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  • Thule 920 020 EuroWay  

    Thule 920 020 EuroWay G2 920 (version 2014) trailer hitch bike rack (Automotive)
    The EuroWay arrived quickly and packaged well with me. You can build the well as women understand and implement quickly, just as the attachment to the tow bar. Two MTB super fit it and the attachment is simple and stable.
  • Fine screw fine place!  

    Thule EuroWay G2 920, trailer hitch bike rack (production set by the manufacturer) (Automotive)
    The bicycle carrier G2 920 should be eventually. It spirits as the 902 around in retail outlets even earlier, almost at the same price; even those. with thumb screw for locking as the 940. But regarding price / feature I liked the G2 920 best. Positi
  • Just buy it !!! Thule Euroway G2 920 for 2 wheels  

    Thule EuroWay G2 920, trailer hitch bike rack (production set by the manufacturer) (Automotive)
    I can only agree with Harry Callahan and Versohn, he has brought it to the point. I also needed a few minutes to the carrier on the coupling ball set and afterwards make the initial assembly of the two wheels. This is simply a must and you have to ma
  • Thule bike carrier Euroway G2 920 simply ingenious  

    Thule EuroWay G2 920, trailer hitch bike rack (production set by the manufacturer) (Automotive)
    After the purchase of a new Tiguan, with fold-away trailer coupling, was also the consideration for the purchase of a new bicycle rack for the existing Mautain bikes. This should, of course, watch out for the coupling, which I at first did not seem s
  • Thule bike carrier Euroway G2 920  

    Thule EuroWay G2 920, trailer hitch bike rack (production set by the manufacturer) (Automotive)
    The carrier was in 2 days with me, it was easy to assemble, and I noticed even the thoughtful design of high quality manufactured carrier. Quick also the correct set point for the clamping claw has been found with the one clamps the carrier on the ba
  • Rear carrier Thule Euro Way 920  

    Thule EuroWay G2 920, trailer hitch bike rack (production set by the manufacturer) (Automotive)
    Excellent! The carrier is easy to use and the most important thing is that the carrier after fixing while driving - not twisted - even at 130 km / h. The carrier can also be easily stowed in the trunk. Highly recommended.
  • Big and beautiful - switch Lumia 920 at 1520 - no regrets !!!  

    Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone (15.2 cm (6.0 inches) IPS LCD FULL HD, 20 megapixel camera, 2.2 GHz quad-core processor, Windows Phone 8) (Electronics)
    I come from a Lumia 920 and 620, and am familiar with Windows Phone from the outset. I want to briefly talk about my transition to the Lumia 1520 and what there was to specifics there. Appearance, feel, size: Yes, 1520 is already very big, no questio
  • A good product - to a lesser extent  

    Canon EOS M3 system camera (24 megapixel, APS-C CMOS sensor, WiFi, NFC, Full HD) Kit incl. EF-M 18-55mm IS STM lens, black (Electronics)
    After the EOS M3 now allowed to check a week through its paces, I would like to describe my impressions here. Unfortunately, our paths have separated again, because of the mode selector had a loose connection and has suspended work after a few shots.
  • simple but genial.Thule Euroway G2 922  

    Universal wall bracket for bicycle carriers (Automotive)
    For my Thule bike carrier EuroWay G2 922 I was looking for a reasonable wall mount and bought the EUFAB 16412! Drilled 3 holes and the mounting hardware on the wall geschraubt.Heckträger befestigt.FERTIG! Low cost, high benefit!
  • Super price / performance to a lesser extent for the ingredients  

    Nivea Men original mild Intensive moisturizer, 3-pack (3 x 50 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    I do not know what people have to complain about the pot, or that he is made of glass. I think the crucible super convenient and I appreciate any product that does not use plastic. My husband is both more schnurz. He finds the Nivea Men very pleasant
  • Article extent super, but unfortunately "SATA I & II"  

    USB 3.0 Docking Station for all 2.5 "and 3.5" SATA hard disks and SSD's - HDD Auto Detection - incl. Eject button - Backwards compatible - Black (Electronics)
    Article extent super, its function fully meets! Without problems with 2TB large disk on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 tested. The only thing I, and even other customers have to complain to me, is that in the product description
  • Experience with the Pioneer AVIC F 920 BT  

    Pioneer AVIC-F920BT DVD Media Center with Multi-sensor GPS (SD card slot, iPod / iPhone connector USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    To put it straight to the point, the device is getting used to the manual a disgrace and the service of Pioneer impudence. Nevertheless, the device is recommended. Sequentially. The manual has 228 pages and must be downloaded from the internet in Ger
  • Tested Thule roof racks on holiday  

    Thule bike carrier FreeRide 530 (Automotive)
    We have the Thule 530 Freeride bike rack in a 3-week vacation tested (with repeated loading and unloading of the wheels). Once you have understood the installation instructions once (take a while!), The bicycle rack can be mounted very quickly and wi
  • Thule bike carriers  

    Thule bike carrier FreeRide 530 (Automotive)
    Only the support of BMW tried to painfully determine the Expensive is not always good! Our bicycles true after a trip from Hamburg to Rügen scratched and support more than ever. Then the test with Thule and what you want to say: Easy, Simple, stable
  • Nokia DT-910 charger for Lumia 920  

    Nokia DT-910 Charging Station with wireless charging function White (Electronics)
    Dear prospective customers, I have the charger bought in white to my Nokia Lumia 920 to load it. The whole charging station is very high quality and has the base apparently installed an additional small weight, what the charging station additional go
  • Thule halt! Simply good!  

    Thule Rapid footpacks (pack of 4 feet) for 757 rail cars (Automotive)
    I've bought in connection with the Thule WingBar my Thule Foot pack 757. The fit is just great! The stability is suffering in any way. The whole assembly is very easy and is super fast! The here partly negative comments about the manual I can not und
  • Thule, what else?  

    Thule Rapid footpacks (pack of 4 feet) for 757 rail cars (Automotive)
    I ordered the Rapid footpacks together with the WingBar of Thule for our Golf Plus. Qualitatively very high, easy to use, lockable. Feet on the rail, adjusted and turned off, they are fixed. Together with the WingBar they form a unit where one notice
  • Thule Rapid footpacks 757 at SEAT Exeo ST  

    Thule Rapid footpacks (pack of 4 feet) for 757 rail cars (Automotive)
    Thule Foot pack 757 The support feet 757 of Thule are Suitable for various car types, as well as the Seat Exeo ST. They are processed Thule Typical clean, but the locks satisfy merely tokenism because they can be circumvented. Fundamentally, however,
  • Thule Crossover Mobile TMPA115 semi-rigid EVA Protective Case Laptop MacBook PRO 15 "/ iPad Black  

    Thule Crossover Mobile TMPA115 semi-rigid EVA Protective Case Laptop MacBook PRO 15 "/ iPad Black (Personal Computers)
    I examine briefcases for my laptop for a long time and I read a lot of comments. I selected "Mobile Thule Crossover TMPA115 rigid protective EVA Case Laptop MacBook PRO 15" / Black iPad ". I am sure that this product is very practical, very
  • Thule always at the top level!  

    Thule Crossover TAS113 Mobile Covers and transportation computer 13 "MacBook and MacBook Pro EVA Rigid Black (Personal Computers)
    I am very fond of Thule and protection really helps me carry my mac across all protection. I will go over this case and use it when open it. The support is rigid enough to lay it flat on the lap without fear slipping. Very well suited.