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  • Outdated version  

    Townsmen Premium (App)
    Actually, the game is really happy. Those like me who has previously enjoyed playing Settlers or Anno on the PC, gets here like in (smaller) scale. This actually refers to the fact that here a completely outdated version is available on Amazon. Had t
  • Very good cover version of All-Time Classics.  

    Is not Nobody (Loves Me Better) [feat. Jasmine Thompson] (MP3 Download)
    Very good cover version of All-Time Classics. Highly recommended for lovers of good music of earlier decades. A quiet Remix that can still recognize the original.
  • Superfluous Version  

    Is not Nobody (Loves Me Better) [feat. Jasmine Thompson] (MP3 Download)
    Compared with the version of Chaka Kan one can only lose. Strongly recommend the original hearing, however, is this song inconsequential.
  • Squeezes foursquare in the revised version to 16mm ^ 2!  

    Knipex 97 53 04 Crimping pliers 180mm 0,08-10mm² (tool)
    These new and revised version can now squeeze even until 1x16mm ^ 2! There are side a lever that has to be set accordingly (position 1 = 16mm ^ 2, position 2 <16mm ^ 2). Top quality, squeeze with little effort. Know anything better than this from
  • WARNING: only works with the current Android version 4.4 !!!  

    Orbotix 1B01ROW Ollie - Robotic Gaming System (Accessories)
    Upon receipt of the Ollie, I was very annoyed: the force required to control app only works with very current iOS or Android versions. The smartphone must be at least Android 4.4 installed. Unfortunately not be rejected clearly indicates this. Availa
  • Amazon Prime Instant shows abbreviated version !!!  

    Breaking Bad [OV] - Season 1 (Amazon Instant Video)
    When pilot missing nearly 10 minutes compared to the original! That is almost 20%! Very many important scenes are missing completely or were greatly reduced! Partly original scenes were replaced by new: The naked woman in the original wears suddenly
  • Hidden full version (8.99 €) and hardware hungry  

    Magic 2014 (App)
    Every year happy Wizards of the Coast is now the Magic community with an inexpensive edition of the game for the PC: Duels of the Plain Walkers. After it also a Android version is this year - in addition also still apparently free - I wanted to give
  • Rip-off with the wrong language version and hidden extra costs  

    Valiant Hearts: The Great War (App)
    This game version is Dutch and not, as previously announced, in German. Also incurred every time an additional charge for the remaining chapters. I can only warn against a purchase.
  • better wait for the deluxe version.  

    Sing my song - The exchange Concert (MP3 Download)
    I have the same album brought when it was available. The choice of songs was ok. But as I watched the show, came even more brilliant songs such as I breathe of Sarah Connor or what do you dream at night? So I thought why not bring out the the. Lo and
  • Had this version simply buy ...  

    Sugar Doll (From "Sing my song - The exchange concert") (MP3 Download)
    Buy rare music (actually rarely ;-)). But I just had to buy this version. Knew "Mr. Gabalier" previously not even so its not his song. Listen not really a folk music but this version of Sarah haunts easy since the broadcast as a catchy tune
  • Unfortunately, not the radio version  

    Breathing (MP3 Download)
    Have I not the radio version selected as the recording to listen rather was short. Likes ansich good but the radio version I would have preferred.
  • are better versions  

    I Do not Know How To Love Him (London Session Version) (MP3 Download)
    saw it on Youtube and there's was somehow a better version of Sinnead O Connor. But you can check it beforehand.
  • Good device, but important note: there are two versions on the market!  

    Philips DVP 5980/12 DVD player (DivX Certified, USB port, 1080p upscaling, HDMI) black (Electronics)
    Have a few days ago ordered via Amazon, the device (as usual: prompt delivery, thank you at this point at amazon!). The device looks quite wertig for this price, the piano black faux front tends unfortunately as usual vulnerabilities regarding Finger
  • Delicious cocoa, but only in the version with 8 servings per package!  

    Tassimo Milka cocoa, T DISCS, 8 servings, 240g, 5-pack (5 x 240g) (Food & Beverage)
    There are apparently two different versions of Milka T-discs. Had both rates in use and must be explicitly to the variant that conjures up a delicious cocoa out of a milk capsule and a cocoa capsule. I hope these are the right option. According to th
  • New version with support of the fire phone carousels  

    Skype (App)
    a "must have" for the fire phone owners The new version supports the carousel completely! This means that you, the most recent calls and chats to each other looks like the email client or the news app and you can scroll on the home screen i
  • Just about Pc Version  

    Terraria (App)
    I played Terraria even then when it was just getting started on PC and now on the Kindle. This is very well done in my opinion for a mobile version can reduce precision and build the steering is some getting used to but I'm used to the PC version no
  • Trial Version  

    Tetris (App)
    Effrontery to offer a trial version as a "free" app. The game can be a few minutes no longer play and must / can then be bought.
  • Fraud, no full version ads!  

    Meteo Earth (App)
    Available today on Amazon (Free Apps of the day) full version for free. And what do you get only the free version. This is already the second time that one alleged full version, but then just get a trial version here and not as promised full version.
  • The Free version sucks ...  

    AirBuddy (App)
    The AirBuddy works relatively well on the FireTV. Unfortunately in the free version, the term is limited to 30 minutes. Since the connection was not so perfect, I have not yet dared to buy me the full version. For this definitely would have the free
  • As an aesthetic art object attractive, practical to use, I would prefer a different version  

    Taw - the game of marbles - noble wood version with glass marbles (Toys)
    "Tav" is another name under which "abalone" is now simply also sold and from a manufacturer other than the original abalone. Whether the original inventor of the sales of both manufacturers benefit equally, I can not say. But the