baby rib cotton in many colors to Gr. 14 (textiles)
    At first I was a bit skeptical as to whether one can expect a good quality at this low price because I have so far mostly taken the soft waistband Slips Calida which are quite a bit more expensive. But all the (positive), I was surprised when I recei
  • Great cutting properties and good design  

    FEINZER Keramikmesser Luxury Set
    I was pleasantly surprised when the package was opened. Good looking knife, a pleasant feel and sophisticated finish. The first impression was not deceived, for the cutting properties can all my old knife in the shade. A great product. Best knife for
  • Sleeves might be better cut -Sonst quite good quality-Prima waist emphasis for heavier people .. ;-)  

    Brandit M65 Standard Outdoor Jacket Parka B-3108 (Textiles)
    Overall, you get a pretty good jacket for the low price. I especially like that you can emphasize the waist with the help of cord better inside (100kg visually shrink so something ;-)) Only the sleeves, well -something cut far, but better than too sh
  • But money collected will not get any goods  

    Elegant jacket / blazer handmade black Available sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50
    Money cashed but did not receive the goods, that is very bad form, I can not imagine that the Post needs six weeks ...
  • Cute disc.  

    Songs from the Underground (Audio CD)
    For all Linking Park fans a clear need. This disc running up and down with me. Only recommended. Price - performance without discussion
  • GTR Evolution - It's new but is it any good?  

    GTR Evolution (DVD-ROM) (computer game)
    The package "GTR Evolution" contains Race07 + SimBin's version of the already implemented in GTR2 by fans Nordschleife. SimBin had this else three days the entire area of ​​the Nordschleife and the GP-course (!) Hired to measure anything exactly
  • What any good used road should have.  

    Michelin 009 500 Floor Pump Gauge certified (Automotive)
    Faced with inflation stations less available and especially more pay (and yes, 0,50cts by car, compressor wear is quickly profitable, since air is free) I decided to equip myself as being biker, a difference of 0.5 bars is noticeable result in corner
  • any good 7  

    Bolse® high output car charger 3 USB ports (27W / 5.4A), provides maximum power for 3 devices simultaneously with SmartIC technology for IPhone 5, 5S, 4S; Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Galaxy Note 3, 2; IPad Air, 5, 4, mini; LG G2; Motorola and HTC (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    no false contact as with my old patterns and power the RDV, I used every day to power my iphone GPS + 6 + passenger iphone. all good to buy the closed eyes. I've also bought another car for my wife
  • Any good 8  

    Anker® A7908 Bluetooth Portable Speakers 4.0 with 20 hours rechargeable battery and its high definition (Electronics)
    This is a product that has all good. A powerful sound (for height), with very good scope in both acute than in the midrange and lower midrange. obviously a bit light in the bass, but it's hard to do better for a pregnant this size powered by a batter
  • Any good 12  

    ModeLabs ETUISMS8530 Leather Case Samsung Wave2 Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Very nice cover, for your Samsung Wave II mobile is properly seated in the cover, the slots are adapted to the camera and flash on the back. The buttons on the facades are free and everything looks very solid. Convenient magnetic closure system is mu