sm b350e mic solution


  • Dying breed of mice  

    HP X7500 Bluetooth mouse H6P45AA black / white (Personal Computers)
    Unfortunately, one gets hardly large (= handy, ergonomic) mice with Bluetooth connection, only those with the small USB receiver. Having previously like mice from Microsoft used to be but no longer produced. When the mouse now and then logs off, or l
  • Full review to mice from Logitech, Roccat, Sharkoon, anchor  

    Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Laser Mouse 8200 dpi (11 keys) black (Personal Computers)
    At this point I want to, regardless of this assessment, first of all emphasize Amazon. I've had many PC mice and unfortunately often had the bad luck that the mice quite quickly had defects that they should not have. Amazon has the goods taken back w
  • A good alternative to mice  

    Logitech M570 Wireless Laser Mouse trackball with 5 Buttons Black (Eastern Europe version) (Personal Computers)
    This trackball inch (for RIGHT) offers real comfort either through extended sessions or more specific applications. ~ THE JOY OF TRACKBALL A trackball is not used as a mouse. Here, your wrist constantly still and you move the cursor by rolling the ba
  • A fan of Logitech mice very disappointed  

    Logitech Performance Mouse MX wireless mouse 2.4 GHz - Hyper-fast scrolling Darkfield Black (Personal Computers)
    This is at least a year that I have this mouse. I had the last four generations of mice "high end" from Logitech, I was very happy with each of them (especially the mx revolution). In terms of ergonomics, no complaints (except that I find futile
  • In principle, super running, but only for rats and mice more  

    Luna box Rattenfalle (garden products)
    The case works well, a bit problematic is the hanger (metal hook) because our house mice (in the last 4 weeks 18 pieces caught) all big fans of chocolate cookies, and you get no tricks with frosting etc. not tuned stuck / hung. The event is sold part
  • 2 mice decreased  

    Logitech G400s optical gaming mouse with cord (accessory)
    After the old G400 had problems with the cable, I decided zuzulegen the new G400s. Expected I have at least the same quality with improved performance data. not even close. Both mice had boast identical error: - In some cases, the mouse pointer becom
  • Good Mic  

    Sony ECM-ALST1 stereo microphone for digital DSLR / SLT (Accessories)
    As a proud new owner of a Sony SLT A33, I realized quickly that the integrated microphone hardly enough even the smallest claims. I take pictures and movies, especially our little girl, whose chatter has been to understand even worse than the built-i
  • Always a good solution - here in your mailbox! voucher via e-mail (Various Topics) (Ecard Gift Certificate)
    If you are unsure what to give away vouchers always provide a nice solution. Thus the recipient can pick and choose what he would like and the buyer itself determines how much the gift will be worth it. When voucher by email you right now the possibi
  • Three mice at once.  

    Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse Red (Accessories)
    Ordered for us three mice. You are now almost 5 months almost daily use and not have to show deficits.
  • Chic, ultrashort mice Hüpfer  

    Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (App)
    Actually, I got the PC version of pure play "Castle of Illusion", between this and the Android but there are practically no difference, so my review is stellverstretend for both versions. After Gameboy- / NES classic "DuckTales" N
  • Spotify without this bad app on Firestick enjoy - solution  

    Spotify Connect (App)
    Hello, this app is how not to use so well in conjunction with the Fire TV Stick. Something to offer an absolute impudence and thus to make more in connection with the advertising stick. However, I have found a solution with which one then but Spotify
  • Clever solution for travelers  

    HooToo® portable wireless router repeater with USB flash memory reader, 6000mAh External Battery Pack for Smartphones and Tablets (Electronics)
    Who is professionally often on the road, certainly knows the problem that the wireless reception in the hotel room is not always optimal. Near the door there is usually just yet, but the desk is almost no signal. Here is the hour of HooToo HT-TM01 Tr
  • Good solution for everyday office bag  

    Ecosusi Men leatherette briefcase satchel bag
    Ecosusi Men Bag is a nice looking product of good quality did with its appearance and functions on Manages to present itself as a good solution for everyday office bag. Though advertised as made of leather, actually this is the faux (poly Synthetic)
  • Very good solution to read the disks of my defective Notebooks.  

    Delock Converter USB 2.0 to SATA / IDE (Personal Computers)
    After the total loss of my notebook to read a perfect solution to the developed plates. Works flawlessly and without any prior knowledge. To wire to guide and off you go. Sure you can buy a 2.5 "enclosure for external disks, but so it goes.
  • One of the safest security solutions on the market  

    Norton Security - 5 devices (PC, Mac, Android, iOS) (Frustration-Free Packaging diskless) (license)
    Norton Security is still one of the safest security solutions on the market, even if journals claim the opposite. On a system with Norton have already crept viruses with me without question. However, the virus could be all detected and removed. Syste
  • Sensor processed horizontal movement is not the same for two mice properly  

    Logitech M325 Cordless Optical Mouse Dark Silver (Personal Computers)
    Had for 4 years the previous version and was very happy with it, I thought the successor can only get better ... from processing all accustomed top, unfortunately, there seems to be problems with the firmware. If you try to slow to follow the mouse p
  • Convincingly good solution for small money  

    Stylish Apple MacBook 15.4 "Retina Sleeve" Deluxe "Felt - Noble Notebookhülle 5mm thick, silver
    This sleeve is a really chic solution, the felt is not a wool felt, here you have to but this buying experience, have no fear - the felt is great, looks wertig from, remains nice and clean and not fluff. We have now bought the shell several times in
  • A problem and its solution! Attention: New version, earlier issues are resolved.  

    Audio Converters Digital converter (Toslink and coaxial) to analog (RCA) - Digital to Analog Audio Converter with power supply and toslink (Electronics)
    Update 02/23/2014 Often reviews are not written by the first days of experience and problems occur only after a few weeks. Therefore, here as an update after one year: the little box I am running now be 12 continuous months and carries out his work c
  • The solution to my problems !!!  

    Audio Converters Digital converter (Toslink and coaxial) to analog (RCA) - Digital to Analog Audio Converter with power supply and toslink (Electronics)
    The problem: My new Samsung TV has only a digital audio output and the Kopfphörerausgang switched stupidly from the internal speakers. About Scart is only the sound of TV programs on the music system and eg YouTube videos and media center offers the
  • Sonically good all round solution with basic furniture  

    Sony BDVN9200WB 5.1 Blu-ray home theater system (1200 Watt, 4K UltraHD upscaling, 3D, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, NFC, Spotify) (Electronics)
    The 5.1 home theater set BDV-N9200W is an easily implemented all-round solution. The options to fine-tune the sound are limited. Sonically the set is very good, and the connection possibilities are manifold. Now for the details. --- Appearance and op