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  • Good picture and sound quality, but with weaknesses in 3D and the operation  

    Philips 46PFL5507K / 12 117 cm (46 inches) 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 400Hz PMR, DVB-C / T / S, CI +, Smart TV Plus, WiFi, USB Recording) silver black brushed (Electronics)
    I have the 46 inch model for the past 2 weeks. All in all, a good device, which in terms of image and sound quite knows how to convince, but unfortunately has its weaknesses in the details Equipment and installation (4.0 stars - 10%): The base mounti
  • Good sound quality and durability!  

    AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones (Electronics)
    After my headphones after a few weeks gave up the ghost with known electronics markets, I wanted to give the Amazon headphones a chance. Every day more than one hour traveling by bus, since I'm from the school grounds, I need headphones. My condition
  • Top headphones, good sound quality  

    V7 HS6000 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Stereo Headset / Headphones with NFC connection function and built-in microphone (2x 1.9 Watt, 10 hours of battery life, speakerphone), white (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    For almost 3 weeks in - and outdoor - use, super headphones. Battery lasts forever felt, I had to believe him only once or twice a charge, despite almost daily use. The sound quality is great, the voice quality for calls is absolutely sufficient, eve
  • 100% original Samsung, Super sound quality ...  

    Samsung HS-330 In-Ear Headphones Premium stereo headset with in-line remote and microphone - yellow (Electronics)
    So first of all I'm glad to have finally found Kh me finally satisfied by her sound and bass, these are simply Ears top of her bass and the sound quality will satisfy every average Joe the. Delivery time as always prime after 2 days there :) The hist
  • Price / Performance Top !!! Super sound quality !!! Only recommended !!!  

    Gigaset S810 Limited Edition Dect cordless phone, glossy / black (Electronics)
    Have a new phone needed, and after a long search came across the Gigaset S810! The Gigaset S810 duo! (So ​​1 device with base without AB & 1 accessory) The individual writers with their 1 or 2 star ratings have only given me to bear in mind, but
  • Very good value for money but very simple sound quality  

    Gigaset C430 A Duo DECT cordless telephone with voice mail, incl. 1 additional handset, black (Electronics)
    The answering machine sounds like a relic from the 1990s. Also the telephony sound quality, especially the microphone is located on rather low level. Actually, you would expect at a Gigaset know what due to the low price, however, is of course an exa
  • terrible sound quality  

    Greatest Hits (Audio CD)
    So beautiful, the songs are also, the sound quality of the CD is terrible. The rattling sound can endure only a few minutes. Something like I've never experienced with any CD. And it is not because of my music system. On three different systems to ge
  • Excellent sound quality, easy-to-use ... additional call answering wonderful  

    Creative Sound Blaster Jam GH0300 Bluetooth headset with NFC (Electronics)
    CREATIVE stands for years for me in terms of the listening experience at the top of the list. The search for a Bluetooth headset has the "Sound Blaster Jam" now come to an end. Bin fully convinced :-) I like listening to music and traveling
  • Poor sound quality without "cinema experience"  

    Samsung HT-H5550W 5.1 3D Blu-ray home theater system (1000W, WLAN, Bluetooth, smart TV, wireless rear speakers) (Electronics)
    I'll keep this short: Design very appealing but the sound quality is very poor even in a "normal" woman's voice. For this award only a simple Frechtheit. With a home theater system, this has to do little. Fortunately the shipping and return
  • Poor sound quality of some episodes  

    Eureka - Season 4 (Amazon Instant Video)
    Episode 11 and episode 15, the sound quality is very poor. The original sound is very loud and the German synchronization is hard to understand! By offset current Tonspulen is difficult to follow the issue. Otherwise my Season 4 like super!
  • Good sound quality.  

    Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Stereo Headset HiFi with FM radio black (Accessories)
    The headset has good sound quality One can people you understand and vice versa calls good. Listening to music is also ok. The basses are acceptable.
  • Solid player with weaknesses in sound quality  

    Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 player with 8GB built-in FM Tuner (Electronics)
    Since my iPod 5G has been lost, I had to take myself to the search for a new player. An important point for me was the opportunity to use the new device without trouble on Linux. Simultaneously, the purse should not be overly burdened. Open formats w
  • Great sound quality, but very uncomfortable at the top.  

    Plantronics .Audio 478 DSP Gaming Headset for PC multimedia USB 2.0 black (Electronics)
    The sound quality of this headset was really excellent, for me and even more so for my interlocutor in Skype. But the upper bracket, which rests on the crown was very uncomfortable: its flat, almost straight, to collapse it has unpleasant pushed up w
  • Super sound quality, no noise, no hum, long range and attractive design  

    EasyAcc® Energy Cube Bluetooth Speaker with blue LED, mini wireless speakers with microphone, black (Accessories)
    When I received my little parcel, I was at first a little disappointed. The speakers I have presented much bigger to me before. It supplied a relatively small square device that is even smaller than its own palm. There are two connecting cables. A re
  • (Somewhat) Good sound quality, mediocre processing  

    Groove Buds Premium In-Ear Headphones - MP3 In-Ear Earphones Eco Edition (Electronics)
    Before, I always had the original headset of my Sony Ericsson mobile phones and when I joined the Octone, I was really surprised at the rich sound quality! It blecherte not so much, the bass and treble were worked out much more precisely. The outside
  • Caution - partly bad sound quality  

    The Cream of Clapton (MP3 Download)
    I was not convinced by the sound quality of the product. With high-quality headphones partially occurs an annoying noise in the background. This is unacceptable in my view. The purchase was for me therefore a bad investment.
  • Super album with poor sound quality ...  

    Ceremonials (Audio CD)
    To the music I write nothing, it's just a ... Super album !! But the sound quality you can forget .... Another "Victim of the Loudness War"! Bäse, heights, everything was mixed very loud. I really do not understand why some CDs are produced
  • Sound quality extremely poor  

    Bravo The Hits 2012 (Audio CD)
    I will not say anything here about the content, is just a mixed bag, on the I would liked some songs, if it were not for this underground sound quality. The summit is probably the total overdriven version of 'Days like these'. I guess I'll now say go
  • Terrible sound quality 1  

    On Top Of The World (MP3 Download)
    Unfortunately, the sound quality is really cruel. Never before had I so at a music download. Obs is the song or was whether geschludert when compressing not open up to me.
  • Very bad sound quality  

    On Top Of The World (MP3 Download)
    Hello everybody, I hope everyone sees this review. The sound quality is so bad that they can not be heard! I think the song great, but not the quality for the price!