Test auna proextrem action cam


  • Great Action camera with some new features to its predecessor  

    GoPro Action Camera Hero4, Black Adventure (Electronics)
    Dear Amazon User :). Why the GoPro? I must honestly admit that I have not tested any other action camera. At that time, I allowed myself the GoPro 3 Black Edition and was thrilled. Have a lot to me and carted accessories I want to take course continu
  • Perfect for Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15  

    Baxxtar RAZER 600 charger 5 in 1 + 2x Baxxtar PRO Energy battery - Sony NP-BX1 - suitable for Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 RX100 RX100 II III RX1 RX1r HX50V HX60V HX60 HX300 HX400 H400 WX300 WX350 - HDR PJ240E PJ240 CX240E AS15 AS20 AS30 AS100VR GW66VE - (70% more power 100% greater flexibility) NOVELTY with micro USB input and USB output, for simultaneous charging of a third device (. GoPro, GoPro remote control, iPhone, Tablet, Smartphone..usw) (Electronics)
    The battery-bundle the term of the following Action Cam should be extended in the first place: Sony HDR-AS15 Action Cam Camcorder with backlight (Exmor R CMOS sensor, Full HD, WiFi, microSD / SDHC card slot, microUSB) black The Action Cam uses a Lith
  • well protected Action Cam  

    Smatree SmaCase G260sl Medium Large Case for GoPro HD GoPro® Hero4, 3+, 3, 2, 1 cameras and accessories (10.6 "X8.3" X2.8 ") - Carrying Case High density Excellent Cut EVA foam - Ideal for travel or Home Storage - Perfect protection for GoPro Camcorder - black cover with black foam interior (Suitable for 2 cameras) (Electronics)
    I have the Smatree SmaCase G260sl -GoPro bag Case- get asked for free for a product test of Kumuk-UK available. Amazon it costs 35,99 Euro. The case is made of black nylon and has to open a good standard very stable two-way zipper / close this is sti
  • The Action Cam float through time and space? Possibly, but only at a snail's pace.  

    Mantona tripod for Action Cams as Rollei, GoPro Hero 2/3/3 + / 4, Qumox, Easypix, Actionpro X7 etc. (stabilized films, small dimension, incl. Counterweight) (Accessories)
    Video at Amazon.com View After studying the first reviews on this tripod, to me is the extent to which manufacturers Mantona than weaknesses and shortcomings eliminated in the processing, or whether earlier batches were simply shipped erroneously. Be
  • Cheap high-quality action camera with plenty of accessories  

    Dazzne 12MP HD 1080P Sports Action Helmet Camera Waterproof Camcorder (Misc.)
    The Dazzne Action Camera comes in two packages. This is also necessary. Because the very extensive Zubehoermaterial does not fit in a packet. The special feature of the supplied accessories: It is supplied with an SD card and 2 batteries including ch
  • first Action Cam, Wow  

    GoPro Action Camera Hero4, Silver Adventure (Electronics)
    I have gained an action cam for our upcoming ski trip. After much research on which model or brand, it should be at the end, I could not resist an offer at a local electrical retailer. Positive: - Processing - Housing is very sturdy - Video Quality (
  • Very good Action Cam  

    Toshiba PA5150E-1C0K Camileo X-Sports Action Camera (12 megapixels, WiFi, HD) black (Electronics)
    I want to compare the Toshiba Action Cam again with the excellent Sony HDR-AS100VW Action Cam: Both Action Cams have about the same size but a different design: While the Sony has the lens on the narrow side and a smaller version of a video camera is
  • Great Action Cam with good image quality, great workmanship and some accessories. Interesting alternative for GoPro  

    Rollei S-50 WiFi Standard Edition Action Camcorder (14 megapixels, Full HD video resolution, 1080p) yellow / blue / black (Electronics)
    Video at Amazon.com View Actioncams're currently difficult in fashion and also I am very flashed by these small devices. Especially with all the accessories that are sure you can use them incredibly versatile and make great shots from awkward angles.
  • Good Action Cam, but WiFi differently than expected compared to SJ4000  

    S30W wifi Full HD 1080P Waterproof Sport Action Camera (Misc.)
    I was for some time in search of an Action Cam, which is not so expensive, but still good to use in many situations. Until recently went to the GoPro's no way around and given the high price was a Action Cam not an issue for me. Meanwhile, the market
  • action cam with integrated screen  

