what is the side effect of using UHU gum


  • Subject effective, pleasant to the touch, effective in use  

    De Buyer 8359.00 Tail Removable Bakelite 'Velvet Touch' Black (Kitchen)
    The removable tail is easy to attach and remove. The firm fixation, leads to confidence, the ability to remove the tail can store utensils De Buyer in a limited space.
  • IT WORKS !!! But has mild side effects ...  

    BODY by EVERDRY anti-perspirant, 50 ml (Personal Care)
    So .. for years I only wear fleece pullover, because you can not see the sweat stains there :( Is one way to counteract this problem. In summer only black shirts etc. I have now read only by EverDry and ordered it to me via the direct website of Ever
  • Effect, I can confirm, but unfortunately it also has side effects  

    Weider Pure Creatine, 100 caps (1 x 124g) (Health and Beauty)
    First the positive: I have it first nciht believed, but after about a month I have to just say that me the product has really furthered. I got myself the product because I despite hard training just no more successes have conceded. The purchase was a
  • Good effect unpleasant side effect  

    HANOJU MACA Premium, 360 tablets, 500 mg 4: 1 extract, certified organic, 1er Pack (1 x 180 g) (Health and Beauty)
    The delivery was fast. For product itself: The effect on strength and energy during exercise is quite amazing. After about 2 to 3 weeks taking one really noticed a significant increase in strength and endurance. I was amazed also that it has come tru
  • Does what he should, unfortunately with undesirable side effects  

    Kitchenaid 5KFE5T Flexi-stirrer for food processor, 4.8 L (household goods)
    I have the Flexi stirrer bought to complement the flat beater for batters, desserts etc. The stirrer does what he should, he scrapes the dough on the edge, little sticks. Unfortunately, it comes with the use but to unwanted side effects. - Noise: The
  • Top product with useful side effect  

    Nokia CC-3041 Cover with charging function for Lumia 820, black (Accessories)
    The charging function is of course the main reason for buying the cover, this works really well, but slightly slower than when charging with the cable. The cover is slightly heavier (about 15g) and thick (1-2mm) than the standard cover, the whole mob
  • Good cleaning, but because of the peeling effect is not for everyday use  

    Nivea Men Skin Energy Q10 Cleansing Gel, 2-pack (2 x 100 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Who does not want to clean with soap vile his facial skin, this course can also make special gel. Especially for boys Nivea offers here at the Skin Energy Q10 Gel. The gel comes in a handy bottle with hinged lid. This is useful in fast access, in the
  • I still use it often, but do not count on the matt effect  

    Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Matteffect day care medium, 1 Pack (1 x 40 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    The matte effect does not quite work, but I still use it often. The cream is very Actually runny. I would not buy it again.
  • Original use of the gyroscopic effect  

    Powerball Neon Pro (Sport)
    I honestly bought this product curiosity. I still do not quite understand how the fact thwart the gyroscopic effect of this device helps speed the gyroscope and thus increase all the induced torque. If someone just explain? Otherwise regarding the us
  • The creased effect is getting used to  

    Kaeppel G 101737-07D1-VRMF linen 2-piece Paradise 135 x 200 cm Microfiber Seersucker, color orange (household goods)
    2teilige Bettwäschegarnitur consisting of a pillowcase 80 x 80cm and a duvet cover 135 x 200cm Material: 100% polyester (microfibre Seersucker) Schadstoffgeprüft according to Oeko Tex Standard 100 (Product class 2) cushion allover and reference / Wen
  • Fantastic odor, neutral taste and no side effects  

    Mammut Formel 90 Protein, Vanilla, protein shake, whey protein, 3000 g tin (Personal Care)
    Hello everybody, I have about a week ago started with strength training because I needed a new hobby and my body could use a little variety. In addition to a change of course I's aim was to get a beautiful body. As I could see from the other reviews,
  • What are the weaknesses of this masterpiece? Gives you an idea ...  

    Assassin's Creed 3 - Edition Bonus (100% uncut) - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    I have a rating system in which there is to achieve a maximum of 100 points for games. Under the Conclusion scoring and points that can be achieved is carried out. Here I share in technology, gameplay, story and atmosphere. I can also assure you that
  • Ball in the side registration: Wuhukini-hullabaloo at Hooked Nose  

    164 / soccer devil (Audio CD)
    Content: Actually want the three ??? looking at the rock Hooked Nose only for a missing dog, but soon emerged a gloomy man with cloven hoof on. Is Hooked Nose really a cursed place where the devil bypasses? And what did the young footballers Lenni Ca
  • Well ... let's see what brings the time  

    Philips 55PFL8008S / 12 140 cm (55 inch) TV (Full HD, triple tuners, 3D, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    Moin, I have the TV now for a few days and as the title suggests, I am somewhat ambivalent ... read yourself. I have already posted in Hi fi forum, I to anyone who wants to check before buying and not among other things, "embellished" 5 Star rec
  • The Mass Effect Trilogy  

    Mass Effect Trilogy (computer game)
    Vorrabwort: I do not spoilere and can you therefore the review without memory read. Only ... where does one begin when you want to evaluate a game like Mass Effect? Hmm, difficult! I rush Just have a look and start with the first impression you get o
  • What in the other reviews is not yet ...  

    Handcart Fun trailer Long with rear axle steering of Eckla (Toys)
    The advantages of Bollerwagens were illuminated in detail already in other reviews. We are very pleased with the wagon, but I want to give a few hints, some of which are still missing in the other reviews. We have the long trailer with rear axle stee
  • suitable with limitations - for younger children and the "off-and-on" -Use  

    Snug Plug n Play Headphones for Kids DJ Style (Black) (Electronics)
    = Delivery and packaging = Delivered the headphones into one of those very stubborn, hard plastic shells that are very difficult to open. NOTE: This is also injury / cutting danger! Once open makes the headphones at first glance a high impression. Al
  • can save lives, but not without side effects  

    Fresenius Kabi Fresubin 2 kcal drink mixed box Bottle, 24 x 200 ml, 1-pack (1 x 5,5 kg) (Health and Beauty)
    The liquid nutrition with its 400 Kcal / per vial can be used for very old people who can not tolerate solid food to be lifesaving. But the switch to this liquid nutrition must extremely careful and proceed cautiously because otherwise include severe
  • The Butterfly Effect 1  

    La vie en rose: Manual (Paperback)
    This little book to the modest appearance hides his play. A small square book, with the cover of a pink shimmering, illustrated with a little guy deploying butterfly wings ... And yet it conceals an extremely ambitious project. The choice of the butt
  • very effective, hardly undesirable side effects  

    BENZAKNEN 10 2x50g 7,112,096 (Personal Care)
    I am 35 and have (after I stopped taking the pill years ago) oily, blemished skin on the face, which is also very sensitive. I've tried all sorts of things. The only thing that is effective is tea tree oil, zinc oxide, fruit acids and the highest imp