third hand Philips TV


  • A third hand that allows for maintaining precision work  

    I was tired of burning my fingers every welding job, then here, I found my third hand and is very convenient. Two alligator grips allow to hold two parts of a room, a magnifying glass allows for a focus on the work area and can be brought penne and w
  • Little helper when you need a third hand.  

    Wolfcraft 3051000 2 corner clamps ES 22 (tools)
    Ingenious idea of ​​Wolfcraft. Keeps shelves for screwing or gluing to reliably at an angle when you just no third hand free. Recommended!
  • Third hand with good clamping device  

    Bresser Helping Hand LED Work Lupe 2x / 4x 88mm (Electronics)
    I chose based on the reviews for this "third hand". I do not regret the purchase. The magnifying glass with the LED is wonderful --- clear that one should not expect XXL lighting here. But for my purposes is sufficient that completely. You can f
  • Bresser Third Hand  

    Bresser Helping Hand LED Work Lupe 2x / 4x 88mm (Electronics)
    Great! Since be worth the extra cost, in contrast to the low parts, quite! The 2x magnification is perfect for my 1:35 model when it comes to the paint. The 4x magnification, well. This is only a max 1cm large circle on the left side of the lens, for
  • Third hand without muscle power  

    Third Hand with magnifying glass and clamps (Misc.)
    I got myself the third hand to help with a small board. Unfortunately, the "hand" very shaky and can not even really notice, despite many existing locking screws. Lupe is impeccable. The stability of the foot is great. In summary, this product i
  • Saves while blow-drying the third hand  

    Philips HP8656 / 00 Pro Care Air Styler (ion function, ThermoProtect), purple (Personal Care)
    I have the Philips HP8656 / 00 Pro CareCollection Airstyler appointed ThermoProtect function, because I was curious about the paddle brush. All other papers are for me more than shoulder-length, heavy hair currently rather uninteresting and I will th
  • Obwohls my third of Philips is - he surprised me ...  

    Philips PT739 / 18 PowerTouch shaver (precision trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    As mentioned in the title, I have been very surprised by the good shaving performance of this low-shaver. As I have previously RQ1280 / 21 uses the Philips (of about 4 times the kostest the above article), I thought to myself that the shaving perform

    very convenient attaches easily to an established (it is too light not to be attached) I use it daily magnifying glass can be easily removed if you do not need excellent price-quality ratio
  • Genuine third hand.  

    Comply with the order. No surprises. Be patient, it comes from Asia, so this may take some time for me 3 weeks. I was in no hurry. Very good communication with the seller.
  • Caution always free have a third hand, otherwise it can be expensive !!!  

    Cullmann MAGNESIT 525M CW25 tripod with 3-way head (integrated monopod, 2 drawers, load capacity 6 kg, 169cm height, 66cm packing size) (Electronics)
    I can only reflect the warnings give right !!! For me, the warning came too late. I bought the tripod a year ago. Today then is exactly what happens, from what has been warned several times here. Head with camera on it aborted. The nearly became expe
  • Ingenious "third" hand  

    Genius basket foldable Black (Kitchen)
    Easily foldable, easy to store again. Fits under the passenger seat. The basket is very stable and has mastered so far without any problems even heavy purchases. Recommended.
  • Third Hand.  

    Bresser Helping Hand LED Work Lupe 2x / 4x 88mm (Electronics)
    After correctly attaching the alligator clips (screws firmly pull) were the arms incl. The terminals properly positioned. The magnifying glass is large enough and sufficiently enlarged. The clamp for table mounting could be a bit firmer. In order to
  • 3.Hand - that's even better  

    modellbahn-exclusive 9947 - Third 3rd hand with magnifying glass, Soldering, 2x zoom (Toys)
    The third hand is essential, but in this case are simply too many screws (degrees of freedom) tuned so that di right attitude is sometimes a bit difficult. The walk might be a little heavier (larger) or have a hole for mounting
  • Not for the faint of heart or left hands !!!  

    Speaker wall mount boxes Wall mounting bracket pair silver LB W 5S (Electronics)
    The only thing that satisfies me to the part, is that it finally depends! Good 1.5 hours it took ... but where everything seemed so simple: - Fast assembly, fixing the scope! So it was in any case ... And so I assumed, 4 holes in the wall, plugs in,
  • A little practice makes perfect  

    Remington BHT300 Body Hair Trimmer (Health and Beauty)
    Looking for an (upper) body hair shaver, I came across this Remington. Has a good design, iiegt very good in the hand and is not as expensive as the competition from eg Philips. The first time I was able to shave underarms notice skin irritation (ski
  • Small quirks must be respected  

    Ardo Calypso 63.00.194 - electric breast pump (Baby Product)
    If you have the polylobed breast pump is not bad and certainly better than the hand pump from Philips, but ... You really have to specifically ensure that the suction cover is securely latched to the pump was thus turned approximately 2mm below the s
  • Finally a clear picture even in bright  

    Sony EV1MK Electronic viewfinder with XGA OLED TruFinder 1.3 cm display for DSC-RX1 (Accessories)
    Although the RX-100LL has a very good display, och've always big problems to compose the picture outdoors in backlight. In particular, if you like a white T-shirt or a plaid shirt attracts ;-) This painfully expensive viewfinder and a cap you can tel
  • My hairstyle savior  

    BaByliss 2735E Hot Air Brush Brush & Style, 1000W (Personal Care)
    The initial situation: I have shoulder length rather thick, but not very thick hair, also my hair is neither smooth nor wavy and curl, but a bit of everything. If I let them dry in the air, they are slightly wavy, but unfortunately very uneven. If I
  • Good detergent at a fair price  

    Coral Optimal Color, 1,5l for 20 WL (Personal Care)
    We are a family of four with two small (5 1/2 and 2 years old) children. As much laundry falls and we therefore often look for a detergent that cleans well, is not as strong perfumed and our clothes and also protects our purse. After several washing
  • Super toy! 1  

    Tepro Toronto charcoal grill (garden products)
    Moin, I wanted to exchange my old stainless steel grill against the possibility of indirect grilling and was actually already decided zuzulegen a W ....- Grill. Until I have my views Watch in business ... I then met with Amazon on this grill and must