suprr beardn hair cut


  • Perfect hair cut and beard  

    Panasonic ER-1611 Professional Clipper Motor Linear with X-Taper Blade (Health and Beauty)
    Allows fast and simple hair cut. The mower setting is between 0.8 and 2 mm (wooden shoes also come with up to 1.5cm) I also use it to replace a mower beard, a beard for 3 days by setting to 0.8mm.
  • Only the hair cut suitable ....  

    Philips QG3341 / 16 hair trimmer 7-in-1 waterproof (Personal Care)
    Only cut the hair geeignet.Bartstutzen is hardly nicht.Positiv are the essays that will trim the number much sind.Nasenhaare also gut.Akku sufficient for three applications of Ca. fifteen minutes with no visible Anzeige.Keine buy recommendation.
  • Battery after 10 months at the end - hair "cut"  

    Braun 7681 WD Silk-epil Wet and Dry Epilator (Health and Beauty)
    I can only agree with the Prescribing gutters me in the negative points: the battery has held no charge for over 10 months. The device is now repaired. The hair is with me also largely cut off and not plucked. I could actually epilation every day, as
  • For a quick hair cut to the millimeter and beard close to 0.2 mm  

    PHILIPS - HC7460 / 15 - Hair Trimmer Series 7000 (Health and Beauty)
    This precision trimmer offers a wide range of cuts from 0.5 mm without hoof to 42 mm with the third and largest comb hoof. The height is electrically adjusted with the arrow buttons up or down arrow. Last height used is stored, it automatically posit
  • Cut hair cut  

    Braun - Tape 52S - Recharge Grid Knives and Partners for New Shavers Series 5 5050 DC / DC 5070/5080 CC and 5090 CC WD (Health and Beauty)
    This is the first purpose of this article, and it is consistent with my expectations, ie to cut hair
  • If you do not have (too) hair cut  

    Moser - Lawn EDITION - 1406-0458 (Health and Beauty)
    It is heavy but mostly it does not do what is asked of him: she "fluff" as soon as there was a bit of hair to be cut, so that or nothing is the same! I recommend ...
  • Hair cutting cape  

    Ermila hairdressing cape - black (Personal Care)
    Optimal delivery. The cloak sitting by the Velcro around the neck, Could be a little longer in the back. Hair can be shaken off easily.

    Moser, Jacques Seban Hair Trimmer Professional Sector / Li + Battery Pro Type 1884 (Health and Beauty)
  • Top Performance! So does cut hair fun!  

    Philips Series 7000 HC7460 / 15 hair trimmer (motorized combs) (Health and Beauty)
    I have the Philips Hair clipper HC 7460 get in the course as a product tester of Philips, after several applications now my review: The hair trimmer HC 7460 is a device that even a professional hair trimmer from the hairdressers can outdo. He captiva
  • Practical hair trimmer 1  

    Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer Nomad / battery-mains operation / stainless steel knife (Personal Care)
    Hello! The Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer is meticulously crafted and it fits comfortably in your hand. The two plastic attachments fit quite neatly on top of the hair trimmer and it can be easily up and down slide. The setting is selectable from 3 to 3
  • good cutting results  

    Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer Nomad / battery-mains operation / stainless steel knife (Personal Care)
    Included: - Hair trimmer - Charging Station - Power Supply - Essay 3-15 mm - Top 18 - 30 mm - Small purge - Brush - Lubricating oil for razor - Manual - leaflet in various Spracehn The Allround Schneider is predominantly black with silver accents ...
  • Durability miserable, poor cutting performance  

    Philips QG3380 / 16 Multigroom Set Pro with three-day beard, Haarschneider- essay (Personal Care)
    The cutting performance of the trimmer is not particularly good, it only comes with the Turbo function well under way (and then the razor is accordingly loud). The problem is that the razor does not cope in the long run, because: On my first device o
  • Military equipment for hair  

    Moser 1406.0458 hair trimmer Edition 1400 (Plugged In) (Health and Beauty)
    Fast delivery, adequate packaging unfussy, 2 essays and a kl. Brush is included. The Moser itself is really very strong, very well made, German quality precisely. While the device is quite heavy and vibrates strongly, so - in this state but also as a
  • Cheap, easy and relatively silent hair clipper. Mains and battery operation possible.  

    Battery Professional hair clipper Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper Trimmer Hair Trimmer Beard Trimmer trimmer with thinning function (1mm-30mm)
    After I was disappointed for the second time from a Remington Hair Trimmer (Battery, cutting power, volume), I was curious whether this device meets my not too high claims. Supplied located next to the hair trimmer two essays (3-13mm and 18-30mm), a
  • 6in1 Trimmer Set for shaving, hair and care  

    Glossy Ibis Men's Care 6in1 Trimmer Set for shaving, hair and care
    Before 1Monat I 6in1 Trimmer Set for shaving, hair care and gekauft.Funktioniert Impeccable, is more suitable for hair cutting, battery charging u. Duration ... perfectly. !! There was no guide u. Cleaning brush, so it is unclear how ..? - "Dry
  • Beard: yes Hair: a little difficult  

    PHILIPS - QG3371 / 16 - Trimmer multi-style 7 in 1 - Functions beard, mustache, ears, nose, precision trimmer, hoof 3-day beard, hair clipper (Health and Beauty)
    For me, a product more than BEARD BEARD & HAIR. This is often the risk of products "all in one" (even with removable accessories): Some features are not busy (compared to my old mower Hair of the same brand) Certainly I had previously used t
  • after 15 to mow my hair myself, it's a good machine  

    Calor - 9597 - Hair Trimmer - Perfect Line Pro (Health and Beauty)
    it's been 15 years since I use clippers. I bought the first price that does not last long pro for animals: it was recommended to me by saying that it is more robust: it worked well and this: silent 6 combs !!! I have not seen it in writing, the large
  • cape cutting  

    Mezzo - Cape magnetic black pvc cup (Health and Beauty)
    cape soon reached me unfortunately the professional quality is not at the rendezvous! Cape too big for my children whatever their age! Does not have job to know avoided that the hair cut end up in clothes! Very weak magnet and weld quality is poor! O
  • Good hair trimmer with weaknesses in Accessories  

    Philips HC7450 / 80 Power hair trimmer Dual Cut technology, chrome-black (Personal Care)
    = Delivery = The Philips Power hair trimmer HC7450 / 80 is delivered in a black Kunststoff_koffer_ you want to store the device, including accessories, are also used. In the box you will also find 2 combs (1 for the hair, beard attachment 1), the pow
  • Hair loose, too tight for fingers  

    Fingerpuppenset Animals Set of 6 (Toys)
    The hair of the little dolls dissolve or remain in baby's mouth or stick to his hand when it gets to grab the dolls. I have the hair cut. Now look at the dolls only not as cute from :-( and can play right one therefore can not, because even my tender