trust arys 2.0 review


  • Almost flop  

    Black Canyon Men's 3-layer softshell jacket (Sports Apparel)
    This morning I went for a walk with our dog, weather: somewhat stronger rain, duration of the walk about 35 minutes. Under the jacket I was wearing a light blue t-shirt. Back at home, the t-shirt was dark blue. This was due to a marked Wasseinbruch,
  • Super product against mold on the silicone joints  

    MELLERUD mold destroyer chlorhaltig 0.5 L 2001000097 (tool)
    Video at hello. For a long time I have in the bathroom mold on the silicone joints. I've done the joints completely new and treated with various agents. Nothing has convinced me and kept away the mold for a short time. Therefore, I have t
  • Very well when they do not reinflate  

    12 x Storage Bag Vacuum Pack To Saves Space Clothing 80x60 cm. DIHOME TM
    I enjoyed the product price and have trusted the many positive reviews. The volume gain is interesting but some bags reinflate after about 6 weeks!
  • the waffles are not beautiful  

    SW323812 Waffle Croque Tefal Invent Inox & Design (Kitchen)
    Waffles are cooked evenly because it would return the waffle maker during cooking but never attempt !!!! The waffle batter flows into the interstices of this unit (I see you laugh, huh?) We must therefore resolve to accept that the waffles are almost
  • Do not worry you! !  

    NAELIA CGF-06903-NAE Double Plate Induction 3400 W (Kitchen)
    I curse my rechaud NAELIA daily for purchasing one year ago and a half! I bought the model with Dutch oven and a single plate. But reading the comments, I see the quality here is not better. I bought trusting to some rave reviews (false? Made by the
  • Very well when they do not reinflate 1  

    DIBAG TM - 2x Pack Vacuum Storage Bag For Clothing Saves Space 80x60 cm. (Kitchen)
    I enjoyed the product price and have trusted the many positive reviews. The volume gain is interesting but some bags reinflate after about 6 weeks!
  • Help actual choice  

    Orbital T02 Breaks (Album)
    I just found the first two volumes of this series. I was trusted me some rave reviews for me to offer these comics. Result: Hallucinating, the gap between the comments already published and reality. Cutting boards: random and sometimes incomprehensib
  • Not recommended! 38 2  

    Original Samsung ETC-P1G2CEG Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 10.1 (Accessory)
    Despite all precautions, you can not install the product without air bubbles are trapped. Also if you lift the film to drive a bubble, others appear and so on ... Finally protection is not as rough and glides the original screen. In the end I removed
  • Perfect price / quality 19  

    M-Audio AV 40 monitors 40 W (Electronics)
    I wanted a speaker pair versatile monitoring and low cost. I trusted to read many reviews on Amazon and I'm disappointed in any way. I doubt that for a similar price you can beat. The sound and well balanced, the bass is more present as the speakers
  • Product absolutely not finalized  

    Aston Xena Twin HD Satellite Receiver with dual HD tuner PVR HDMI 3D dual card reader (Electronics)
    What a disappointment! So many crippling problems on this yet expensive model. Ergonomics is deplorable; access to favorite channels catastrophic; its cut sporadically; Image corrupted by parasitic (non-existent on a Cube Canal +, however bad); slow
  • A really great album with symptoms of double album's disease  

    The River (Audio CD)
    It should be an over-album, and that's "The River" natural approach without a doubt, with due respect. Now that I write these lines already exist, 19 reviews for this album and, without exception, all grant Springsteen's work of 1980, a full fiv
  • One product that I can recommend with a clear conscience. , ,  

    MEGASOL E 11041 Eros Super Concentrated Bodyglide 100ml (Health and Beauty)
    As a highly suspicious and skeptical person I am truly not easy to convince. A. Trust me the product reviews only partially. B. Never Do I believe what the advertising promises. C. What person "A" suit you or is tolerated, may be very different
  • Test yourself ...  

    Trial Xtreme 2 (app)
    The game itself is fun. It should be a little closer to the control buttons then it works quite well. Running on my SGS3 super. For a mobile game good graphics. One should try it before you trust here on many reviews myself. Thanks to Amazon for this
  • I learn: Trust other reviews. Trust other reviews. Trust other reviews. Trust ...  

    Brown funk reisewecker, LED, snooze function, light BNC008BK-RC (clock)
    Oh man, everybody writes here that the contrast in the normal state of being too low. But instead I let myself be guided by derFormschönheit and buy read reviews despite this alarm? And not even at Amazon, where I could just convert it. I put to him
  • One should then but trust the reviews and not the pictures  

    Brown funk reisewecker, LED, snooze function, light BNC008BK-RC (clock)
    Video at View Mir really liked has always the Braun design. I like this simple clean lines and stayed in finding an alarm clock in this travel alarm clock hanging. Now I have just received the alarm and tested through its paces. It all wor
  • Review for Trust SlimLine Widescreen Graphics Tablet  

    Trust Slimline Widescreen Graphics Tablet (Accessories)
    With graphics tablet, I am very satisfied. The pen with the pressure detection is gewöhnungsbedürftet something, but is ideally designed to himself to draw, or to perform edits. The quality is quite high and the design is very elegant. I myself use t
  • Purchased after a trust with review smell  

    One Direction Our Moment Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml (Health and Beauty)
    This is a Christmas gift for a fan of one direction. Beautiful box and proper packaging We did not feel the product We made confianée notices
  • Very disappointed ... I would have to trust the bad reviews  

    Original Lavolta A1175 Battery for Apple 15 "MacBook Pro 15.4-inch A1211 A1226 A1260 A1150 MA348G / A MA463LL / A Aluminum - Silver (Electronics)
    This battery works, but ...: - It is plastic - It is darker than the color of mac - It is too thick, it will not completely fit in the location - I lose 1% battery every 10 seconds, that is to say I 15-20 min in total autonomy In short, a great disap
  • Review Trust Sydney Notebook Case  

    Trust Sydney Notebooktasche 43,9cm (17.3 inch) (Electronics)
    The bag like me: very good bag has large pockets and is well padded. I would have given 5 stars but a zipper's been broken.
  • Review "I do not trust me"  

    I do not trust me (Instrumental) (MP3 Download)
    I chose this mp3 version from giving the highest rating because I think that the song anhöhrt very good.