wadia 121 dac test


  • Arcam IRDAC - comparison test and reasons for the "For"  

    Arcam IRDAC DA Converter (Electronics)
    Since I was 15 years I have been fascinated the subject HiFi. However, this always also rationally and (hopefully) far from the Voodos, albeit diverse HiFi magazines frequently suggest cable sounds that I hardly perceive even after over 35 years. So
  • "FiiO E07K Andes" good amplifier, excellent sound, but evaluates the DAC, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to barely  

    FiiO E07K Andes portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier Amplifier (3.5 mm Jack Black) (Electronics)
    I hear my over the years but has become quite extensive music collection now almost exclusively on different computers and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, if possible in the FLAC format. Here I use on the computers that I operate with Windows 7, the externa
  • A great sounding DAC!  

    Arcam IRDAC DA Converter (Electronics)
    I was using a Beresford Caiman DAC. Certainly a good DAC for the money, but this is a different league Arcam DAC indeed! I am using it with an 8 m. Supra long USB 2.0 cable and a Yamaha A-S2100 amp. So I'm using to iMac, iTunes and Pure Music 2 in my
  • After some testing for me the appropriate converter  

    Meridian Explorer USB DAC, DAC, headphone preamp, high-end, ultra compact (Electronics)
    You have to be a little careful with the ratings in such subjective things as "sound". I am not a type for any superlatives and advertising messages. Dewegen I judge the device rather sober and in terms of its usefulness. Processing I find
  • I DAC 100% :)  

    RCA / RCA Audio Converter Digital / Toslink [1x Toslink (ODT) = RCA jacks plug> 2x RCA digital] Goobay Fiio D07 (Electronics)
    I received this dac there are two weeks (February 9, 2015), but I preferred to wait before writing an opinion, the time to test it ... I use my ps3 via the optical digital audio output . The sound is good, clean and dynamic! I feed the dac via the tw
  • Test fiio E17K well  

    Portable Audio DAC Fiio Alpen 2 E17K (Electronics)
    I received the portable audio dac fiio Alpen 2 E17k Friday I tested it on my Sony smarphone Z3 2.0 with Sennheiser Momentum headphones but I have not taken the time to see how it works My first impression did not disappoint me, this is what I expecte
  • Pioneer N-50A DAC  

    Pioneer N-50A (Electronics)
    I bought it from Amazon DAC PIONEER N-50A to 521, nine and returned as too expensive, I saw on the site to 481 thank you to the Amazon return policy through 2 fee. Amazon had delivered me as planned ... great. A DAC is a file format converter that co
  • A DAC which also makes ADC is rare!  

    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD - Audiophile USB Sound Card - SBX ProStudio (Accessory)
    Edit the Friday, October 24, 2014, I forgot to mention: installation without problem on W 7 W and 8.1, including the CD "Media Toolbox 6". Here is a DAC (digital to analog conversion) Sound Blaster X-Fi HD for multi functions very useful. Note t
  • excellent little DAC / headphone amp!  

    FiiO E10 - USB DAC Headphone Amplifier (Electronics)
    This Fiio E10 (code name "Olympus") is an excellent small accompanied by a USB DAC and headphone amp and coaxial line out outputs. It is not a device designed for phones, as can other products in the range Fiio. Here, no battery and entry is lim
  • Excellent walkman and DAC  

    Players Fiio audiophiles X5 (Electronics)
    Having used many years and an iPod sound output of my smartphone or my tablet, I recently découvret the poor quality of sound output of these devices! After having equipped the excellent Sennheiser HD 25 (available here), so I opted for this player w
  • DAC / amp Nomad +  

    Portable Audio DAC FiiO E17 Alpen (Electronics)
    This is also my first DAC / Amps, it more than I expected. I have a BeyerDynamic T50P and a Sennheiser HD598, both work fine with E17. That is to say, I can hear "more" via E17 compared to a direct connection to my PC. The width and depth are mu
  • a surprising DAC  

    Portable Audio DAC FiiO E17 Alpen (Electronics)
    I hesitated before acquiring the DAC which is very beautiful indeed. I have read the tests and even if reports were glowing, it did not appear as the best moment of the DAC. I still cracked according to its multiple possibilities: gain adjustment, vo
  • Best Combo Amplifier / nomadic Dac  

    Portable Audio DAC FiiO E17 Alpen (Electronics)
    Best Combo Amplifier / Dac nomadic at the time. He made 2 job Basically I took to relieve amplification Colorfly + CK4 and a driver AKG701 Done, the CK4 consumes much less energy, takes over the ALPEN The bonus is that the sound card replacement pc T
  • Super DAC for little money  

    SMSL MINI DAC SD 793II decoder with domestic policy headphone amplifier for computer with coaxial or optical interface, LCD TV, CD, DVD, MD or other audio devices (Black) (Electronics)
    I was changed from passive speakers in combination with an AVR to active nearfield studio monitors and now was looking for a space-saving solution DAC prevent the AVR from my desk could be removed. After looking around and by evidence of a friend I c
  • Android DAC with 44.1kHz or 48kHz limit on  

    Furutech ADL A1 portable headphone amplifier and USB D / A converter with 24-bit / 192kHz, DSD and DXD | Black (Electronics)
    The Furutech ADL A1 in this country is still quite sparse on offer. I bought my unit at Son-Video in France (at this point, thanks for the reliable and fast delivery), because the price was the best with 382.00 EUR incl. Shipping costs. The A1 is sui
  • Excellent DAC, available for Android!  

    AudioQuest DragonFly v1.2 | USB Digital Audio Converter (D / A converter) (Electronics)
    I have this DAC as a substitute for the internal sound card in my MacBook Pro, which is now a little long in the tooth. In this I criticize lack of dynamism and a crackling by mechanical wear. This DAC is not really cheap (I paid 149, better Chinese
  • Sensational !!! Headphone DAC for Mac, Windows, and ....  

    AudioQuest DragonFly v1.2 | USB Digital Audio Converter (D / A converter) (Electronics)
    Sensational mobile DAC, this dragonfly ..... For the first time I had done extensive testing with Windows 8, on JPLAY high-end audio software and specify Dragonfly. Then flush with Mac via the also outstanding Audirvana Plus software. The system I th
  • Flexible and high-quality DAC with good headphone amplifier  

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus Digital to analog converter (Electronics)
    The DAC Magic Plus (465) is its connectivity flexible: Digital and analog inputs and outputs (coaxial / TOSLINK / RCA / XLR / USB and optional Bluetooth). The integrated headphone amplifier (short KHV) is sound quality with sufficient power. The use
  • DAC Cambridge  

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus Digital to analog converter (Electronics)
    Holds the DAC Cambridge Audio Dac Plus what the HiFi magazines like Audio, stereo and Play HiFi Digital write in their reviews / assessments of him: he is a trivalent, well-made instrument for a reasonable price. Sound excellent. Have him between a L