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  • Functional and well thought out  

    Kenley Business garment bag garment bag suit pocket - up to 4 suits
    Since my husband is often away on business and this is also dependent on business attire, we were some time looking for a garment bag, which can be folded and can be easily carried. Especially if you are traveling by train, so a little scary almost.
  • Better than first thought !!!  

    Philips SA4VBE04KN / 12 GoGear Vibe MP4 Player 4GB (4.6 cm (1.8 inch) LCD display, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    Hello, dear Amazon community, the first sight, piano-black lacquer, let some hope. After 12 hours of listening and 6 reset, because I thought the unit do not obey me, I came out that certain functions sometimes require double as play, pause or change
  • robust and well thought out  

    Breville VST041X jumbo sandwich maker (household goods)
    Actually, I had been a toaster with square wells (without diagonal division) because I thought, I get in there more filling. But it is not so! This toaster is at least as much stuffing as pure as when my undivided predecessor. In addition, the divisi
  • Thoughts on development  

    Lytro light field camera ILLUM (40 Megaray sensor, 8.3-fold opt. Zoom, 30-250 mm focal length) (Electronics)
    Customer review of a product not purchased. I want to begin by saying that I know the Lytro cameras only from reviews etc and hin.- and over consider whether I should buy myself the Illum now and if the "play value" the high price also just
  • Much better than I thought! (Skiller Skiller & Pro)  

    Sharkoon Skiller gaming keyboard black (Accessories)
    - UPDATE 10/2014! - Amazon unfortunately does not distinguish between still and Skiller Skiller Pro. However, the difference is enormous. I now own both. The review for the Skiller Pro I have pasted below, because fortunately it remains at the 5 star
  • first and only truly thoughtful Dock for Xperia Z3  

    Kosee Cover-compatible Magnetic Docking Station for the Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Tip to the seller: The springs mounted charging contacts and the additional spring-loaded base are the outstanding features, it is not mentioned in the article description although they are clear, the purchase decision USPs. This form of suspension,
  • A simple, functioning and thoughtful top bracket  

    Wicked Chili Car mount holder for Samsung mobile Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S5 / S5 Active / S5 mini / S4 / S4mini / S4 Active / S3 / S3mini / ATIV S / S Duos 1 + 2 / Alpha / Ace 2 + 3 / Trend Plus / Express II / Core / Fame Lite (Made in Germany, with ball joint, compatible with Bumper / Case / Cover) (Accessories)
    First, I want to mention that I got asked this car cell phone holder for a product test. Here is my experience about the product: The workmanship is very good, the materials seem rather high. The attachment to the windshield is easy. Stick to a good
  • well thought Cot  

    babybay rollaway maxi - The extra large ventilated (Baby Product)
    Looking for a suitable additional bed for our offspring, we came quickly to the Babybay-bed. After we advised several acquaintances to buy this bed, the decision was made. At first we felt the default size would be sufficient, but the thought of poss
  • Clever thoughtful film  

    Headhunter (Amazon Instant Video)
    The story is from start to finish extremely well thought out. At first glance, it undergoes very quiet, with no action ... but only at first glance. Action and excitement without rumba preparers and car explosions. My favorite part is the area with A
  • A very personal, thought-provoking album ...  

    Tracker (Audio CD)
    The now 112 customer reviews to album - hence only a brief statement: Music for thought - music for relaxing ... from my point of view but far from any boredom. A warm and at the same time very personal album ... full worth hearing and ultimately jus
  • Works awesome, I never thought !!!  

    Body Back Buddy back massager for trigger point massage and self-massage, Body Back Buddy with 11 massage heads for the treatment of trigger points all over the body (Personal Care)
    Massagers - what you do not get it all promised ... Especially electrical massage devices - to massage chairs - nothing I found really works, really puts pressure on the sore muscles that you would like to have massaged. So far I have worked a lot wi
  • Buy recommendation - Well thought Cat Toys  

    Catit Senses Game 50730 rail for Cats (Misc.)
    Video at Amazon.com View At first I thought that my boys lose as usual after a few days "push ball" the desire to. It turned out, however, that the race track is now in daily use for over a month. Both cat play with enthusiasm. That reminds
  • Very well thought out, top quality - Warning! Fits only conditionally for RPI2  

    NEW! Housing (OneNineDesign) for Raspberry Pi Model B +, plexiglass clear transparent transparent, ventilated, European production (Personal Computers)
    I am very impressed with this case which is very well thought of 3 parts. The Raspberry Pi is placed into the base plate, on the middle part is clipped and on the lid. A positive feature is: (Can this serve to protect the board even at middle part cl
  • se a good product but not thought through  

    Logitech K480 wireless Bluetooth keyboard for computer, tablet and smartphone (QWERTY) Black (Personal Computers)
    I have the K480 keyboard used (condition excellent) get quite cheap on Amazon and still returned this product. Why? - The quality and feel are absolutely angemessen.Keine for the price question. - The weight is substantial and surprisingly high with
  • Thoughtful than most other models ...  

    The original Gecko Covers Tolino shine Case E-Reader Ebook Bertelsmann worldview Thalia Telekom Hugendubel Cover Case Bag - in practical book style (Stand Case Red) (Electronics)
    It seems to me, anyway. A long-term test I have not yet undergone the shell, but the reader is stuck (Tolino Shine) and the closure clip that holds the lid of the casing snaps firmly so that the cover is no longer shifts. First, I have made myself a
  • Better than we thought. 7  

    Blunderbuss (Audio CD)
    Who would have thought, "Blunderbuss" is better than expected. I'm really not a great friend Jack White, but to get as extensive music consumers around not, again and again to look at his output. The White Stripes have conjured me over a pe
  • What was he doing just thought?  

    A Dance With Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five (Paperback)
    In my opinion the book "Storm of Swords" is one of the best that can be found in the fantasy literature so. "Feast for Crows" from much amazing. Well, it can only get better, I thought, but he was wrong. "A dace with Dragons
  • Thoughtfully (except that the cable can not be replaced)  

    AVANTO Active Car Holder Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 / Autohalterung Galaxy S III / 360 ° CROSS-operation (electronics)
    I recently bought the mount and used on some rides. Form and function do I rate, the longevity but not. The holder is fixed with a suction cup on the windshield. In addition, a plastic plate is provided which has an adhesive surface, so that you can
  • Unfortunately, not thought through  

    Sony Cover for Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact, black (Accessories)
    The cover makes a good quality impression, the material is fine, However mEn should just be the manufacturer's original cover so thoughtful, that the induction charging port remains free - it's super practical that one must have the display "are
  • Very good, noble and well thought out - the Best Case for Nexus7 date  

    Supremery Ultra Slim Google Nexus 7 Leatherette Case Cover Book Cover Case for Nexus 7 Tablet Protective Case (Electronics)
    Ultra Slim Google Nexus 7 Leather Case Case Case Sleeve Cover Skin Case Cover with Auto Sleep and Wake Function, wrist strap and stylus holder Summary for the impatient: I'm very satisfied and it can with a clear conscience friend when the 35 Euro is