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  • Not quite so perfect banana plugs  

    Nakamichi - 12 x HIGH END Banana Bananas 24K gold plated for cables up to 6 mm² in Red (Electronics)
    Have used for loudspeaker cables with 4mm cross-section these banana plugs. Bolt was fine - but unfortunately slip the sleeves of the connectors if, for example, pulls them back from the receiver. Although rarely happens, because you this not removed
  • Cool Bananas OldSchool bag  

    Cool Bananas OldSchool Class1 Leather Case for MacBook Pro 33.7 cm (13.3 inches) and 39.1 cm (15.4 inches) black (Luggage)
    Cool Bananas product with pronounced good quality. Looks smart and is very functional. Suitable for MacBook Pro 13 "and 15", as well as accessories
  • omg what a dream !!!! (Banana flavor)  

    All Stars Hy-Pro 85 bag, banana, 500 g (Health and Beauty)
    I am surpised suuuuper about these great banana flavor .. the values ​​are also oke - but the taste really bomb !!! Even with water super taste .. Clear .. with milk, it is hard to beat !! :))) Most banana varieties from other manufacturers taste ver
  • WLAN adapter for Banana Pi super!  

    Pluggable USB Nano WiFi adapter (Realtek chipset 8188CUS) (Personal Computers)
    I was only a little skeptical because there was still no customer reviews for the wireless adapter. I've been with Raspbian as OS, bought several wireless adapter for my Banana Pi, all with different chipsets. Either had this maybe work because there
  • the banana ripens and matures and ...  

    TomTom GPS sports watch multisport Cardio (equipment)
    before I bought the clock, I have looked at the reviews and already guessed what I'm getting. After all, the experience then corresponded to expectations. Currently the clock has the firmware 1.8.5. Pro: can be attached well on the wrist Meanwhile, I
  • Silicone banana  

    BestOfferBuy novelty funny silicone fruit banana Stress Relief Keychain (Automotive)
    For stress relief? I bought this funny banana for the gift basket to a friend, with various other useful and useless union articles. Was very colorful and was well received.
  • Bruno Banani Magic Man After Shave  

    Bruno Banani Magic Man After Shave 75 ml (Personal Care)
    ASIN: ASIN Bruno Banani Magic Man After Shave. The After Shave has a super fragrance. It does not burn on the skin is refreshing and smells very long.
  • for Banana Pi  

    Aukru set of 3 passive aluminum heatsink in various sizes for Raspberry Pi B + / B and P 2 Model B for sticking ... (Electronics)
    Bought for my Banana Pi this heatsink. The two small on the two Rahmriegel and large on the processor. This does not fill all the surface of the processor, but should cool anyway. The whole fits then also in a case, even though the processor and RAM
  • excellent Bananas  

    Rembus High End lockable angled banana plugs | gilded | 4 pieces | BS-197 (Electronics)
    Attention - this Bananas are not standard, so they can also be into a socket insert. But - otherwise they are like the WBT Bananas braced and thus hold bombproof. When you consider that - and also respected - they are highly recommended.
  • Banana PI compatible  

    Edimax EW-7612UAn wireless LAN USB adapter (300Mbit / s) with an antenna (optional)
    The WLAN stick is at a Banana Pi with the OS Lubuntu version: 2014-08-07 operated. He was recognized with no problems, only the Ethernet connection has been disabled (Stick logs else constantly on and off !. But this is a problem from the OS). Used t
  • Top Banana  

    24x HIGH END Banana Bananas UC Express for cables up to 6 mm² 24K gold plated (Electronics)
    I have both these Bananstecker and the Amazon banana plugs in use and can only recommend the Nakamichi / UC-Express (absolutely identical) to nehmem. The plug Amazon feel though a little heavier and thus more manageable in itself, but here the cable
  • Finally reasonable Bananas  

    8 x HIGH END Nakamichi Banana Bananas f. Cable to 6mm² 24K gold plated in black red (Electronics)
    After a mistake in which only wobbly fit the plug into the socket, I am glad that I have chosen for these banana plugs. Now fit tightly into the sockets of boxes and amplifiers. However, they are a bit too long. Safe: always goes better. But at what
  • deleyCON 4x banana plugs  

    deleyCON 4x banana plugs / adapters for speaker cable to 5.5mm - stereo set (4 pieces) - for 2 boxes (electronics)
    The item has been delivered afloat. The introduction of the cable / assembly without any problems. On my 207 Vector speakers the banana plugs were however to loose. I have the cable connected directly and the connector for the amplifier taken. Was pr
  • DynaVox LS Wall connection blind stainless steel 2 banana plugs  

    DynaVox LS Wall connection blind stainless steel 2 banana plugs (accessory)
    Ordered and delivered quickly, but in the simple box (2 banana jacks) is contrary to the double socket is not consistently the axis. A banana plug can thus be reingesteckt only einkleines piece. Looks stupid, he also not good. So absolute nonsense. Y
  • Good Bananas  

    Speaker Cable banana plug - 24 carat gold-plated contacts - screwed - up to 10mm² - 4 pieces (Electronics)
    Have the Bananas for 2x4mm² in use. You are my KEF Q900 and a Marantz 5004 mounted or plugged. All right quality. Screws are beautiful abgefalcht that they not push broken and nothing wobbles or rattles. Sitting bombs firmly). Can recommend this quie
  • 12 brand Nakamichi banana plugs fully gold plated 1.07 euro plug. Very good quality / price ratio.  

    Nakamichi Set of 12 high quality banana plugs for cable lengths up to 6 mm² Gold / red / black 24 K
    I bought these 12 brand NAKAMICHI banana plugs (legendary Japanese brand especially known for its K7 high-end turntables there 30 years) in addition to 28 records already purchased on Amazon there is little to connect my cables 4 mm2 speaker on my ne
  • Back banana plugs  

    Nakamichi Lot 8 high quality gold-plated banana plugs 24 carat Cables up to 6 mm² red / black (Electronics)
    I returned items because it lacked a screw on a banana plug. (When we know the importance of good contact) As against the return and reimbursement by Amazon is serious.
  • 28 brand Nakamichi banana plugs fully gold plated to 94 euro cents the plug. Very good quality / price ratio.  

    Nakamichi Lot of 28 bananas upscale 24K Gold plated plugs red / black Up to 6 mm²
    I bought these 28 brand NAKAMICHI banana plugs (legendary Japanese brand especially known for its turntables K7 very upscale like Nakamichi Dragon 30 years ago) to connect my speaker cables 4 mm2 on my new audio amplifier / SONY STR DA2800ES video to
  • Nakamichi Lot of 24 bananas upscale 24K Gold plated plugs red / black Up to 6 mm²  

    Nakamichi Lot of 24 bananas upscale 24K Gold plated plugs red / black Up to 6 mm²
    Good Q / P ratio for these banana plugs. the fixing system with 2 screws is fine. the screws are large enough to allow proper tightening of the cable. Rather nice aesthetically.
  • very big. Everything is done to buy bananas ...  

    Me Despicable: Minion Rush (App)
    the download is huge after installation during the game, the player is oriented to buy electronic bananas (but with real money!)