trotec ttk 70 s review


  • Trotec TTK 25e  

    TROTEC TTK 25 E (max. 12 liters / day) (Misc.)
    I really do not buy anything that was not rated in Amazon, or at least are in the Internet about tests. About ttk25e I have found nothing on the Internet, which was very sad, I think of is relatively new. Nevertheless, I have dared to order, since he
  • TROTEC TTK 170 S  

    TROTEC TTK 170 S (max. 50 L / day) Model 2013 (Misc.)
    The device is compact, is quiet in operation and has a good drying performance. The receptacle could however be somewhat larger.
  • TROTEC TTK 90 E (max. 30 L / day) Room size up to 90 m²  

    TROTEC TTK 90 E (max. 30 L / day) Room size up to 90 m² (Misc.)
    Super device, finally my cellar and laundry room is free of unwanted moisture. The device is great, only one operating in the bedroom would not möglch night, too loud
  • TROTEC TTK 40E  

    TROTEC TTK 40 E (max. 14 L / day) Room size up to 25 m² (Misc.)
    The dehumidifier was delivered in perfect condition. Several functional tests have confirmed the expected effectiveness of the solid acting device. The noise level is for our application (no longer operating in a residential area at the same time sta
  • Trotec TTK 75 S Dehumidifier  

    TROTEC TTK 75 S dehumidifier (24 l / day) for 45 m² max. (Others)
    A great little machine that has so far extract 30 liters of water in a week following a burst pipe in a bathroom upstairs. As the machine was delivered to Germany within 3 days of order. (An excellent small Machine That HAS so far extracted 30 liters
  • Trotec TTK 24  

    TROTEC TTK 24 E (max. 10 l / day) (household goods)
    The device works, but the device description is not sufficient. Can you please give me the email address to send the manufacturer, because I have questions. There are on the unit the following inscription: Full tank - which means determines the water
  • Very powerful, quite quietly, but worse automatic mode  

    Trotec TTK 70 S (max. 24 liters / day) Room size up to 48m² (tool)
    I run these dehumidifiers during the hot summer months in the bedroom where the relative humidity every morning is 75-85%. Since this dehumidifier is very powerful, it lowers the humidity within a short time (about 1 hour) to 60-65%. To be fair, I mu
  • quieter scrap  

    Trotec TTK 75 S (max. 24 liters / day) Room size up to 48m² (tool)
    The Trotec TTK 75 S is not all bad, but has serious flaws. From the beginning. In September 2014 I * i bought when Al a dehumidifier for 139 euros. Very modern, digital display, Luftanheizung, still only 380Watt. He enntfeutete wonderful day for me 4
  • Strong and efficient performance!  

    Trotec TTK 100 S (max. 30 liters / day) Room size up to 92m² (tool)
    For air drying our attic rooms I ordered Trotec TTK 100S and also comfee MDF2-20DEN3. In addition, also recently Bautrockner WDH-520HB used in parallel. Therefore, I have very good opportunities for comparison in order to evaluate the equipment. Purp
  • Works as described, but is that enough?  

    Elro DH600 Dehumidifier (tool)
    Before one is thinking about buying a dehumidifier, you should a little deal with the issue humidity. At 22 ° C, a cubic meter of air is already taking on almost 20 ml of water. This small dehumidifier will probably be bought mainly for small rooms,
  • Dehumidification weak  

    Rotfuchs® Bautrockner DH55 dehumidifier dehumidifier dehumidifier dehumidifiers dehumidifier dryer Raumentfeuchtungsgerät breathing device wet vacuum adsorption (Misc.)
    As I let myself be fooled by the only other review: "the dehumidification is top". That turned me completely different: I've had standing right next to the Duracraft DD TEC10E and has attracted almost as much water from the air, namely 90% of th
  • good, but it's better and cheaper  

    Aktobis dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers WDH-520HB (up to 25 L / T) (Misc.)
    The device is not bad. But in direct comparison it is more expensive and less powerful than the Trotec TTK 100 S. There, I wrote in a review of a detailed description of our private settlement with a total of 5 different types Bautrockner. Both WDH d
  • Only for a few applications.  

    ELRO DH250 mini dehumidifier (tool)
    Why do I need a dehumidifier: ------------------------------------------- In my very small bathroom (3,9m² 1,35x2,9m =) I have a problem with the humidity. Although I have a window, but when I leave this open 10 minutes after showering and then close
  • No buy recommendation for this manufacturer - supplier producer  

    TROTEC TTK 170 S (max. 50 L / day) Model 2013 (Misc.)
    I spent hours on the internet compared price and performance information and have come to the decision to order the Trotec TTK 170 S Bautrockner. No sooner said than done ... my delivery within the next 2-3 days were promised that suited me well, bec
  • good device for a reasonable price  

    Trotec TTK 70 S (max. 24 liters / day) Room size up to 48m² (tool)
    I opted for the Trotec TTK 70 S, because he for nearly 100 ordinary 20L / 24h. is intended to create. I do not know why the Merheit chose the Duracraft DD TEC10E because that creates only 10L / 24h. I have withdrawn because the manual does not say an
  • Edelschrott 1  

    Trotec TTK 75 S (max. 24 liters / day) Room size up to 48m² (tool)
    Well, I bought a dehumidifier Trotec TTK 75S me rechlich 2 years ago. First impression, the unit was a little clunky, the regulation of the dehumidification over the icons, the controller was misleading and in operation, there was vibration noise (ra
  • Tested 5 different Bautrockner: this was by far the best price / performance ratio  

    Trotec TTK 100 S (max. 30 liters / day) Room size up to 92m² (tool)
    We had 2 apartments with at least 1,000 m³ volume dry quickly and have a total of 5 different types Bautrockner tested because we did not want to pay the expensive drying companies. Were tested: - Duracraft DD TEC10E dehumidifiers, 300 W, 167, 2 piec
  • Am very zufreieden  

    TROTEC TTK 90 E (max. 30 L / day) Room size up to 90 m² (Misc.)
    I have ordered the TTK 90 E for our approximately 28 square meters large basement room. Since the over 100 year old walls let through moisture and it also is the coldest of all the cellars, the coated with lime walls have strongly absorbed moisture a
  • Function: "Very good", overflow protection: "Miserable"  

    Trotec TTK 30 S (max. 12 liters / day) Room size up to 12m² (tool)
    I have brought the Trotec TTK 30 S for my basement. He really dehumidified prima! The sopping wet basement was dry in a short time as the desert. He hohlte me at 18 ° C on first day nearly 10L of water from the air. Unfortunately, the collection cont
  • Perfect for our purpose  

    Trotec TTK 30 S (max. 12 liters / day) Room size up to 12m² (tool)
    In our bathroom, we have always had the following problem: Even a long time after showering was difficult - if at all - possible humidity lower back on a "pleasant" value - despite intensive airing. With the wet towels in the room humidity