studiolamp diffuser


  • Shapely diffuser with (or without) color change ...  

    Soehnle 68026 Aroma Diffuser Ravenna (Personal Care)
    The regular price of nearly 60, - Euro I find the aroma diffuser too expensive. The reduced price of less than 40, - Euro is just about acceptable - my opinion! Very nice and comforting is the color change. Also looks really good. But you have the di
  • only ok, overheated very quickly and is then completely useless with diffuser and melts ...  

    Remington D3090 Hair Dryer Ion Ionic Dry, 2200 Watt (Personal Care)
    Have bought the hair dryer after my good Brown had given up the ghost. I did not want to spend a fortune and then I decided to go for this hair dryer, after I read the good reviews. First, the hair dryer was also good. But after a few weeks (I have t
  • For flash without diffuser  

    Metz Softtasche T 58 (Accessories)
    In my opinion, the case for the flash MB-44 (original) diffuser is a bit too small and probably actually also not designed. You have to press very (lightning in the pocket) and pull (the flap), to can be halfway close the bag. I would not hang outsid
  • Diffuser 1  

    Minadax diffuser, softener, Bouncer, softbox mecablitz 58 AF-1 digital for Metz, Metz mecablitz 48 AF-1 digital (Accessories)
    I bought the diffuser for my Metz 58 A2. At first I was not quite sure if it fits, but I can reassure all who are looking for a matching diffuser for the 58 AF-2 - fits :) At home arrived, unpacked and immediately tested the diffuser. This little thi
  • Robust diffuser  

    Minadax diffuser, softener, Bouncer, softbox mecablitz 58 AF-1 digital for Metz, Metz mecablitz 48 AF-1 digital (Accessories)
    The diffuser behaves what it promises! Flashing When direct the persons no red eyes, the background stands out from the contrast forth well and the hard shadows disappear almost or soft! easy handling and excellent workmanship! although this diffuser
  • Small bag, big effect, super diffuser  

    Walimex Universal fabric diffuser for Compact Flashes (Accessories)
    Diffuser was purchased for my Canon Speedlite 420EX. Unwrapped, postponed and made the first pictures: Result: First Impressions = Great, lit well and there are to identify any glaring spots on reflecting locations. With the elastic band to reach a t
  • Medisana diffuser  

    Medisana AD 640 Aroma Diffuser with LED light Wellness (Health and Beauty)
    After unpacking, I was a bit confused because I did not expect that the diffuser is made of plastic. Product photos and quite lush Price were believed me that it is glass housing. Nevertheless, the diffuser does what it was built. Water with added fr
  • Delamax diffuser - the better alternative to the original (Metzbouncer)  

    Delamax Diffuser for Metz 48 AF-1 and 58 - Flash Bounce Bouncer (Accessories)
    I use the Delamax diffuser together with the Metz mecablitz 58 AF-1. The diffuser fits like a glove - even better than the original diffuser (Metz Mecabounce 58-90). The Delamax is pushed onto the entire flash head and sits so perfectly - not like th
  • Diffuser 1 1  

    Pixel diffuser, softbox, plasticizers, Bounce Flash for Canon 270EX, 270EX II flash units (electronics)
    This diffuser fits quite well on the Canon Speedlite 270 EX II. It sits very firmly and not slip so quickly. It served its purpose very well, in my opinion, better than the JJC FC-26S.
  • Severely discolored diffuser  

    5x Photo-Reflector (diameter 30cm) (Electronics)
    The diffuser is very dirty, a strange black discoloration at the edge provides a non-uniform light. Too bad, otherwise the product would be good.
  • Polaroid Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser  

    Polaroid Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser (Including blue, red, green, yellow, yellow and pink gel) for Canon EOS, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Sigma, & Other external flash units (electronics)
    Good performance for little money. The diffuser fulfilled very well his task. The installation on the flash using the supplied Velcro straps is easily and very durable. A recommendation for anyone who does not want to always run with a mobile speed c
  • Foldable Flash Diffuser for Canon flash units.  

    BestOfferBuy Universal Foldable Flash Diffuser Dome softbox for Canon Nikon (Misc.)
    For the price thatthey cost I am satisfied with the Foldable Flash Diffuser for Canon flash units. There are spaces at the side joints Which, Although probably not having any effect technically, do degrade the appearence a little. These spaces Could
  • .... Diffuser does the job ...  

