the baby is a mammal michel odent


  • practical helper when you're with the baby traveling alone  

    Rearview Mirror Baby Mommy's view (190 x 300 mm) Grey (Baby Product)
    the mirror is easily attached with the straps on the headrest behind you makes him such a good one that has him by the rear-view mirror of the eye and can see the baby in the infant carrier well. So you have the baby always in view. We are very pleas
  • For the baby-butt a Pro, for the family budget not so great!  

    Pampers Wipes Sensitive 12-month Pack, 672 wipes (12 x 56 piece) (Health and Beauty)
    Hello, We have used these towels already 10 years ago when our first daughter and it is totally convinced. Even with our now 2 year old second daughter, we use only in exceptional circumstances, the wet wipes from other manufacturers. Pampers has tol
  • Security for the baby!  

    Maxi-Cosi Citi SPS, child car seat Group 0+ (0 - 13 kg) (Baby Product)
    We are really mad happy to have bought the Maxi Cosi. At the beginning of our daughter found him pretty stupid and not liked sitting in it, but now she has learned that he is a car with nice bucking and Schuckeln. As a bouncer but we can not use it a
  • The eye-catcher at the baby swimming  

    Fashy Baby Bath Diaper, 1569 (Sports Apparel)
    We bought these pants for the baby swimming and are thrilled. On the abdomen and the legs of the federal government sits beautifully appointed but nothing from constricted. The material is also well made. We have similar no scratching seams discovere
  • Comfortable to wear and the baby also gefällts  

    ERGObaby Baby Carrier 360 (Baby Product)
    Compared to another carrier, we had before, this has the huge advantage that you can wear with a view to the front holding the baby. Whether this is now psychologically problematic, I can appreciate bad because our baby will somehow fill in any psych
  • Very useful at night when the baby the pacifier lose in bed.  

    Philips Avent SCF176 / 18 soother for the night, 0-6 Months, 2 Pack (Baby Product)
    Very useful at night when the baby the pacifier lose in bed and you'll find it immediately. The cap is very useful to keep the pacifier clean when it is not. In your baby's mouth I got this pacifier for my two babies and I'm very happy with him. We r
  • Child sleeps but we are awake. Thanks to the baby monitor from Motorola  

    Motorola MBP 8 Digital Audio Baby Monitor with DECT technology and up to 300 meters range (Baby Product)
    Actually, I never write reviews but this baby monitor will not let me sleep. So why not use the time and rate. We wanted the baby monitor for a permanent night surveillance use as our BEDROOM not within earshot of the children's room is located. (120
  • So that the baby does not slide  

    AP24 - When insert Transparent Shower tray insert anti-slip mat shower mat
    Bought as a bath mat for the baby. Works when the suckers by hand with anything pressing very well, there nothing slips. You have to insert after use hang so dt does not dry the bottom. Smells a bit like plastic at the beginning of which is but a few
  • Nice, but visible to the baby is not everything.  

    Haba Mobile flowers friends for baby cup (baby products)
    It looks nice, but: Unfortunately a baby when it is in the baby carrier, only see the trailer (rabbit and butterfly). The beautiful mirror flower, the bee and the little mole can not see, unfortunately. In addition, the hare is much heavier than the
  • The Baby Björn quality  

    Babybjörn bed Umbrella Light, color selection (Baby Care)
    A light and easy of use bed. A system for opening and closing quite intuitive, even need to read the manual. The form of storage, small suitcase type allows easy storage quun read classic bed umbrella that folds in general in height. The shape of the
  • A product that has nothing to do in the baby category!  

    Baby care and hygiene Cadum Baby Body and Hair Gel Pump 750 ml (Personal Care)
    After accidentally tasted, this soap, I went to read the composition, to check what it was in my new baby soap, and then, surprise, I realize that the baby is especially present term as a trade name, but the product is not expressly intended for this
  • nice for the baby's mouth  

    Munchkin Baby Spoons 6 to End Soft (Baby Care)
    These spoons are great because they are pleasant to the baby's mouth and are perfect composure at the amount of food you give your baby is very convenient !!!!
  • several possible uses depending on the baby's age  

    Sleeping Bag cotton swaddling BIO antiallergic - Nid Douillet of Birth angel with embroidery (Baby Care)
    Very suitable for a newborn. Unlike a conventional sleeping bag, the baby has no arms "Candlestick" and arms are more mobile, this allows her to touch and reassuring. For a baby one month is too small to use as a sleeping bag swaddling as well b
  • Great! I could hear the baby's heart 10sa + 2  

    Fetal Doppler Angelsounds 100s + battery + Audio Cable For Pc / In Standard 60601-1 / 2 year guarantee / Money back (Baby Care)
    ... My little testimony received quickly complete the gel is just very small but good any cream or fogger works ... I wanted to test to 10sa + 2, I thought it was too early but after few minutes looking I could hear the soft baby sound! (you really l
  • THE baby fly !!!  

    Bébé Confort Bebe Fly By Aspiration (Baby Care)
    Perfect! -l'embout is placed before the baby's nose, it does not fit in to prevent injuries so it's great -One tip for a suction is very flexible (shown in photo), if baby moves can continue to aspire carefree small translucent tank practice to see t
  • Beautiful music for the first time with the baby  

    Baby Classic (Audio CD)
    Wonderful assortment of classical music that suits every moment with the baby. You hear it just does not 'over'. many thanks
  • For the baby  

    Semptec Quartz heater QW-2000 with stand, height adjustable
    We needed a space heater for the baby. Since the not arrived at the wall to be assembled in question and the other heaters were described with foot with an unpleasant odor I ordered this lamp. Only when you unpack it smelled very slightly uncomfortab
  • Protect the Baby Bay matress  

    babybay terry cover, Maxi & boxspring (Baby Product)
    Nice soft cover for the Maxi Baby Bay mattress. Does not protect from leaks / wetness, Which is a drawback. The fabric Seems to be holding up well after a couple of washes. So did note You can buy regular baby bed sheets / mattress covers and They wo
  • beautiful soft bodysuits. only for the baby born then for the baby;)  

    Sterntaler 5601405-62 Creeper Set Elias, size: 62 (textiles)
    we have the bodysuit in size 50. Only the Baby hats worn now trägts the baby born, that "recycled") The set consists of the creeper itself, a white sweater and matching socks. The Romper: he has both the right and left shoulders, and in the step
  • Beautiful design - Weigh the baby gently to sleep  

    Leander Cradle incl. Curtain and Schlummerli Feather (Baby Product)
    We can give to the birth of our son the cradle and were very happy with it. For Design: The Cradle looks very elegant, especially with the veil. For us it is central to the room and makes real head turner. It just looks that it is a design object. Al