the wet fish volker kutscher


  • I think it's the best fish feed on the market  

    Tetra TetraMin 708 914, staple food for all ornamental fish in the form of flakes, for a long and healthy life of your fish, 1 L (Misc.)
    I feed my fish for over 40 years with tetramine, and the fish love the stuff! The price is more than fair, and the can keeps with me for almost a year. The small fish get Tetramin easily crushed, and grow good zoom. It's a really good feed!
  • The little fish use them ...  

    Tetra TetraMin 708 914, staple food for all ornamental fish in the form of flakes, for a long and healthy life of your fish, 1 L (Misc.)
    So I feed my fishes in aquariums 2 for quite some time with Tetra Min Flakes. In between times I feed JBL Sera or tried but that was just expensive. The little fish flipping completely out when the feeding time approaches. I miss the deadline and loo
  • Rivals the wet shave!  

    Braun Series 5 shaver 5020s-5 (Health and Beauty)
    Packaging side, the razor is well packed, but there are no dexcès zeal at Braun. The box is rather minimalist. As for accessories this 5020s version of you: A small cleaning brush with an oilcan A carrying case with water-resistant nylon, but that do
  • no comparison to the wet shaving  

    Philips PT860 / 16 PowerTouch shaver (with precision trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    So-so ... processing and handling are neat. The description sufficient and understandable. A "Wow" effect resolves the razor but not enough. A well-maintained wet shave can not replace this electric shaver safely. If the stubble already be more
  • I am not convinced and stay still during the wet shave  

    Panasonic ES-RF31 Battery Shaver (dry / wet) (Health and Beauty)
    Through the portal The Insider I was the Panasonic ES-RF31 free trial. I am a die-razor, but always wanted to try out an electric razor. Especially as even the wet razors possible with the new devices, as well as in this model. As first, I notice whe
  • Best replacement of the wet shave  

    Philips Bodygroom BG2036 Series 5000/32 (Health and Beauty)
    Hello enemies of body hair) I must say that I am the "groomer" very enthusiastic. I am Italian and have a really hairy chest. Earlier, me can not disagree, but since I am doing weight training, I wanted to have a smooth chest. Since growth was r
  • THE classic of Volker Rosin  

    The Singing kangaroo [CASSETTE] (Audio Cassette)
    The singing, jumping kangaroo I learned many years ago in the Robinson Club know. There was the "children's club dance", in which as well as all adults with a lot of fun mittanzten.Ein experience as adults become children again! The songs by Vol
  • Very easy, unsuitable in the wet  

    Merrell Mix Master 2 WTPF J39997 Herren Outdoor Fitness shoes (Textiles)
    The shoe is very nice and light and you almost do not notice the shoe. The appearance is now not the best but not bad either. The good water tightness surprised me - keep your feet warm and dry even in the rain. Something macabre is but then that jus
  • Braun 795cc compared to the wet shaver Gillette Fusion  

    Braun Series 7/795 CC Shaver (System) (Health and Beauty)
    I shaved a long time with the Gillette Fusion razor and often had problems with skin irritation. Then have decided to - switch to an electric dry shaver - above all because of skin irritation. At first I was, because I'd never had an electric shaver,
  • Close to the wet shave  

    Philips AT890 / 26 Wet & Dry shaver Aqua Touch (precision trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    Looking for a replacement for the planer on these encountered here. Had many years even before a "Philishave" (affordable entry device) and wanted to not lie down the price of a smartphone for a new razor. Nevertheless shaving fails already thor
  • When baby kitten also to stir the wet food best suited  

    Gimpet Cat-Milk 406 282, breastmilk substitutes, 200 g (Misc.)
    We got our two kittens already at 7 weeks, because the mother was very ill. Also, both kittens were suffering from bacterial infections of the nasal / respiratory and had purulent conjunctivitis. Thankfully no viral cat flu, but it was enough so alre
  • Good alternative to the wet shave, but takes much longer  

    Philips BG2026 / 32 Bodygroom Plus, wet and dry, black-red (Personal Care)
    Since I am unfortunately a person who perspires relatively strong, and also specially dispose on chest on some hair growth I have now for decades everywhere shaved wet body. There is likely despite previous cleaning and aftercare always came to skin
  • Even for the wet salt (salt Guérande style)  

    William Bounds 09020 Salt Mill Guérande Empty (Kitchen)
    I wanted a mill can grind sea salt (or other so-called wet salts) and the mill fulfills this function perfectly. The design is certainly not very modern, but the capacity is decent (no need to fill it too often), as the grip and you can adjust the fi
  • The best children's shoes for the wet and cold season  

    Superfit Husky 10004366 girl snow boots (shoes)
    Since our little one can walk, she gets every year this shoe for fall and winter. The shoe is not very cheap, but in this case meets the slogan "Quality has its price" definitely! Advantages of this shoe over other winter booties: - Warm. - Here
  • Very nervous tires, poor grip in the wet  

    Continental Trekking and City- tires Contact II Reflex 3/180 + Safety System Breaker (equipment)
    Not bought at Amazon, I would nevertheless like to report my experience. I ride pretty much every day, in approximately 6,000 km away. Have the 32er ContiContact II driven on a fitness bike with 5 bar and am mostly quite quickly go. These tires, I ha
  • Only the wet shave is cleaner ....  

    Braun Series 7/795 CC Shaver (System) (Health and Beauty)
    Compared to the Philishave Cool Skin HQ 7780 Skin type / beard: sensitive skin / strong beard growth After nearly 1.5 years, I must say, after disappointing Philips power with more or less nervigem "Hautgereibe" really convinced of the usefulnes
  • opens up the world in the wet  

    Rain Cover for SLR Camera - 2 piece (electronics)
    Got the rain cover jokingly ordered (in the Peis can not much go wrong) and find it really handy and useful. For the viewfinder I've cut a small hole, and after I got used to the somewhat fumbling when setting the camera through the film, I find the
  • Good thinking, the quality fishing at a point  

    Klein - 1682 - Doll Accessories - 4 in 1 Highchair Princess Coralie (Toy)
    This is a classic toy and that pleases many, with a nice recliner adorned with a fresh and dainty bag but the tripod is a construction and mounting at least "light" (I mean for the price because I've seen more brittle plastics). But in principle
  • Useful for work in the wet  

    Original of Watchband Sport Watch Strap 22mm black rubber (clock)
    The article corresponded to my expectation, the delivery was prompt and without problems. I am completely satisfied and can make a recommendation without limitation. Everything OK!
  • Good in the wet  

    Pufas wallpaper protection and paint protection Elefantenhaut 1L
    Have sealed the latex paint my shower back wall with this paint protection. The yield at the process is good and the surface elasticity convinced me. The shower is used daily and it is inevitable that you sometimes touches the back wall with the show