Vento cool air


  • Very robust and durable cool air fan  

    Vornado Zippi fan, black, 701 177 (tool)
    Have the fan now about 2 1/2 months and am quite satisfied. Pro: * As quiet as a fan can really only * Still runs just as on the first day, although he goes through with me frequently whole nights * Can be folded very compact * The Rotorenbätter are
  • Beautiful little cool air fan  

    Vornado 12196 Zippi design table fan with soft nylon rotor system black (tool)
    At first I want to praise the fast delivery from Amazon. Ordered on Friday morning and get Saturday morning. Just great ... So now to the fan: You have to be aware that you need for a fan in this price and size has a product that zubläst fresh air su
  • Very nice cool air fan  

    mumbi USB Mini Fan for the desk with on / off switch, black (tool)
    I had been partly problems with the hard drives in my dock, as these were too hot. The docking station is available directly on the desktop and there are always two hard drives inside. Looking for a viable solution I came across the mumbi USB fan. Im
  • Best cool air fan  

    mumbi USB Mini Fan for the desk with on / off switch, black (tool)
    Hello, I am totally thrilled by this fan. Due to the purchase: I bought it for the business. Having a rather small room and working with PC it heats up quickly at these temperatures. After my dear colleague is of the opinion that it draws when your w
  • Quiet, Modern Optics and brings cool air  

    Corsair AF140 case fan 14 cm (1-Pack) (Personal Computers)
    The fan looks through the color ring of Modern and bring good air flow. The fan is (depending on the case) also hardly or inaudible. So what you want more? There are included 3 color rings. 1x red, 1x blue and 1x White.
  • mobile cool air fan  

    Table Fan 40cm, Propeller, osz Stratos B 403 ws / gr (household goods)
    It is quiet. It refreshes me. he schmeischelt me ​​at night to bake, it rotates from east to south because it one-quarter turn power.The BOLTS TRUE not going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But true paper and air in the package
  • Finally cool air in the room  

    ROWENTA VU 6520 Fan Eole (tool)
    We have already tried various desktop devices, including a desktop unit that no oscillator has due to the danger that can cause injury. And this part also looks stylish. But did not have much better results than the other fans. This time we wanted to
  • Risk free cool air !!  

    Dyson Air Multiplier AM08 Pedestal Fan (55 watts, sleep timer, remote control) white / silver (tool)
    If I had this (admittedly really expensive) part but even then possessed in my old attic apartment !! Until the chic Dyson fan moved in with us, I was in possession of a typical black / blue stand fan with such a normal rotor blade. The part had exac
  • Quiet, Super Optical and bring cool air  

    Corsair CO-9050022-WW chassis fan (120 mm) LED green (Personal Computers)
    I've been looking at this Corsair 120mm fans with green LEDs and have you finally found here. See the fan of the Green LED Super and bring good air flow. The fans are (depending on the case) also hardly or inaudible. So what you want more? Strong buy
  • Relatively quiet, optical Super and bring cool air  

    Corsair Air Series AF120 CO-9050016-WLED Quiet Edition chassis fan 2-pack (120mm, LED) white (Personal Computers)
    See the fan with the white LED quite chic and bring good air flow. The fans are (depending on the case) also barely audible. I have installed 4 of the fan in my Corsair case and hear this but already quite loud. I would fan Recommend still because de
  • useful cool air fan  

    USB desk fan for Office & go (Electronics)
    Moin hit my USB Tischventialtor bought time for fun this summer in order to use it for work. The dimensions are in accordance with the product. On the table he is quite determined by the frame. The frame has a total of three (on some photos are only
  • Arendo cool air fan  

    Arendo table-fan / Wind Machine | Table Fan 30cm | Power 40W | high air flow | very quiet operation | tilt angle 30 ° | Oscillation: 85 ° | in black (Electronics)
    Very handsome fan - stylish and leiistungsstark. Very easy to assemble. Has plenty of pop and served its purpose in the warm season absolutely!
  • simple principle for the effective cooling of the laptop ...  

    HAVIT®F2033 extra flat laptop cooler laptop cooling fan with two fans for 14-16 inch laptop (Black), Easter (Electronics)
    I have my laptop normally stand directly on the desk and with increasing operating time, he heats up, especially at the bottom. But I was looking for a solution and with this laptop cooler also found. The principle is very simple: The laptop we put o
  • Small but powerful - Small table fan that stirs up more than just hot air  

    Klarstein "Rainbow Storm" Mini Fan Office table and- Standventilator small (20cm (8 ") rotor, 35W, 3 fan speeds) black (Misc.)
    Video at See When Klarstein Rainbow Storm Is it a compact desk fan with the following key parameters: 20cm rotor 35 watts maximum power 3 speed levels Wall mounting possibility! Rotor angle adjustable Conclusion: I like this fan very good.
  • From because of hot air  

    Braun Satin Hair 3 HD 310 - Hairdryer with concentrated power (Personal Care)
    Not everyone needs to dry his hair a professional device. That also cheap devices can bring performance adequate, the HD 310 proves hairdryer von Braun, who brings all the basic functions and proved itself with its 1700 watts in everyday life surpris
  • Pleasant coolness but way too loud!  

    De'Longhi PAC N 81 Portable air conditioner, EEK: A (tool)
    Hello Everybody, I bought the device at another big dealer, but would like to say something about this device: The device creates it really runterzukühlen the space within a short time, this comes out of the machine a very pleasant cool air. Within h
  • 2013 version - soundscape under, good cooling performance.  

    Corsair Hydro Series H60 High Performance CPU Water Cooler 120mm (CW-9060007-WW) (Personal Computers)
    I have gained recently the H60 water cooling. Therefore, I am talking about the so-called. 2013er version. The CPU, which is to cool the radiator is in my case a non-overclocked Core i7 2600K processor. Assembly: Simple and easy. Most will have alrea
  • Purified air, fresh, odors have disappeared!  

    Philips AC4012 / 10 Air Purifier with intelligent sensor and night mode (Tools & Accessories)
    It is the smallest model in the Philips range and cheapest in terms of purchasing and cost of use. Because of its size (the P 343x 198x 520mm H) the AC4012 / 10 is not very imposing, it is very light at just over 5kg (up filter) and therefore very ea
  • Cooling Tray for electronic device  

    TRIXES USB CRYSTAL cooling tray with 3 fans for laptop, notebook or Xbox (Electronics)
    Theoretically allows ventilation so cool air circulation by a device placed on it (protable computer, Internet Box, etc ...) In fact, the three tiny fans hardly blow air and end up being noisy in use. In a quiet room, that means a roar gene when watc
  • Pure Cooling  

    ARCTIC Breeze PRO - USB desktop fan with flexible neck, 4 port USB HUB and infinitely variable speed - 800-1800 U / min (Personal Computers)
    I have these fans are at my work and it really gives me super cool on hot summer days and my colleagues envy me the cool air. Some have already bought later my fan. A nice side effect is that you the USB port directly on the PC, who is usually placed