Super album


  • Super album! 6  

    Green Velvet (MP3 Download)
    Super Album - The voice is only used to, but then for the better .... Refreshing rhymes! Definitely worth buying! Keep it Marsi!
  • Super album with poor sound quality ...  

    Ceremonials (Audio CD)
    To the music I write nothing, it's just a ... Super album !! But the sound quality you can forget .... Another "Victim of the Loudness War"! Bäse, heights, everything was mixed very loud. I really do not understand why some CDs are produced
  • Super album! TOP! Another masterpiece by Zac Brown!  

    Jekyll + Hyde (MP3 Download)
    Zac Brown band and have once again laid a super album. Although this album contains hardly any country elements as the first albums, I like it very well. It shows that Zac and his band as well as other styles Metal, Reagge, etc. mastered perfectly. T
  • super album !! 35  

    23 (MP3 Download)
    NEN is super album I liked very well from the beginning and hear it still now and then top !!
  • Super album 38 2  

    The Arthurian Legend (CD)
    Super album that mixes pop and celtic !!! Although a perfect world is below the other, it promises for the show that I will see with pleasure !!
  • Super album 38 6  

    Manitou (CD)
    Super album for the little ones with the great classics. The little love and can easily adapt a funny gesture.
  • Super album Especially DVD  

    For too long waiting (Limited Deluxe Tour Edition) (Audio CD)
    Super album .Many info and new tracks to the tour on the DVD. If Article buying again. Picture and sound quality on the DVD very good.
  • Deicide, super album thanks for the disc, just fun!  

    Level Why Why (Limited Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    Deicide, super album thanks for the disc, just fun! Funny texts, some very clever and really good ideas, more so one of my favorite Albem to driving;)
  • A super album of the Prince  

    D (Audio CD)
    Really again a super album, just like the others. Each album of Prince is great in his own way. Sometimes, for example, the irony catchy "Germany". Typical Prince precisely. I do not think the prince "totally unmotivated" and this albu
  • Super album! Exactly to my liking.  

    Will Power (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    I will now written no great novel ... I find the album absolutely first class and it would buy again. Had it been very rare that liked it so much with so many songs. Can also just the Deluxe Edition recommend because of the song "Bang Bang" is r
  • Super Album - madness voice  

    Greatest Hits (3 CDs digipack) (Audio CD)
    Actually, it should read: super albums There are indeed 3 CD's. Well done for this masterpiece. Although attacks Xavier Naidoo known by him again on topics (faith, politics, love), but everything else would have let me down. His political opinion can
  • Super album with one of the most beautiful songs in the world  

    Building the Perfect Beast (Audio CD)
    There are plenty of super albums that belong in every good CD collection. Partly because a lot of "street song" can be found on them, partly because they were trend-setting for a musical generation, or because they were simply well made, and pro
  • Finally a super album  

    The Logic of Pleasure (Limited Edition) (Audio CD)
    After B & J have only delivered Durchschittsware boring in the last 2 years, with the nadir of her career Relax 3, I had already given up. Do not know why I have the CD but then ordered. Anyway, she is an absolute gem! Absolutely super from start to
  • Super album I can only recommend  

    East Ward (MP3 Download)
    Super album I can only recommend. I'm going to the other albums Buy. Simply Super can not complain!
  • Super band, Super album!  

    Too Much (MP3 Download)
    Did the song "Too much" overheard and then bought the album. Conclusion: super band, super album, Highly Recommended!
  • Super album 8  

    Lungs (International Version) (MP3 Download)
    Wonderful, varied album. I find Florence + The Machine anyway super, so I do not long pondered, as I rose to the album. About taste can indeed argue known - but for fans a must!
  • Super album 21  

    The mask falls (Audio CD)
    After me the album "Come Back" did not like this album is just great. 70% of the songs I would rate as very good. With most songs, of course, is the "Wendler sound" but included a recognition factor must indeed be present. But the
  • Super album - almost without weaknesses  

    To date, (MP3 Download)
    Sadi Ghent I had not really got much to hear before. I then bought me good luck this album. At first listen I thought even "OK, a few good tracks here - but could be better"! The more I but the whole album have now heard, the better I like
  • Second Super album  

    Unbelievable (Audio CD)
    Here below my title Reviews: 01: One Nite Stand = the first single from her album. Well chosen my opinion, together with Jean Wycleaf a super combo! 5/5 02: He's Unbeliebavle = The third single release. In my opinion, not as good as the song for a si
  • Super album! 31  

    The Pink Print (21 tracks, sometimes abbreviated) (Audio CD)
    In a review must be noted that the product will be evaluated! The CD is defective! The songs are simply censored / truncated! When I ordered the CD, however, this was not noted in the description. I called immediately at the Amazon customer service a