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  • Diagnostic device U480  

    Autodia SX40 CAN BUS diagnostic OBD2 EOBD Scanner for Renault Fiat Alfa Romeo BMW Citroen Daihatsu Hyundai Kia Lancia Mazda Mercedes Mitsubishi Opel Peugeot Porsche Renault Saab Subaru Toyota Volvo Hand Scanner (household goods)
    Have I bought the unit to delete the annoying MKL my beloved lion. Since the error existed for some time and I was to have read in the workshop, I can also say that the device has detected the error and correct. Manual I have flown over short (despit
  • Better, bigger, faster  

    Need For Speed: Underground 2 (video game)
    Electronics Arts has with Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 created the game that you actually already have been expected from its predecessor. The weaknesses of its predecessor, having been slaughtered consistently, however NFSU2 is also not perfect. M
  • It was worth the money but ...  

    U480 CAN OBDII / OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool Memo Scanner Fault Code Reader Engine Reader // U480 CAN OBDII / OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Car scanner fault code reader memo drive motor (Electronics)
    The tool works well, but it is very far from being universal. On a Peugeot 106 from 2000, decision is not good. On a relatively new Mercedes, the tool can not read the codes of the manufacturer. In contrast, tried on a Suzuki Samurai 2002 he worked p
  • Good but could fit better  

    Aukey® Dual Port USB Car Charger + 2.1A 2.1A (4.2A max) Car Charger equipped with the AI ​​PowerTM technology for iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones, MP4, PSP, GoPro, GPS, WHITE / BLACK (BLACK) (4.2A BLACK) (Electronics)
    The charger looks good. I have not yet had the opportunity to test every angle, but I could see that it sometimes disconnects from the cigarette lighter of my shiny Peugeot 106 1.5D 2000.
  • Disappointment on May 4 1218  

    Unnecessary purchase, while the overall shape of the hull was similar to my original key, once opened, the housing for the electronic card does not match the original map my key (Valeo for Peugeot 106 ZEN ). It seemed more difficult or impossible to
  • Functioning diagnostic equipment at a unbeatable price  

    New Super Mini ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 CAN-BUS Diagnostic Scanner With power switch for Android Symbian Windows ELM 327
    Seeking for my Prius 3 an OBD2 Scanner with switches, so that I can turn off the power for the permanent connection also. I go when ordering a risk, even in the event that the device should work nich, there is not a large financial loss for me. Equip
  • Top features very low  

    Auna MD-170-BT Bluetooth car stereo with USB and SD slot (integr. Amplifier 4 x 75W max., Remote control, RDS, 7 display colors) White (Electronics)
    I bought the AUNA MD-170-BT because of the possibility of random playback in SD and USB, A2DP Bluetooth and remote control. Especially Shuffle is a feature which other mostly not have AUNA devices with Bluetooth. Advantage: I can the SD card or USB s
  • Does one have the reference perhaps "taunt"? I think so!  

    Relax Days Steering Wheel Cover / steering wheel cover - 37-39 cm black-chrome (Automotive)
    I fear, as already written, the reference is not simply reared and finished in most cars in scarce minutes. At least not at Ford. If the Galaxy owner writes that he is very thick, he's right. If the owner writes without power steering, he slips, he's
  • Waste plastic part  

    Radioblende - PEUGEOT 106 and Citroen - Black [106 PEUGEOT Citroen DIN ISO Simply 1mal small 1X Visor Car Radio bezel frame adapter cover mounting frame] (Electronics)
    After I have my old Peugeot 106 donated a new car radio, I thought it might look chic with this panel. Unfortunately, no: - Wobbles panel - Aperture makes it more difficult to use the car radio buttons - Plastic surface has a different finish than th
  • Super assistance to center couplings  

    18 Piece Set Clutch Aligner Clutch Kit incl. Case (Automotive)
    I use it in the shop. It works very well for centering clutch disks. Simply select the appropriate adapter before installation and then insert the installation with. Clutch Pressure Plate Screw and ready. Is simpler than using the screwdriver and the
  • Type list  

    Cartrend 60223 Gecko Mesh Seat Cover-Set, gray, with docu seam (Automotive)
    As the seller, it is not necessary to publish the list of supported type, seats went unopened to Amazon back (and therefore only one star, this lack of information cost me 3.90). I'm not the first to complain here rightly because of missing type list
  • Experience with U480 CAN BUS OBD2 Diagnostic  

    Autodia SX40 CAN BUS diagnostic OBD2 EOBD Scanner for Renault Fiat Alfa Romeo BMW Citroen Daihatsu Hyundai Kia Lancia Mazda Mercedes Mitsubishi Opel Peugeot Porsche Renault Saab Subaru Toyota Volvo Hand Scanner (household goods)
    Who has some experience with measurement technology, is informed in great detail in the application of the device and also in the analysis of fault codes. The accompanying CD with the German translation of error code is translated very well. The pric
  • Bluetooth OBDII OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner  

    Bluetooth OBDII OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Scan tool check Engine Light CAR CODE READER for ELM327 ELM327 ELM327 Wireless USB Set
    useful and cheap for that price live reading you can have some parameters and of course erase defects Cylinders with software such
  • NX200 CAN BUS Diagnostic Scanner  

    XXL Tech KWP2100 NX200 Can Bus Diagnostic Scanner OBD 2 German (Automotive)
    Hello, I'll start with the quality of the device. It is very sturdy, looks good, feels good in the hand and the control buttons are clearly visible and also for wider finger to use. The operation and handling of the device is almost self-explanatory,
  • Scanner disappointing service unfortunately!  

    Lexmark Office Pro5500 4in1 Multifuntkionsgerät (inkjet printer, scanner, copier, fax) (Personal Computers)
    I have the Lexmark Office Pro5500 purchased to digitize a) documents and printing b) commercial documents. Setting up the printer was easy on the hand and I was very pleased. Since I had to scan large volumes of documents, I set to work at once. The
  • QR Scanner  

    Barcode Scanner + for Kindle Fire (App)
    It's a good program of QR scanner with very interesting details it is always a good choice: always gladly again !!
  • Laser printer - the scanner can forget ...  

    Brother MFC-7440N AIO MFP Laser (Personal Computers)
    I finally replaced my Inkjet Printer / Scanner with a new device in early 2010. I quite often have text printing and value put on a good printed image, it should definitely be a laser printer. Every now and then I scan photographs, what worked perfec
  • OBD2 ELM327 Adapter with torque = Works perfectly  

    Uniqstore® WIFI OBD2 ELM327 Wirless PC Car Diagnostic Reader Scanner tool with WiFi for iPhone iPad,
    No matter how, whether or not ELM327: The fact is that it works! :-) ATTENTION! Here is the WIFI version without Bluetooth - Perfect for iPhone, iPad & laptop! Also, I was also looking for a suitable OBD2 adapter to finally even read my fault mem
  • Real fascinating to level 106! :(  

    The Ice Queen Freefall (App)
    Have spent it every day because it works both with and without Internet! Unfortunately, at Level 106 of the worm in it! Had already made it dozens of times (the last time with 15 trains that were still left!) But unfortunately then the game depends e
  • OBD2 + torqe  

    Lescars OBD2 professional Adapter with Bluetooth transmission for Android devices
    Unfortunately, not all sensors available. Weiers the data is not correct if that is the obd2 adapter or on the software Torque I can not say. will continue testing yet. question would be whether it is a clone or a cheaper original adapter. going from