we vibe 4 plus work with nokia wibdows


  • Does not work with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic !?  

    Nokia CA-100 charging cable with USB interface (electronic)
    Ordered by HandyNow without original packaging. Nokia is not in the compatible devices on the 5800 XpressMusic ... In some forums, however, was written that the cable CA-100 with Nokia 5800 is supposed to work ... With me not ... Too bad! Luckily the
  • Works with Nokia Lumia 520  

    PortaPow micro USB cable, quick charging, for BlackBerry, Xperia, HTC One, Google Nexus and other fast loadable device (accessory)
    I've been looking for a solution for loading my Nokia Lumia 520 on the US port of my JVC car radios. Using a USB data cable it has nucht works; the 520 was probably not recognize the hardware. With the USB charging the phone will be recharged while d
  • Do not work with Nokia 930  

    Adaptare 3.5mm jack cable (4-pin) for headset (exchanged pins 3 + 4) (Accessories)
    The simple quality would not have bothered me at the price I was looking for adapters to my Apple headphones with my new Nokia to use 930. Unfortunately the adapter has this is not working.
  • Works with Nokia Lumia 925/930  

    Wentronic USB cable (A male to Micro B connector) 1m (3 pieces) (Electronics)
    The cables work fine with my Nokia Lumia 925/930. Applying the cable is good, there are no problems when loading or data transmission. If the cable buy at any time.
  • does not work with Nokia 3270c  

    Nokia CA-101 data cable (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Even the umpteenth cable that is not working. Why are there so many different "unit cables" I do not understand! There are only 4 pins ... and "orginial Nokia" also seems to mean nothing at all ... :( overall very unzufirdenstelle
  • Does not work with Nokia 808 PureView  

    Mini Universal car USB Adapter DUAL - 2 ports - Car Charger 12V / 24V - 5V - 2000mA / 2A shared - for smartphone, tablet, mobile phone, navigation system, etc. (electronics)
    I bought this adapter to my Nokia 808 PureView load so the car can. Unfortunately, this does not that. Battery is not charging. But the thing is lit beautifully blue .... :-(
  • Perfect! Also works with Galaxy Note!  

    KooPower TM Micro USB OTG Host Cable User Data Syncro For Samsung Galaxy S2 Galaxy S3 / SIII GT-i9300 Nexus 7 NEXUS 10 (Electronics)
    Contrary to what the title says, this cable also works with other phones, I personally have a Galaxy Note and everything works. With this cable with a Micro-USB connector is angled in good order, ie 90 °, which is a definite plus, allows me to connec
  • Also works with AldiTalk  

    Telecom Action Telecom Speed ​​Stick LTE V white WKZ lt. Valid price list (electronics)
    The Negative at the beginning: is totally inadequate describes how and where you have to insert the SIM card. I have it stupidly attempted to manage the then resides within the stick disappeared, whereupon the stick had to be broken with a small SIM.
  • Unbeatable Together with Nokia DC-18  

    Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter (Electronics)
    Very fast shipping in an envelope. Does it work with the iPhone 5C and looks properly processed. Combined with the Nokia DC-18 has thus a super mobile charger incl. Cable, just up the road and adapter recharge the iPhone.
  • not compatible with Nokia Software  

    Happy GSM, car charger extendable 12/24 V for Motorola V300 / V350 / V400P / V500 (Electronics)
    Unfortunately, the cable is not compatible with the original Nokia PC Suite. In order to play with this cable data from the Nokia 2760 to your PC, or vice versa, you still need an extra software. So far I have only the free English-language software
  • Optically a dream and easy to work with  

    AS Creation 927323 wallpaper pattern which imitates natural stone n Stone Wood, beige, brown, gray (tool)
    Again, I'll do it this time short: simply awesome. Photos: 1. night with the lights 2. day Processing: The structure can be felt well and the substance is also robust. I had help from a friend and the wall which you can see well lasted an hour. It we
  • TomTom Universal Car Charger and Holder DEFINITELY works with Apple iPhone 5 / 5s  

    TomTom Car universal holder and charger with speakerphone for mobile phones / smart phones and micro usb connection (electronic)
    I had the previous Specialized Tom Tom Car Holder continued iPhones 4 / 4S (30 pin connector). I use a Tom Tom Holder with my iPhone for GPS driving directions when i travel. GPS from car rental companies are ridiculously expensive. Obviously when i
  • Do not work with Lumia 620  

    5 NFC Tags DESFire EV1 4k around 4096Byte adhesive (Electronics)
    The tags are ansich very good. Unfortunately they do not work with the Nokia Lumia 620, so they went back to the vendor.
  • Does not work with the S4 LTE  

    Hitman GO (App)
    The app does not work with the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (I9505), but according to my research with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500). This is very annoying, because I do not understand why. LTE should not prevent that you can play a game.
  • WARNING: only works with the current Android version 4.4 !!!  

    Orbotix 1B01ROW Ollie - Robotic Gaming System (Accessories)
    Upon receipt of the Ollie, I was very annoyed: the force required to control app only works with very current iOS or Android versions. The smartphone must be at least Android 4.4 installed. Unfortunately not be rejected clearly indicates this. Availa
  • Does not work with Xperia Z3  

    Sony DK48 Dock for Xperia Z3 black (Accessories)
    I have more recently a Xperia Z3 and wanted to charge the device with the help of this dock. Once that has already not working with a much more affordable docking station from another manufacturer, I decided for the slightly more expensive, original
  • Does not work with thick hair  

    BaByliss Curl Secret C1000E curls Dreher (Personal Care)
    Had to return the device. Not (not even at the highest level) works with thick hair .. Long hair may become tangled quickly in the roll-> very annoying and mühsehlig. In sum: The device is rather a toy and not a real tool
  • Works with Skifta and Walkman App  

    AirReceiver (App)
    The app is easy to set up and do what you want. The UPnP / DLNA streaming immediately work with Skifta or Sony Walkman app. The Fire Tv was Exporer visible in Windows (8) immediately. Prima part in more reliable playback than my Panasonic Blu Ray Pla
  • CAUTION: Does not work with the batteries "Panasonic NCR18650B" !!!  

    NITECORE headlamp HC50, 113045 (equipment)
    I bought this lamp because it has an enormous amount of lumens per Euro. She is extremely bright indeed and thus ideal for the intended purpose (ski and toboggan tours at night). The lamp looks very high quality. Ingeniously simple solution is the ad
  • Works with Canon 420 EX and Metz 45 CT 5  

    Pixel TF-325 flash adapter (hotshoe adapter) for X-contact flash (ISO) to Sony / Minolta A900 A850 A700 A580 A560 A550 A500 A450 A390 A380 A350 A330 with PC sync port (Accessories)
    Can thus trigger with my Nex 7 the flashes Canon 420 EX and Metz 45 CT 5. With another adapter (Seagull) I had previously, which unfortunately did not work with the Metz flash. In this respect, I am very satisfied. The Metz flash has indeed its own a