sony mdr-1a vs bose qc25


  • Sony MDR vs. Bose QuietComfort: close race  

    Sony MDR-1RNC noise canceling headphones with Microphone Cable for Apple iPod / iPhone / iPad (Electronics)
    This product mM after the top dogs QuietComfort 25 comparable and the comparison is not easy. NC: is the same for both in order and in about. As the sound Bose around a track seemed louder, I'm assuming that NC works here better around a bit. But the
  • Sony MDR-1A vs. Beyerdynamic COP vs. Sennheiser Momentum  

    Sony MDR-1AB High Resolution headphones (40 mm high definition driver units) (Electronics)
    I was looking for good headphones, for the first time in the category over 100th So far I have used the AKG518 LE. With the sound I was not unhappy, but the convenience. After 30 minutes I did here just hurt the ears. Therefore, something new was nee
  • As eyeglass wearers: A comparison with the Sony MDR-1RNC  

    Bose® QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, black (Electronics)
    If you search the net for noise reducing headphones, you end up almost always at Bose 15 (or now the newer version 25) and the Sony MDR-1RNC. I think in the hundreds recessions here at Amazon is already written enough about the features and character
  • Sony MDR-AS700BTL against Sennheiser MM 100  

    Sony MDR-AS700BTL Sport Headphones with Bluetooth Blue (Electronics)
    After 3 years my Sennheiser MM 100 is defective, probably the battery. Lasts only 20 minutes. What new was needed, the choice fell on Sony, as new product, NFC fit well to my Z1 Compact. My opinion for jogging and rowing Benefits Sennheiser MM 100: -
  • Sony MDR-V55 vs Beats by Dre Solo HD  

    Sony MDR-V55 / BR DJ Headphones - Red (Electronics)
    I would like to write a comparison review comparing the famous Beats Solo HD with less in the spotlight standing Sony MDR-V55. First, the Beats: I have also first be blinded from the crowd and thought the price was already justified. The beats are re
  • Sony MDR-1R for Android Mobile Devices  

    Sony MDR-1RB Headphones with Microphone Cable for Apple iPod / iPhone / iPad (Electronics)
    I will not repeat again what the previous speakers have already said several times. It is true that Sony MDR-1R is very well done and deserves an award, at least in terms what comfort. One or two Vorrezensenten have claimed this headset is not compat
  • Compare Sennheiser RS ​​170 vs. RS 180 vs. Sony MDR-DS6500  

    Sennheiser RS ​​180 Digital Wireless Headphone System (110 dB) with automatic modulation and balance control (Electronics)
    This is a subjective comparison of three wireless headphones, which is designed to help all those who like me are faced with the choice. All three headphones (Sennheiser RS ​​170 and RS 180, and Sony MDR-DS6500) I could directly next to each other fr
  • Excellent cord direct connection to a headset Sony MDR-1B  

    Tech'Import - Stereo audio cable - Connectors 3.5mm Male - nylon cord - Length 1.5 m (Electronics)
    Connected directly to a Sony MDR-1RB helmet without alteration rendering. Quality connectors (3 contacts, audio only). Light enough to not interfere with a helmet in the head movements. Good compromise stiffness / flexibility, low risk of tangling. H
  • Ear Earbud Headphone pads for Sony MDR-7506 MDR-V6  

    Replacing Ear Headphones Headsets pads for Sony MDR-7506 MDR-V6 (Electronics)
    Ear Earbud Headphone pads for Sony MDR-7506 MDR-V6 Ok it's going on my helmet, good product, good value for money
  • Ideal for my headphones SONY MDR-ZX610APR  

    T'nB CSCASEBK Universal Storage Case for stereo headset (Accessory)
    I bought it specifically for my Sony MDR-ZX610APR. it corresponds perfectly to the helmet, it protects well, and in addition it is made in France. I recommend.
  • Fits well with the Sony MDR-V55 purchased this DJ Headphones  

    Slappa Hardbody Pro Headphone Case Black
    Fits well with the Sony MDR-V55 bought this dj headphones and looks chic. Looks like a small handbag that you simply can endorse so.
  • easily processed, but not fit for SONY MDR-V55  

    PORT Nuuk headphones bag Universal bag for K (accessory)
    favorable processing of the bag, but does not fit (as indicated) for headphones SONY MDR-V55. Otherwise it three stars, but because of false information to the SONY headphones a star deduction
  • Once again Sony MDR-DS6500 against Sennheiser RS170  

    Sony MDRDS6500 wireless headphones in 7.1 digital quality, black (Personal Computers)
    I rate or here see both products as an absolute amateur. These are my first headphones of this kind that I have bought myself. I just wanted to have the opportunity to enjoy even late at even in ordinary volume movies and music. And here we are alrea
  • the Sony MDR CD550: Not perfect, but you can use  

    WEWOM 2 High quality replacement ear pads for Sony MDR-V900 MDR-V600 MDR-CD550 CD650 and CD450 7509 HiFi Headphones (Electronics)
    The ear cushions do not fully correspond to the original (and headphones: Sony MDR CD550), I got but they raised and they can be used. The material is indeed soft, but caused friction noise. The build quality is in itself quite good, but not perfect.
  • Wireless Headphones Sony MDR-RF4000K vs. Sennheiser RS ​​170  

    Sony MDR-RF4000K Wireless digital wireless headphones with charging station black (Accessories)
    Have several days researching on the internet and read all sorts of tests. It was clear then that it is a digital handset definitely either the - Sennheiser RS ​​170 or - Sony MDR-RF4000K Property me both manuals downloaded and thoroughly studied. Ev
  • Sony MDR EX 500 "Super Sound Precise heights u. Bass"  

    Sony MDR EX 500 LP.AE Premium Stereo In-Ear Headphones (Electronics)
    The Sony MDR EX 500 has a super clear and balanced sound. The treble and bass are reproduced with a precision like I did not know so far. Even the middle tone range is very well reproduced by the Sony's, which do not get many in-ear headphones so bal
  • Bose QC 25 vs. Sony MDR-1RNC vs. Harman Kardon NC  

    Harman Kardon NC Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones (Electronics)
    To take an advance, the decision was not easy. Each of these mentioned headset has positive aspects but also negative. I finally resorted to its own evaluation matrix and then decided just for one. The main focus was clearly on the NC, then the sound
  • Test: Sony MDR-1A: Sony's best.  

    Sony MDR-1AB High Resolution headphones (40 mm high definition driver units) (Electronics)
    I was always a big fan of Sony. Over the years, I have some models, such as obsessed with the V900 or the legendary MDR-7506. The Sony has a long history of excellent headphones, many are unaware. However, there were many years in which Sony did not
  • The ultimate headphones. Review Sony MDR-1ADAC  

    Sony MDR-1ADACS High Resolution headphones with S-Master digital amplifier HX Silver (Electronics)
    I had the good fortune to come quite favorable to the new MDR-1ADAC. Sony is currently investing heavily in the new High Resolution sound technology. I was therefore very excited about what is rausholen these headphones from my Xperia Ultra Smartphon
  • Sony MDR ZX 600 test: price value for money !!!  

    Sony monitor headphones MDRZX600W (40mm) White (Electronics)
    After a long think and test the many different headphones, I decided for the headphones from Sony. Attentive I have become through the countless comments that talked all only in glowing terms. Also Profesional tests made me listen up, because these h