    Ricoh WG-M1 Miniature Waterproof Camera + Strap with Carabiner + adhesive + Support Micro SD 16GB 14 Mpix Orange (Electronics)
    The template is too big for my taste for action cam: 200g. In terms of up to 10m for leaks I have not tested, it ny no box, suddenly it does not necessarily give the impression BE sealed from the cameras in a box. But it may be a false impression. I
  • AS30 Camera Action Cam  

    Sony HDR-AS30VE.CEN Action Cam AS30V Sony with integrated GPS Full HD 1920 x 1080 2 Mpix Stabilisteur Wifi / NFC Black (Electronics)
    After much reflection and comparison, I acquéri the Action Cam AS30 camera. I tested 2 times and find that it is really very good. Easy to use and most importantly an amazing film quality. Just for information, I also have a go pro and I think the qu
  • Fits well for Toshiba Camileo X-Sports Action Camera  

    Ipow Case for GoPro Hero 4 / 3+ / 3/2/1 Bag Bag Protection Case Carrying bag for camera, housing, LCD BacPAK, battery, SD card, WiFi Remote, Floaty Backdoor and accessories, Small Black (equipment)
    Got my Toshiba Camileo X-Sports Action Camera can accommodate a few blanks without too much trouble! The camera in the waterproof case, recharge your battery, remote control, thread adapter, floating wrist strap and USB cable fitted in without diffic
  • Mini-Cam with stimmigem overall concept Sony HDR-AZ1 Mini Action Cam  

    Sony HDR-AZ1 LiveView Remote Mini size Action Camera Kit with professional feature (Splash-proof with Exmor R CMOS Sensor, Carl Zeiss Tessar optics strong light, image stabilization, WiFi, NFC function) white (Electronics)
    The Sony HDR-AZ1 Mini Action Cam recreational activities for lasting experience. Here summarized their characteristics in brief First, the cam: * Very small in size, * Stable, dirt and weather resistant, even without the protective case included, * W
  • Very good action cam for many situations  

    Sony HDR-AS100VW Wearable Mount Kit - Ultra Compact Camcorder Action (Exmor R CMOS sensor, Carl Zeiss Tessar optics bright, image stabilization, GPS, WiFi / NFC function), white (Electronics)
    (Please note the update 15:08:14; see below) One should be mentioned in this review in advance: The tests and practical tests I have rarely made in a device in such detail - and in this action cam has even a lot of fun! The device itself comes in a f
  • Full-fledged Action Cam for Budget Price  

    Mobius ActionCam 1080p HD Mini Camera | V3 | Standard Lens | A LENS (Electronics)
    The camera is only 39.5g easily in a rubberized enclosure. It comes with well thought-out accessories: a multifunction holder that really deserves its name, to avoid a connection for photo tripods, a padded Velcro to the Jelly Effect and two lens cap
  • As a pure action cam very questionable, but has hidden talents - but unfortunately few  

    Rollei S-50 WiFi Ski Edition Action Camcorder (14 megapixels, Full HD video resolution, 1080p) Black (Electronics)
    Video at Amazon.com See the Rollei S-50 was not the best start for me. This was mainly because I was under the impression that he had received a returns from warranty claims. Camera and waterproof case were covered with fingerprints; also was one of
  • Great Action Cam at a good price  

    Rollei Action Cam 6S WiFi Full HD 1080p - Video helmet camera (16 megapixel, waterproof to 100 meters, Full HD video resolution) (Electronics)
    I have informed me before buying long and others pulled alongside the industry leader GoPro into consideration, as well as Rollei and ActionPro. Why I decided to purchase the Rollei 6S wifi? + A lot cheaper than the GoPro (wanted no Super-Hyper-profe
  • Action Cam with good price / performance ratio  

    CamOne - CamOne infinity COIN01 Action Sports / helmet camera, Full HD 1080p, Black (Electronics)
    In principle a good Action Cam ... However, a diva. The reason I have not decided on a Hero 2 GoPro was the price, the included accessories and thus existing price / performance ratio. Equipped with a 32GB memory card of Transcent it basically works