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  • Thinking Out Loud, Ed SHEERAN  

    Thinking Out Loud (MP3 Download)
    In addition to a catchy tune, there is a superb choreography, with Ed himself. I love all and I recommend to have it on his MP3.
  • Thinking Out Loud  

    Thinking Out Loud (MP3 Download)
    wonderful song, Ed Sheeran HALT must hear the first few times but not necessarily cut down will be more and more beautiful, for quiet hours
  • We live out loud - we want more! Brilliant !!  

    Up to this point, and much farther (Deluxe Edition) (MP3 Download)
    So I just like Beatrice's voice, so I was of course totally curious how, then, this first CD will sound without Dieter. "On your marks ..." you know already, a happy song with a great video about this. The rest of the songs gilts again know new
  • I just want to "Sing Out Loud". :)  

    Sing Out Loud (MP3 Download)
    Soluna Samay is a Danish singer of German origin, was born in Guatemala. It represents Denmark in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2012 in Baku with the song "Should've Known Better". Their album 'Sing Out Loud "is in Germany unfortunately"
  • This album comes out loud everything!  

    The Tomorrow (MP3 Download)
    Where do you classify this album. The songs sound at first hearing so bulky that it is difficult to express an obvious winner. Gradually you can but well listen to the pieces and even takes pleasure or a different song at the. Be emphasized here is t
  • Buy Definitely!  

    X (Deluxe Edition) incl. "I See Fire" (Audio CD)
    I bought in the summer of 2012, the album +, after I heard for the first time The A Team. I was more than pleasantly surprised. On his first album I like every song without exception. Since it was clear that I had pre-ordered immediately x and now an
  • Ed Sheeran studied his style  

    X (Deluxe Edition) incl. "I See Fire" (Audio CD)
    Overall, I think this album is not really bad, but Ed Sheeran is obviously still looking for the kind of music that he really wants to do. A musician who is able a spine-tingling song like "Thinking out loud" to compose and sing, wasted m.
  • Good with room for improvement  

    Trotec TTK 75 S (max. 24 liters / day) Room size up to 48m² (tool)
    Even a second dehumidifier ELRO (on Peltier element basis) was the damp walls harm, because unfortunately the 40-60 watts are not enough for a 16m² room. I therefore had yet to invest in a device that consumes more power. Trotec was the best alternat
  • ensures fun  

    Royal Beach 22016 inflatable sofa 'TWO' inflatable couch, blue, 125 x 82x 60 cm (inflated) (Equipment)
    The article was there quickly, all right. He may be thinking out loud Description not for water, but also works well in the pool.
  • Success 5  

    X (CD)
    It is never easy to confirm after such a remarkable result from the first album. Well Ed Sheeran arrived there perfectly, offering us an album in the same vein as "+" (and not only because he remains in mathematical symbols with "X"):
  • Chic, Great, Affordable ... and apps can be moved on MicroSD :-)  

    Huawei Ascend Y530 Smartphone (11.4 cm (4.5 inch) touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, 4GB internal memory, Android 4.3) White (Electronics)
    [Update 02/27/2015] Please when rating "vote" or "problem" that this review was established in March 2014 and corresponds to my former impression consider. Both devices purchased from us run even after almost 1 year still like the firs
  • How strong is the voice inside you?  

    Pineview Drive House of Horror (computer game)
    Horror without violence, without opponents and tangible dangers. Can so captivate something? Yes, it can ... and how! The German development studio VIS Games has managed this feat. The only enemy of the protagonist is his own fear, his only ally is h
  • Great version of unfortunately with a strange sound effect  

    Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair Remix) (MP3 Download)
    I have the version of Thinking out loud on the radio they heard I liked immediately! However, a sound effect has been shown under the headphones, I had not so heard on the radio: Some of the sounds are quieter and louder. Similar to the phone, when b
  • As the first reviewer said ...  

    Thinking Out Loud (MP3 Download)
    ... Thinking Out Loud is by far one of the most beautiful love songs ever written and sung! The feeling that this song is transported as pure, sincere and beautiful. Something honest you get nue still extremely rare to hear today. To me already an ab
  • Best German rock / pop album these days!  

    According Thought (Standard Edition) (Audio CD)
    As the four musicians have Bautzener outdone themselves: The album "rocks" and the lyrics are very good. It is noteworthy that all they composed all the tracks himself, texted and have arranged. And that is reflected noticeably reflected in the
  • A victim of the phenomenon "Loudness War"  

    Making Mirrors (Audio CD)
    This review is solely on the technical production quality of the album, rather than its artistic content. I have read for the first time in connection with the advent of the MP3 format (ie downloads) negative about the phenomenon "Loudness War",
  • which you have to hear it loud ...  

    Back Home (Radio Edit) (MP3 Download)
    ... That was my first encounter with this title, belongs sat in the car and had the urge aloud already at the first sounds in NJoy. Ingenious rhythm, catchy chorus and powerful bass, there goes out loud ... I call that radio hit and it is capable to
  • Not sure what to think of the Taylor Gang Debut!  

    Stay Trippy (Audio CD)
    The Dirty South fans will me now stony, but I had with the Three 6 Mafia never something on his hat, took the time not really exciting. JUICY J., who famously was indeed a member, has for several years solos, now released his debut at the "Taylor Gan
  • ok but a bit too loud  

    Buffalo HD-E1.0TU2 EU 1TB external hard drive (8.8 cm (3.5 inches), 7200rpm, 8MB cache, SATA) (Personal Computers)
    Have you connected to the TV (Panasonic) as a recording device. You can hear the disk, but is not disturbing. On PC it would be I think too loud for me.
  • The device is soooo loud !!!  

    Panasonic DMP-BDT110EG 3D Blu-ray player (1080p upscaler, HDMI, Apple iPod touch remote controlled, wireless ready, USB) (Electronics)
    Insofar as it is seemingly a great device. The menu is simple, the picture is super and otherwise there is nothing to complain about, except: Hardly a commitment a movie, captures the player to be rödeln. It's scary out loud! It's not even a uniform