telefunken led projector review


  • Caution, what is touted here as WiFi is EZCast scrap! Further, this LED projector is very noisy!  

    CBB1080p Beamer Full HD 3800 ANSI lumens Full HD LED projector with WiFi (Electronics)
    I had decided on this projector, as it can provide WiFi and thus suggested a streaming client. What then was heraustsellte properitärer scary scrap named EZCast. A Sterm deduction. Next the part (fan noise) rather loud roars. That's very distracting
  • 30 W LED projector  

    amzdeal® 10W 20W 30W 50W LED projector outside / inside black spot with motion detector IP65 warm white cool white 85-265V (no connector) (20w, warm white)
    LED Projector purchased to illuminate a path between the house and the shed in the garden at 20 m. Quick fixing, simple settings (Twilight, timer and distance), powerful lighting, it matches perfectly to my expectations.
  • Led projectors are slowly fit  

    Acer K335 DLP LED projector (1,000 ANSI lumens, WXGA, Contrast 10,000: 1, 1280 x 800 pixels, HDMI / MHL port, only 1.3kg, 1GB internal memory) (electronic)
    I have waited a long time with the purchase of my first projector, as it should be an affordable LED device with acceptable light output necessarily. Now the first LED devices come with compatible light outputs for home theater on the market. Decided
  • LG PA1000T Portable LED Projector  

    LG PA1000T Portable LED Projector (WXGA, Contrast 100,000: 1, 1280 x 800 pixels, 1000 ANSI lumens, DVB-T tuner, HDMI, USB, D-Sub) black (Office supplies & stationery)
    One in front, we use the LG PA1000T Portable LED Projector exclusively as a home cinema - and with great pleasure. Since the altitude (lens bottom edge is about image bottom) and the distance (image size is determined by the distance from the screen
  • can replace an LED projector in a cheaply  

    New Wholesaleintheworld-10w 2700lm Pure White LED Module + Power Supply Driver 10w (Electronics)
    With a little (t DIY and 2 welding, it can replace an LED in outdoor projector that is not working. I do not know if it came from the power supply or the LED but was 2, much change everything. Shipping time long enough, but for the price, we will not
  • Telefunken LED TV with DVD player and Triple tuner DVB TCS: brilliant image and top sound  

    Telefunken L22F275I3D 56 cm (22 inch) LED backlight TVs, EEK A (Full HD, 100Hz CMP, DVB-C / T / S2, integrated DVD player, HDMI, CI +, VGA, USB 2.0, Hotel Mode) (Electronics )
    The first thing to at the TV mounted after unpacking the base, which works with a particularly simple click system. Pressed then 6 rubber stopper into the foot and only 3.7 kg light televisions are safe and stable. The remote control is supplied with
  • LED Projector 1  

    XQ-LITE 60 LED projector with motion sensor - 250 lumens. Detection area: 180 ° x 12m (Miscellaneous)
    They sold really expensive for this mini projector, I just bought a larger model for the price halves with fonction.Ces even though my last order at home.
  • 2 LED projector  

    projection on a screen distance 3.5m, after some sharp image setting through OSD remote in french made setting contrast / light / color. testing of all sources VGA / AV / HDMI, good record for all source, however, the best solution is HDMI For sound,
  • Small LED projector which can be used like a slide projector.  

    Acer C120 LED projector (WVGA, Contrast Ratio 1000: 1, 1280 x 800 pixel) (Office supplies & stationery)
    The portable projector is quick to set up and is very flexible Suitable for use in darkened rooms. He need not necessarily an external power supply. Of course, using the power adapter, the picture is brighter. With a screen size of 50cm he brings a g
  • 10W RGB LED projector  

    PMS Projector LED 10W IP65 RGB SMD LED with Remote Control (Electronics)
    Very nice in the garden to illuminate a decorative subject. The choice of color is interesting with beautiful green, blue with possible effects. This device proves trè discreet, but a beautiful effect until 1-2mètres. beyond it takes beefier.
  • Led Projector  

    V-TAC 20W LED Flood Light with motion detector IP65 4500K COB Chip BRIDGELUX
    Exellent super quality lighting for my descent garage I advice you value for money and it cheap and good quality, just the cable for the branch and can short.
  • 50w LED Projector  

    Auralum® 10W / 30W / 50W Super brilliant 50W 230V IP65 Waterproof Grey White LED Flood Light Projector
    Arrive before deadline, nothing to say on the package, perfect white illumination all is well, only small stress the connecting wire, and the obligation to have a junction box.
  • Good LED projector for AV and PC  

    Samsung SP-P400B Pocket Imager Projector (4: 3/16: 9, 800x600, 1000:. 1, 30,000 hour LED) (Electronics)
    I was surprised how well even with white wallpaper in darkened room was the image. In acc. Matching Canvas it was even better. Let the World Cup come :-) Robert
  • 10w LED Projector  

    Set of 2 projectors exterior LED 10 Watt IP 65 super bright spot lighting
    Very good lighting wide field. The cable is very short and difficult to replace. The integrated transformer gets very hot.
  • LED taillights Review  

    Dectane RV41LRS LED taillights VW Scirocco III 08-10 indicator red / smoke (Automotive)
    Lights unfortunately for the vehicle is not suitable because not precisely like the original from VW. Gaps too big, you get the light not secure, because no suitable screw in the carrier. The lights are then with the tailgate closed too far outwards.
  • Very compact, astonishingly bright, good office projectors with slight defects  

    Optoma ML750 LED projector (Contrast 10000: 1 1280 x 800 pixels, 700 ANSI lumens) (Electronics)
    I compared the following projector together: - Philips PPX2055 PicoPix pocket projector for notebooks (Contrast Ratio 1000: 1, 854x480 pixels, 55 ANSI lumens, USB 2.0) - Asus S1 LED projector (WXGA, Contrast Ratio 1000: 1, 854 x 480 pixels, 200 ANSI
  • practical projector for low claims and low budget.  

    Philips PPX2450 PicoPix pocket projector for notebooks (Contrast Ratio 1000: 1, 854x480 pixels, 55 ANSI lumens, HDMI, USB) (Electronics)
    I bought this projector, because I have no TV, yet to watch movies and series was a big picture. Because the lamp life came to me just a LED projector in question. For my budget ( What about positive / negative noticed: + The picture is in Ordung for
  • Also suitable for small projectors!  

    King SEC BRACK40 camera holder (tool)
    I have attached to the holders the Acer K330 LED projector, since the classic Projector Mounts are very large. It works perfectly and looks very discreet!
  • Mobile projector for simple inserts go  

    DBPOWER mini 1080p HD Projector HDMI USB SD VGA support LED TV AV input Pocket Projector LCD TFT Display 1000: 1 contrast ratio with 480x320 resolution 60 lumens 2.4-inch (White) (Electronics)
    The white mini LED projector with 270 grams surprisingly light. For mobile use is ideal. Supplied with a remote control next to the device itself, an AV cable, the power cord and a brief English-language manual is. Batteries must be purchased separat