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  • Sido invents the German rap new!  

    Aggro Berlin (Audio CD)
    Of course it's not the music that Sido 10 years ago made. But it is a very good album. The "Poor Boy-gengster rap" hingt but already for Halz out, Sido Rap invents new! Really good just perfect! YOU WANT SIDO !!!
  • Fetter as Sido, Fler ... smarter than AGGRO go home!  

    Cockfight (Audio CD)
    Normally, I really do not stand on Hip Hop. Especially not in German. Nevertheless, I am, because of the controversy ausegesetzt, with all the Aggro Berlin Kram. What remains is the impression that there is quite okaye, fat produced music at the star
  • Sido feat. Adel Tawil- The Heaven Can Wait  

    The Heaven Can Wait (MP3 Download)
    A Spizen- song !! Adel Tawil Sido and are a great team and I can really recommend this song to everyone! For there is truly something for everyone! For those who prefer quieter music, will find it here, because noble with his soft voice brings a real
  • Sido is growing up  

    30-11-80 (Audio CD)
    Hello everybody, I found this album already at 28.11. held in his hands, so one day before release. (Thanks Amazon!) During this time I had enough runs to now to submit a review: In short, I am blown away. It is a very multi-faceted album that covers
  • "It was love at the first kick" -a detailed assessment  

    Day Eight (Limited Deluxe Box) (Audio CD)
    Hello out there, this is my first review ever on Amazon, honestly I never felt the need delivering as a review here until today. First of all, to me: I am 20 years old and years Raphörer, hear Genetikk and I celebrate since fetus. I bought the box, b
  • Raf 3.0 The Third Eye is open.  

    RAF 3.0 (Limited Edition, incl. CD and T-Shirt Gr. L) (Audio CD)
    At first I must say I have on this album since about 1 Year waited since Raf Camora announced its name change. So expectations were on this album actually as large as previously to anyone yet, and I was disappointed by completely rap Germany 2011 (ex
  • The launch of the Deutschrap Project 2011  

    So I'll do it (MP3 Download)
    Since mid-August is rap Germany once again ambivalent terms an album. An album, which was still not at all released. But the mere fact that the two most successful rapper of Germany, Sido and Bushido, after their year-long dispute ended just add this
  • Masterpiece. 1 1  

    Shindy FVCKB! TCHE $ GETMONE ¥ (Deluxe Version, Premium Box) (Audio CD)
    Shindy has outdone himself with this album, I have a great fan Shindy much expected after the # 1 album NWA and was not disappointed! This beats a dream Lyrically beautiful Arrogant, and Flow immaculate. Shindy may here more than just knock on the sh
  • That's how it's done  

    Everything burns (MP3 Download)
    Well, since I just stumbled over it and really impressed. Did not believe it still does something interesting in RAP Germany. (With a few exceptions)
  • Very pleasant album  

    Everything Comes Back (Premium Edition) (Audio CD)
    Who sees centimes as his vocation, but comes from Berlin, which it has not easy. As if there were not enough prejudices that adhere to rappers, one sees in the main Städtlern almost something like the genre Primus, Aggro goodness. Alpa Gun, however,
  • Good product 79 1  

    Belkin Universal USB Power Charger F8Z563cw 5V / 1000mA White (Personal Computers)
    It's been over a year since I regularly used to charge MP3 player - USB and USB power a fan. This is a good product well finished and solid, which does not heat and does not discharge each time you touch connected to a socket, what happened to me wit
  • which combined talents  

    Vinci Artaserse (MP3 Download)
    I had the chance to see the video of the representation that was made and it is a wonder ..... ure that is why I tléchargé mp3 version because the music is fantastic and the voices are exceptional.
  • Special material 2.0? No Six Crowns 1.0!  

    Six crowns (Audio CD)
    Does anyone remember the beginnings of SSIO?, His first album or mixtape. Special material came out without much promoters and managed '' Only '' at No. 69 on the charts. Nevertheless, it has been hailed by Rap-Germany and got on all sides very good
  • Amazing Musical  

    The Denyos (Audio CD)
    That feels really good as a Hip Hop fan again good rap listen to music from Germany. I immediately bought today the album in the vinyl version and was not disappointed. All publications from rap Germany rely on attitude and all the protagonists forge
  • Which does not need to hide Nazar skin an album out!  

    Fakker (Audio CD)
    Nazar brings with this album something else, something that is not often or does not really exist in rap Germany. I've been waiting for the album because I could not imagine me what awaits me here, because this is my first album Nazar. When I got the
  • Gloomy killer collabo  

    4 Trinity is (audio CD)
    In Hip Hop genre collaborations or bands are still the exception rather than the rule, most of the merger of two recognized rap sizes is therefore eagerly awaited - and often leads also chart success with it, barely reach the individual artist. The b
  • Simple, tight and ironic  

    Mask X (Audio CD)
    The debut album by Sido starts with NEM clever chosen intro, in which it takes place and an interviewer: "(Stand times before, if people do not know you) Yeah, give me the mic! They call me Sido I am 1,86 and 72 kilos wieg! I wear 'ne glasses and sha
  • B * tch I am RAW!  

    Raw (Audio CD)
    Was his debut "Gazing At The Moonlight" 2009 or appeared on the now washed up though, but still legendary label Ruthless, so Hopsin remained with the successor of "RAW" at first, unfortunately, nothing left to choose as the digital way
  • B2O superiority!  

    DUC [Explicit] (MP3 Download)
    More simply have to say no more! It's really no wonder that half Rap - Germany abkupfert of him !!