    Yongnuo OS03140 flash diffuser attachment for YN-568 EX (Accessories)
    .... But beware it does not really ... So at the camera for a celebration - Photo - session certainly not more diffuser on the flash ... but for the price you can certainly make do somehow yes with some Tape ...
  • More than just a simple humidifier aromatherapy diffuser and LED-color lamp in one unit  

    Patuoxun® Aroma Diffuser Humidifier / fragrance diffuser / Humidifier / fragrance oil diffuser for Study Office Bedroom Living Room Bathroom - (Light wood grain) (Electronics)
    Personally, I have always had to fight a lot to dry (Heater) air in heated rooms and was looking for a visually beautiful Luftbefeuchtungsgerät. By Patuoxun Aroma Diffuser Humidifier I think I made a very good choice: You can either pour 140 ml of wa
  • Flash Diffuser for Canon 580 EX and Camera Plus CP-N580 TTL  

    Yongnuo YN560 / YN565 / YN560 II flash diffuser attachment for Canon 580EX 580EX II flash unit (accessories)
    I bought the diffuser for available also at Camera Plus CP-N 580 TTL Speedlite, I can recommend without restriction (s. There my brief assessment), and can only say that he as "a glove" sitting because of Reflector of Camera Plus CP-N
  • Yongnuo flash diffuser attachment eg Canon 580EX 580EX II Yongnuo YN560 YN565 YN560 II  

    Yongnuo YN560 / YN565 / YN560 II flash diffuser attachment for Canon 580EX 580EX II flash unit (accessories)
    The diffuser was made by me for the plug-on flash Yongnuo Speedlite YN-560 II bought; He then fits easily. Is very helpful and for the price also very good. Does the flashlight pleasant and soft. Promote this diffuser to all amateur photographers.
  • Diffuser ring melts when blow-drying  

    Remington AC5011 Pearl Professional Ion Hairdryer 2.200W / long-life motor / real Cold (Personal Care)
    Have the dryer was approximately one year. Already after the first few dryings is the diffuser attachment melted at the connection sockets for drying tube, so the diffuser falls continuously. In addition, the dryer for long hair is a disaster, becaus
  • Essential oil diffuser handy  

    VicTsing® Humidifier Ultrasonic / Aroma Diffuser / Essential Oils Diffuser / Humidifier Grain Wood / Light Scent Diffuser with EU jack (Bois Clair) (Health and Beauty)
    See video on This diffuser has a pleasant design reminiscent of wood. It is simple to use as can be seen on the video. To fill the diffuser, open (by forcing a bit the first time) the hemisphere and fill the tank with the bowl provided wit
  • Good essential oil diffuser!  

    Aukey® Ultrasonic Humidifier / Aroma Diffuser / Essential oil diffuser / humidifier / light aroma diffuser with EU plug (light wood) (Kitchen)
    It's been a month since I said diffuser and I am satisfied for the moment. Just one star less for various reasons: The manual is not easy to read (English / French mistranslated - it is even better to read the English part) inaccurate and incomplete
  • A super diffuser!  

    Flash Diffuser Softbox for Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Sigma Metz Yongnuo Nikon SB900 SB800 SB700 SB600 SB28 SB26 SB24 SB80DX SB28DX Canon 580EX 430EX 550EX 580EXII 430EXII 540EZ 420EX 380EX Sony F58AM F56AM F42AM F36AM 5600HSD Minolta Pentax AF540FGZ AF360FGZ 5400HSD 3600HSD Olympus F-50R F-36R Nissin Di866 Di622 Di466 Sigma 500DG 5300DG Oloong SP-660 SP-660II SP-680 SP-690 SP-690II YN-462 YongNuo YN-460 YN-460ii YN-465 YN-467 YN-560 YN-560II YN-468 YN- 565EX Metz 76MZ 54MZ 58AF 44AF PZ42X Sunpak PZ40X 40MZ2 54MZ3 PZ30 DC331 (Electronics)
    Here is a super diffuser that takes up very little space when folded. It unfolds and sets up in a snap. I recommend it especially considering the price