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  • Hello Episode 15 is available in English for this but I do not pay ...  

    The Good Wife - Season 5 (Amazon Instant Video)
    Hello Episode 15 is available in English for pay but not ... please back over to my account ... I want to follow in the German soundtrack .. listen
  • assistance in English only  

    The Lost Temple - Fire TV Edition (App)
    good from the graphics, but the help pages are in English only, the help pages were in German it could be worth playing it
  • Unfortunately, only in English.  

    You do not know jack Party (app)
    What a pity. The game itself is really great. The parts for PC I have all played with gusto. Here I feel that's real disadvantage the game only in English, which makes it difficult, unfortunately, the Verständiss of Jokes already extremely limited an
  • Super Game in English, not completely free of charge  

    You do not know jack Party (app)
    A lot of fun. Unfortunately, it worked with the iPhone remotes not (1 star deduction). The game works even for a level, everything else must be purchased, so you have it through very quickly. (1 star deduction). Moreover, it is in English, I think th
  • Unfortunately, only recommended with very good English  

    You do not know jack Party (app)
    The current version for FireTV is completely in English - the dual Sprachler not a problem, but even for people with reasonably English-Kent Nissen it is due to some very special idioms and themes get boring. I konnt enjoy good, my mates unfortunatel
  • unfortunately only in English 1  

    You do not know jack Party (app)
    I loved the game on the PC, nice that it is once again brought out of the woodwork. Deserves the full Game score, but since it is only available in English, I forgive only. 3 I hope that improved Amazon again after!
  • Perfect for learning English!  

    TED TV (App)
    Short presentations on any subject; linguistically sophisticated and quality; ideal to not let get rusty as his English.
  • Brain justice ENGLISH  

    Birkenbihl Languages: English Brain justice, 1 base (CD-ROM)
    To learn new and ingenious method to rapidly Ideal for enhancing the existing knowledge! You can learn the linguistic structure of the English language in the shortest possible time! - Without strenuous vocabulary timpani !!! My recommendation: Only
  • Learning English easy and fun  

    Birkenbihl Languages: English Brain justice, 1 base (CD-ROM)
    Flagship product, makes you want more! Initially did not know if I will find it fun to "learn", but English Brain justice has totally convinced me.
  • Good English, bad German  

    Birkenbihl Languages: English Brain justice, 1 base (CD-ROM)
    I am now only at the beginning, but that bothers me the kind of translation. It is nice that the word for word translation stands, however, by coming the German sentences into utter confusion and one has to think first, as the German phrase actually
  • English Brain justice  

    Birkenbihl Languages: English Brain justice, 1 base (CD-ROM)
    The article is great. As promised by Mrs Vera F. Birkenbihl, you learn very simple, I can only confirm. If you intersiv, ie daily, 5 minutes with the DVD is concerned, succeed fast Fortschritte.Birkenbihl Languages: English Brain justice, 1 base, aud
  • Walking Dead only in original version: English  

    The Walking Dead [OV] - Season 4 (Amazon Instant Video)
    In my opinion, the fourth season of The Walking Dead is one of the strongest to date. Especially the Midseason Finale S04E08 equal. I would recommend, however, strong in general to look into the English series, as in the synchro but some goes verlohr
  • Too bad, in English without choice of language  

    The hypocrites (Amazon Instant Video)
    The Prime-film is unfortunately in English. Since the actors speak very fast American English, came my two kids who wanted to see the movie, not with. Therefore, we could not look at him. Too bad.
  • Not quite as good as the original English version  

    The Ice Queen Fully Unapologetically (German original movie soundtrack) (MP3 Download)
    Last week, the new Disney fairytale launched the Ice Queen - Completely unabashed in theaters (my movie review can be found here). And also in this case: Not a good Disney animated strips without musical numbers. Since 29 November 2013, the soundtrac
  • Attention! Only in English!  

    Sworkit Pro - Personal Trainer for daily Circuit-training, yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises that fit into your daily schedule (app)
    The app works only in English and with English units! ... Without Conversion app hard to use! ... I find really stupid! ...
  • ENGLISH!  

    Learning letters for children - 3 in 1 Games for studying alphabet with sounds, images and fruits (App)
    APP unfortunately in English, so remember before you buy it. And advertising is annoying too, vain or not. Thank you
  • wonderful story for young children, good app, initially in English  

    Lauras Stern - the worldwide success as an interactive picture book for children (App)
    The story of the star found outside the front door and the trial of Laura to give the star back to the sky back is really cute and has our granddaughter (4) equal fallen. The app is beautifully drawn and on each side there are interactive modules tha
  • Learned English through play  

    Learning through play English + (App)
    Also available as full version quite extensive and not expensive. Playful learning English - the same goes for us adults. My conclusion: it was not a bad buy
  • Only English  

    Touch Scan (OBD Diagnostics) (App)
    The software works well, but there are only two stars because they Währe only in English translation .A not bad
  • In English, but good  

    Orvis Fly Fishing (App)
    Hello, The app costs about 3.50. But but you get a fairly extensive app that provides information on litters, knots, flies. This app comes from North America, accordingly, it is in English. Regional conditions for fishing are related to North America