the secret rites of the sioux indian


  • Must book for the history of the American Indian  

    Memoirs of Geronimo (Paperback)
    Testimony of Scripture and stories of Geronimo (source document), made by an officer of the American army with which he had tied sympathy. This book is a must for anyone interested in the history of the united states of america and Indian (in this ca
  • Indiana Jones and the player's disappointment  

    Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (Video Game)
    About a year ago I was sitting at midnight at the premiere of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and which flickered at the end of the canvas, was anything but great. When it was said that there should a new Indiana Jones game
  • After we are eternal follows the affirmation and the promise! Indians parole  

    Indians parole (Audio CD)
    Long, long we had to wait as a fan on this album, because as a fan anyway the hinfiebern on a new publication always appears like an eternity. The second album of ETERNAL was postponed several times and I must say that sometimes was the time of waiti
  • Understand one of the greatest conflicts in American History!  

    Sitting Bull: Hero of the Indian resistance (Paperback)
    It seems that the book's title is a bit misleading: it is mainly centered on the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull, not particularly. The book opens with the problem of Blacks Hills, Dakota vast region which they say contains important natur
  • Let the show begin  

    Sadness of the earth: A story of Buffalo Bill Cody (Paperback)
    Sadness of the earth is a superbly constructed story. The classic building is raised a little school with a narrative and poetic style making the demonstration an interesting and touching story. Eric Vuillard initially evokes the art of the show and
  • Morrison Hotel - From the night on the highway  

    Morrison Hotel (Audio CD)
    1970: After the Doors had been given by the Miami scandal and banned from performing many concerts had been canceled, the image of the band has recovered and even Jim has caught something again. Publish The Doors one of their best albums: Morrison Ho
  • The hunt for El Dorado begins HERE!  

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (video game)
    Uncharted has been praised by the specialist press un the community highly. The young "Indiana Jones" as our hero Nathan Drake is sometimes called, are its PremiƤre 2007 to the PS3. But what exactly awaits the diligent treasure hunter in this ga
  • at least you can get it here (within the verspr.24Std.)  

    Aptamil Pronutra Pre infant formula from birth, 3-pack (3 x 1.2 kg) (Food & Beverage)
    because in Germany so apparently everything is bought empty, was ichfroh at all what you're getting. Price falls within the ambit Indian Pharmacy I have (an emergency basis 24.50 for 800g paid). Delivery was super fast, and all articles Nernst Verpck
  • the initiator of Tantric Buddhism in Tibet  

    Padmasambhava. The Magic of Awakening (Paperback)
    Padmasambhava is the great Indian master who brought the 8th century the teachings of Vajrayana or teaching tantra in Tibet, thereby allowing their transmissions to us after they disappeared from India. So this is a book for those interested in the t
  • Not the best Galite ..  

    Nirvana (Hardcover)
    I loved ... "Zechariah," RTL is a price that ds best thrillers I've read ... but since I'm from disappointment to disappointment ... "The wife of French settler" was poor as to Nirvana, it is summed up in a quest a bit in the genre &qu
  • Lokotas the cleat  

    Lakota (Hardcover)
    Crazy Horse, Red Cloud, Custer and others pass before the magical brushes paolo eleuteri serpieri. Just a myth is reborn and Little Big Horn found its relief and fever. If the writer sapproche closer to historical truth, the bias for the Indians is o
  • Without seeking interest for the senses ... Flee !!!!  

    Songs and dances of the American Indians (CD)
    Hello, I finally decided to leave a few words about this album: who is interested in Native American populations, who want them to "hear", absorb it, and FLEE. This disc has absolutely no interest. It is the work of scavengers who surf fashion &
  • The men who have made history  

    Hunters to attack it
    For lovers of true stories, the epic-the word is weakly this fighter pilot, who participated in all the battles in the skies over France and North Africa. First approved victory of World War II, respectful of his German opponents but also British and
  • The umpteenth samplers with Impulse -Music by Keith Jarrett  

    The Platinum Collection (Audio CD)
    From the eight panels that Keith Jarrett has recorded for the Impulse label, almost as many samplers have emerged in recent decades. There are also the provided with many additional Takes the individual recording sessions two CD boxes The Impulse Yea
  • The album did Tim made a really big star  

    Everywhere (Audio CD)
    Tim's career had built up momentum steadily. His first album made little impact. His second (Not A Moment Too Soon) contained the single Indian Outlaw. It sold extremely well and the next two albums (All I want) Consolidated Tim's growing reputation.
  • The brilliant soundtrack to the apocalypse  

    Koyaanisqatsi (Audio CD)
    I know the film and the plate since the 80s and still are both items among my Top 30 All-Time Favorites. Koyaanisqatsi, from the language of the Hopi Indians means "life got off track". And the looks / is heard then. The images of the film set t
  • Belongs to the Top 10 of Disney  

    Pocahontas (English) (Audio CD)
    Starting with Arielle 1989 to the late 90s brought the Disney Studios for my tastes consistently the strongest soundtracks for their animation films produced. The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Little-Mermaid will probably forever remain my top
  • Excellent shooter, but not for the faint-hearted spirits  

    Prey (computer game)
    This review is based on the demo version of the game, which already gives a very good insight into the full version later. One thing must be clear: in the hands of children Prey belongs just as knives, forks, scissors and light. Maybe even much less.
  • Sherlock Holmes - 11 - The Sign of Four  

    Sherlock Holmes, Episode 11: The Sign of Four (Audio CD)
    Go To Content: Since the fall of "A Study in Scarlet" is suffering from London's famous master detective under terrible boredom. When he already takes back to drugs out of sheer frustration, Mary Morstan appears in Baker Street. This obtains for
  • Make way, the stormtroopers come break your boxes!  

    Terrorists People (Audio CD)
    After me, the new album by MOP (Sparta) has been brutally flashed, of course I had my right times this "sampler" of Goons reinziehn. For me, part of the producer quartet at the best and the hardest thing was the German rap scene sit behind the c