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  • Take me to church  

    Take Me To Church (MP3 Download)
    It's a strong song ... with a driving chorus, has the catchy qualities and a disturbing text ... very convincing interpreted by the Irish bards Hozier.
  • Take Me To Church 1  

    Take Me To Church (MP3 Download)
    My absolute favorite piece. Have become on Hozier only by his appearance at The Voice of Germany attention. The voice and the lyrics go just under the skin.
  • Take Me To Church by Hosier  

    Take Me To Church (MP3 Download)
    Title sublime, fantastic voice, superb orchestration .I recommend this artist. I bought the whole album. Happy week everyone.
  • church music of sound  

    Hozier (CD)
    Im lucky to-have spotted Hozier Hozier by Walmart at my job. Yes, take me to church and from eden are great songs. I would not be surprised as to-any of These songs on the cd Hozier playing on the radio, ALTHOUGH I admit That track five Where He is s
  • Incredibly versatile! A Must!  

    Hozier (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    After the radio "Take me to church" ran, I just had to get to know more songs by this artist. From crazy, about melancholy, ballads character to rock can be found on this album a terrific songwriting, packaged in such a versatile musical un
  • Unique and indescribable!  

    Hozier (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    Super great album, Hozier really is an exceptional talent. Did his song "Take Me To Church" recently heard for the first time and was immediately impressed. So a great and expressive song you no longer hear today often and this voice unique
  • I'm lost for words  

    Hozier (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    24 years old ..... with 22 years 'Take me to Church' written. I had already given up hope that after the death of Amy again a bright spot musiklischer illuminates our world. This young man has the potential. The entire CD is huge, supported by his ex
  • Great CD of a sympathetic artist  

    Hozier (Audio CD)
    I had the opportunity Hozier seen at a small concert for the promotion of his CD. On stage he is very shy, but his voice and his music are just great. Since long time a songwriter CD made me completely convinced. Take me to Church: should each be kno
  • Dusky blues / folk with soulful voice of a promising artist  

    Hozier (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    On Andrew Byrne Hozier-I became aware especially through the radio: "Take Me To Church" would now have heard once each. Since then I have read a lot of a native of Ireland, is a singer and just got on the album. And it did not disappoint me
  • Dare HOZIER  

    Hozier (CD)
    Bought on a title adorning the provision of a pair of skaters Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron, conquered by the provision of a dancer Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin Simply Slays Hozier's 'Take Me To Church'. A disc to buy absolutely! If you l
  • I love this album 1  

    Hozier (MP3 Download)
    a jewelry this album I love everything, voices, style, gospel blues atmosphere sometimes I had a thunderbolt to take me to church, superb artist who touches me
  • Excellent album on April 15  

    Hozier (CD)
    Discovered by the famous song "Take me to church," the rest of the CD is very nice to listen too (though not necessarily the tubes that pass the radio).
  • Album to be in either !!  

    Hozier (CD)
    Take me to Church is absolutely fabulous !!!! But the rest of the album is just as good ... Beautiful voice, beautiful melodies .... To listen and listen without moderation ... I love it !!!
  • Love at first sight 5  

    Hozier (CD)
    As in the previous comment, I had a crush on first listen to "Take me to church" on the radio. Furthermore the video is beautiful. The rest of the album is just as good, great voice, the sound is excellent. It's blues, rock it, a scientist for a
  • Do not miss 4  

    Hozier (CD)
    First listen Take me to church a few weeks ago, fell in love, to the point of ordering the pre listened album on DEEZER. A beautiful voice, very friendly rock and blues sounds. I hope this album will be only the beginning of a long line.
  • Suuuper song to dance the night away happy  

    Angel Of Death & The Small Codeine Scene (MP3 Download)
    A very different sound from Hozier as "Take me to church." Easy and free. A wonderful song to dance and feel-good make.
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  • The church in the village!  

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