what is dreyens schlemmer


  • Peter James equal to himself, very fascinating reading!  

    Too perfect children (Paperback)
    I was, before starting this book, a little curious how this excellent writer would choose the style of its plot; because the subject (or theme) is not new, there-was he going to have a déjà read? Well, no, not at all: the famous "Times" calls th
  • Does what it should!  

    Delock USB Adaptor USB micro B -.> A ma / fe 270o Ang OTG, 65473 (ma. / Fe 270o Ang OTG) (Accessories)
    What is one to say ... for USB OTG use many times any stupid cable which then rumbaumeln on smartphone or tablet .... as they clamp the sticks / card reader ran ... I wanted something more compact. This fits well here. Shipping was also very quickly
  • Exactly what I was looking for  

    Bundle Star * Hard Case PURE RED S camera bag red Matching (with shoulder strap and belt loop) models: See Product Characteristics (Electronics)
    I've been looking for a hard case for my Canon IXUS 220 HS. After prolonged investigate, I found this hard case. It's exactly what I was looking for. The camera is in safe and shockproof stowed, and I may even take a replacement card and the spare ba
  • Do what you want but with Weaknesses / Limitations  

    Logitech Harmony 300 Universal Remote Control (People's remote control) (Accessories)
    Principled: the Harmony 300 is the entry-level model. For the price you can not complain about principle, it works solid and programming (mandatory on PC / Internet - without going nix) has clean albeit laborious / tedious work (all of my devices wer
  • Not what I expected (:  

    Canon EyeFi Mobi Wi-Fi SDHC Memory Card 8GB (optional)
    I must admit, I had not fully informed me before buying. I bought the card even at Amazon, but in the context of an action for then at the end but still too many 14,00. I am an amateur photographer and take pictures only in the RAW format. And becaus
  • Do what they want  

    16GB Memory Card for Sony DSC-HX400 (Electronics)
    The memory card does what it should, and very reliable. I use it for my Sony-bridge camera, and so far there were no problems.
  • What is worth eien insurance, you can see only when you need them .................................... .....  

    Guarantee of 2 years Extension for digital cameras to 99.99 EUR (Accessories)
    What is worth eien insurance, you can see only when you need them. I assume that the apparatus holds as long ....................................... .......
  • What a nice game ....  

    Project CARS - Limited Edition - Steelcase (exclusively at Amazon.de) - [Playstation 4] (Video Game)
    First, I have never EVER .... written a review on Amazon, but this time I want it easy. I play for many years, starting with the PS1 and Xbox, the console, prefer shooters and racing games. Clear I played all GTs, Forza and dirts .... and always had
  • Top cable delivers what it promises!  

    Direct Cable 5m HDMI cable / compatible with HDMI 2.0 (Ultra HD 4K 3D Full HD 1080p ARC High Speed ​​with Ethernet) - TOP Series (Accessories)
    After trying the "HQ HDMI flat cable channel Ethernet 5m" to my Epson 3D projectors TW 5900 with my Panasonic DMP-BDT110EG to connect 3D Blu-ray player and did not consider what it promised, it did so several times moment during a film in 3
  • Does what it should !! 3  

    6 x mumbi Protector Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Screen Protector (Electronics)
    I wanted a protector for my Sony Xperia Z3. Here I got the same 6 offered for a price where I thought 'well, you can not go wrong.' And so it is. 4/6 films gathering dust just in my closet (For details on this later). To form: The protective film doe
  • Actually, what you'd expect  

    Amazon.de voucher via e-mail (Various Topics) (Ecard Gift Certificate)
    Generally, it must be said that the voucher does what is supposed to do a voucher. It came at the exact amount that I wanted and also the text and all the settings were as planned. The mail with the coupon code has been delivered immediately. I can t
  • For me senseless batteries eaters: face brush flop and the epilator can not what a "real" can not get any better  

    Brown Face 810 Gesichtsepilierer & face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    My legs and armpits I epiliere for the past decades, and although I have certainly also been successfully removed with my "normal" epilator the fine hairs on the upper lip, I was curious to see if the brown Gesichtsepilierer for this applic
  • What shoud that?  

    Kart (App)
    This may not be a Mario Kart! First, not at that price, and secondly, there are no Nintendo games on other platforms. Amazon what's going on with you? Quality assurance has probably failed completely. PS: See review in "Kong", the same prob
  • What has become of Frei.Wild? : /  

    Opposition Deluxe Edition (Audio CD)
    First of all, I used to be great Frei.Wild fan and got this band since and Lyrics Following (my sister has one of only spending the time with the song "Fire, Earth, Water, Air" were mislabeled and the song was titled "Fire, Earth, Wate
  • Does what it should ... 4  

    Comag Z1040 High Speed ​​HDMI Cable with Ethernet (gold plated connectors, Full HD, 1080p, 3D, 1.5 m) (accessory)
    ... And this is still inexpensive. Can not detect any loss of quality. Picture and sound are clear. What more could you want. As far as a sales tip.
  • So what we smoke weed  

    Mac & Devin Go to High School (Audio CD)
    It is a bit unusual that you have to wait for the appearance of the film significantly longer than on the accompanying soundtrack. Also slightly unusual is the pairing of veteran Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa young cat who make common Nate Dogg (Nathani
  • Looks good, does exactly what it should  

    EasyAcc Kindle Paperwhite Cases Case PU Leather Case Cover for Kindle Paperwhite / Kindle Paperwhite 2013 Sleep / Wake up function - Blue
    I did not like a lot of money for an original sleeve spend so I bought this here. The color is as shown and like it a lot. The material feels comfortable and looks well made. I have the envelope for 16 months, reading every day, and so far I do not s
  • He does what he is .......  

    Canon Pricom C-6200U Network Adapter (Electronics)
    but that also only conditionally! I bought the machine as a print server for a Pixma iP 4950. With the Vista drivers on Windows 7 is only reported in the LAN, which is the printer is ready, nothing more. Ink Levels: None !! When laptop via WLAN remai
  • Does what it should, so all good!  

    DELOCK Cable USB 3.0 A> Micro USB 3.0 1m (accessory)
    I ordered this cable as a replacement for a new, external housing enclosed cable, and it does what it should. The original cable (Revoltec) had a loose connection, such problems there are in USB 3.0 cables according to Google quite often.
  • It is what it is  

    Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Effects Processor for Guitar green (Electronics)
    Apparently all Tube Screamer TS808 are where it says (in any notation) what you would expect from a Tube Screamer. Incidentally, this is according to TS Overview of Guitar & Bass the 2004 Anniversary model. The sound is central, concise, not to m